Team Index Database  College Football Scores
1005th Army Engineers
101st Airborne
101st MGB
105th Infantry Regiment, 27th Division
106th Calvary
106th Infantry
109th Field Artillery
10th Ambulance Company
10th Cavalry
10th Cavalry (AZ)
10th District A&M School (GA)
10th Division, US Navy
10th Field Artillery
10th US Infantry
10th Ward Cubs
110th Battery
111th Ambulance (TX)
115th San Diego Training (CA)
11th Airborne
11th Cavalry (GA)
11th Field Artillery (HI)
11th Infantry
128th FA, MO NG
12th Air Force
12th Cavalry
12th Field Artillery (TX)
12th Infantry (UT)
13th Cavalry, USA
13th Field Artillery (HI)
13th Regiment
13th Training Battalion
141st Field Artillery (LA)
142nd Field Artillery (AR)
143rd Artillery
145th Field Artillery
160th Indiana
160th Infantry
166th Brigade
169th Infantry
16th Infantry
16th Infantry (NE)
17th Field Artillery
17th Regiment (OH)
1899 - Clyde HS (NY)
18th Airship Corps
18th Calvary
18th Field Artillery
18th Infantry
18th Infantry (TX)
19th Fleet
19th Infantry (TX)
1st Air Depot
1st Air Force (NY)
1st Air-Division
1st Ambulance Company
1st Army Headquarters (NY)
1st Artillery
1st Cavalry Division
1st Division
1st Division Artillery
1st Field Artillery
1st General Hospital
1st Hospital Company
1st Infantry
1st Infantry (HI)
1st Infantry (WY)
1st Kentucky Infantry
1st Maine Artillery (MA)
1st Regiment
1st Texas Artillery (TX)
1st Truck Regiment
20th Ferry Group
20th Infantry (TX)
21st Cavalry
21st Field Artillery
21st Infantry (CA)
21st Infantry (WY)
22nd Chemical Company
22nd Infantry
22nd Regiment
22th Infantry (AZ)
23rd Field Artillery (TX)
23rd Infantry (TX)
24th Infantry (AZ)
24th Infantry (GA)
25th Infantry (AZ)
25th Infantry (GA)
260th Coast Artillery (TX)
26th Infantry (TX)
27th Infantry (HI)
27th Infantry (TX)
28th Division
29 Palms Marines
29th General Hospital
29th Infantry
29th Infantry (TX)
29th Marines
2nd & Hill Street School
2nd A.I.C. (Tours)
2nd Air Force (CO)
2nd Air Force Bombers (WA)
2nd Ambulance Company (OH)
2nd Armored Division (TX)
2nd Army Division (TX)
2nd Army Headquarters (NY)
2nd Artillery (TX)
2nd Cavalry
2nd Development Regiment
2nd District A&M School (GA)
2nd Division
2nd Engineers (TX)
2nd Field Brigade
2nd Infantry
2nd Regiment
2nd Texas 132nd Infantry (TX)
302nd M. G. Company
30th Ambulance
30th Infantry
30th Infantry (TX)
31st Battalion
31st Infantry (TX)
32nd Division (TX)
32nd Infantry (TX)
335th Ordnance Battalion
33rd Infantry (TX)
340th Aero Squadron
349th Field Artillery
34th Army Division
34th Infantry
34th Infantry (TX)
36th Division
37th Division (MS)
39th Infantry
3rd Air Force (NC)
3rd Anti-Aircraft
3rd Army Area Team
3rd Army Corps (MD)
3rd Army Troops
3rd District A&M School (GA)
3rd Division, US Navy
3rd Infantry
3rd Student Training Regiment (GA)
41st Division
42nd Division
44th Aero Squadron
47th Infantry (NY)
48th Infantry (SC)
49th Army
4th Air Force (CA)
4th Army
4th Army Corps
4th Artillery (TX)
4th Battery
4th Cavalry
4th Division
4th Engineers
4th Marines
50th Iowa
50th Iowa Volunteers
51st Artillery
51st Iowa Volunteers
51th General Hospital (TX)
52nd Regiment
53rd Regiment
548th Engineering
54th Artillery
555th Parachute Infantry Battalion (NC)
5th Army
5th Division
5th US Artillery
60th Infantry
63rd Battalion CEF (Canada)
68th C.A.C.
6th Army Corps (IL)
6th Army Headquarters (NY)
6th Division
6th Service Squad (MS)
734th Military Police
74th Infantry Regiment, 27th Division
74th Regiment
77th Division
7th Anti-Aircraft
7th Army Corps
7th Cavalry
7th District A&M School (GA)
7th Division
7th Infantry (PA)
7th Regiment (NY)
81st Division
82nd Airborne (NC)
82nd Field Artillery
82rd Field Artillery
88th Division
89th Division
8th Air Force
8th Artillery
8th Cavalry (TX)
8th Infantry
90th Division
90th Field Artillery (TX)
97th G. Hospital
9th Aerial Corps
9th Air Force
9th Army Corps (WA)
9th Battalion
9th Calvary
9th Calvary (UT)
9th Division
9th Field Artillery
9th Infantry (TX)
A. Line.-Coun. Bl.
A.C. of U. (MI)
Abbeville Agriculture School (AL)
Abbeville HS (LA)
Abbot School (ME)
Abbotsford HS (WI)
Aberdeen AC (WA)
Aberdeen American Legion (WA)
Aberdeen HS (ID)
Aberdeen HS (MS)
Aberdeen HS (SD)
Aberdeen HS (WA)
Aberdeen HS All-Stars (SD)
Aberdeen HS Alumni (SD)
Aberdeen JC (WA)
Aberdeen Officers (MD)
Aberdeen Proving Ground (MD)
Abilene (KS)
Abilene AAB (TX)
Abilene Christian (TX)
Abilene Christian Freshmen (TX)
Abilene Christian JV (TX)
Abilene Collegians (TX)
Abilene HS (KS)
Abilene HS (TX)
Abilene Town Kids
Abilene Town Team (TX)
Abingdon AA (VA)
Abingdon HS (IL)
Abingdon HS (VA)
Abingdon Military
Abington Friends School (PA)
Abington HS (MA)
Abington HS (PA)
Abington HS Alumni (PA)
Abraham AC
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (GA)
Abraham Lincoln HS (IA)
Academy HS
Acadia (NS)
Accion Deportive (Mexico)
Acipco YMCA (AL)
Ackerman HS (MS)
Acme AC
Active AA
Active FBC (ON)
Actual Business College (WI)
Ada City Team (OH)
Ada HS (MN)
Ada HS (OH)
Adams Academy (MA)
Adams HS
Adams HS (MA)
Adams HS (MN)
Adams HS (NY)
Adams School (PA)
Adams St. (CO)
Adams St. JV (CO)
Addison HS (MI)
Add-Ran Jarvis College (TX)
Adel HS (IA)
Adelphi (NY)
Adelphi Academy (NY)
Adelphia Social Club
Adler School
Adrian (MI)
Adrian AC (NY)
Adrian HS (MI)
Adrian Jarvis
Adrian JV (MI)
Advanced Software Analysis (NY)
Aero Squadron
Aero Tech
Aetna AA
AFC College All-Stars
Afton HS (OK)
Agnetian AC (CA)
Aina (East All-Stars)
Ainsworth HS (NE)
Air Force (CO)
Air Force All-Stars
Air Force Freshmen (CO)
Air Force JV (CO)
Air Force Prep School (CO)
Air Force Team
Air Service Command Warriors
Air Service Mechanic
Air Training Command (TX)
Air Transport Command (TN)
Aitkin HS (MN)
AJH Apprentices
Akeley HS (MN)
Akron (OH)
Akron AC (OH)
Akron All-Stars (NY)
Akron Central HS (OH)
Akron College Prep School
Akron East End AC (OH)
Akron East Orientals HS (OH)
Akron Football Team (OH)
Akron HS (CO)
Akron HS (OH)
Akron HS Alumni (OH)
Akron Imperials (OH)
Akron JV (OH)
Akron North End AC (OH)
Akron North HS (OH)
Akron Saint Vincent's HS (OH)
Akron South HS (OH)
Akron West HS (OH)
Akron YMCA (OH)
Alabama A&M
Alabama Freshmen
Alabama JV
Alabama Medical
Alabama Military Institute
Alabama Presbyterian
Alabama School for the Deaf
Alabama St.
Alabama St. JV
Alabama Student Team
Alabama-Birmingham JV
Alameda Coast Guard (CA)
Alameda HS (CA)
Alameda HS Alumni (CA)
Alameda NAS (CA)
Alamogordo HS (NM)
Alamosa All-Stars (CO)
Alamosa HS (CO)
Alamosa Town Team (CO)
Albany AC (OR)
Albany Academy (NY)
Albany Business College (NY)
Albany College-Portland
Albany HS
Albany HS (NY)
Albany HS (OR)
Albany HS Alumni (NY)
Albany Medical College (NY)
Albany Navy Landing Field (CA)
Albany Ridgefield AC (NY)
Albany St. (GA)
Albany-Turner Job Corps
Albermarle AC
Albert Lea (MN)
Albert Lea HS (MN)
Alberta (AB)
Alberta Alumni (AB)
Alberta College (AB)
Albertville Agriculture School (AL)
Albia HS (IA)
Albia HS JV (IA)
Albia JC (IA)
Albion (MI)
Albion Academy
Albion Athletics (WI)
Albion HS (MI)
Albion HS (NE)
Albion HS (NY)
Albion HS (PA)
Albion S. C. (IL)
Albright (PA)
Albright Freshmen (PA)
Albright JV (PA)
Albuquerque AC (NM)
Albuquerque AFB (NM)
Albuquerque HS (NM)
Albuquerque Indian School (NM)
Albuquerque Menaul HS (NM)
Albuquerque National Guard (NM)
Alcorn St. (MS)
Alcorn St. JV (MS)
Alden HS (NY)
Alderson (WV)
Alderson Academy (WV)
Alderson Broaddus (WV)
Alderson Collegiate Institute (WV)
Alderson JC (WV)
Aldine AC
Aledo HS (IL)
Alexander AFB
Alexander Bay AC (NY)
Alexander HS (WI)
Alexander HS Alumni (WI)
Alexandria AC (LA)
Alexandria Bay
Alexandria Bolton HS (LA)
Alexandria Episcopal HS (VA)
Alexandria Episcopal HS B Team (VA)
Alexandria HS (IN)
Alexandria HS (LA)
Alexandria HS (MN)
Alexandria HS (SD)
Alexandria HS (VA)
Alexandria Theological Seminary (VA)
Alexandria Tigers (VA)
Alexis HS (IL)
Alfred (NY)
Alfred Academy (NY)
Alfred Aggies (NY)
Alfred Freshmen (NY)
Alfred Holbrook (OH)
Alfred JV (NY)
Alfred St. (NY)
Algiers Naval Repair Base
Algiers Tigers
Algoma HS (WI)
Algoma Normal (WI)
Algona HS (IA)
Alhambra AC (CA)
Alhambra Alumni
Alhambra HS (CA)
Alhambra Union HS (CA)
All Division All-Stars
All Hallows College (UT)
All Hallows Institute
All Lancaster (PA)
All League Team
All University Team
Allan Hancock College (CA)
All-Canada Association
Allegan HS (MI)
Allegany County Academy (MD)
Allegany County HS (MD)
Alleghany Collegiate Institute (WV)
Allegheny (PA)
Allegheny AA (PA)
Allegheny Academy
Allegheny CC (PA)
Allegheny Co.
Allegheny Freshmen (PA)
Allegheny JV (PA)
Allegheny Prep School
Allen (SC)
Allen Academy (TX)
Allen County CC (KS)
Allen Military School (MA)
Allen-Chalmers School (MA)
Allentown Catholic HS (PA)
Allentown Company C (PA)
Allentown Field Club (PA)
Allentown HS (PA)
Allentown HS Alumni (PA)
Allentown Prep School (PA)
Allentown Prep School JV (PA)
Allentown TA (PA)
Alliance (PA)
Alliance AC (CA
Alliance AC (OH)
Alliance Columbia's (OH)
Alliance HS (NE)
Alliance HS (OH)
Allies AC (CA)
All-Iowa Team
All-Navy Guam
All-State Prep
Alma (MI)
Alma HS (AR)
Alma HS (MI)
Alma HS (NE)
Alma JV (MI)
Almeida AC
Almira HS (WA)
Alpena HS (MI)
Alpha AC
Alpha Club (PA)
Altamont HS (KS)
Alton AC (IA)
Alton HS (IL)
Alton HS (KS)
Altoona Apprentice School (PA)
Altoona Collegians (PA)
Altoona HS (PA)
Altoona HS Alumni (PA)
Altoona Independents (PA)
Altoona Indians (PA)
Altoona Lyceum (PA)
Altoona Quakers
Altoona Railroad AA (PA)
Altoona Scholastics
Altoona Tech PRR Voc School
Altus HS (OK)
Altus JC (OK)
Alumni Club
Alumni Team
Alvas HS
Alverson HS
Alverton HS (PA)
Amador HS (CA)
Amarillo AAF (TX)
Amarillo College (TX)
Amarillo HS (TX)
Amarillo Military (TX)
Ambler Boys Club (PA)
Ambler HS (PA)
Ambridge HS (PA)
Ambrose AC
American (DC)
American AA
American AC
American All-Stars
American Bicycle Company
American Bridge Company
American Business College
American Chain Company
American College of PE (IL)
American College of PE Alumni (IL)
American College of PE Seniors (IL)
American Colony
American Falls All-Stars (ID)
American Falls HS (ID)
American Indian
American International (MA)
American International JV (MA)
American Legion
American Legion (FL)
American Legion All-Stars
American Medical (IL)
American River College (CA)
American S.C.
American SCH
American Sports University (CA)
American Team
American University (TN)
Americus Institute (GA)
Amery HS (WI)
Ames HS (IA)
Amesbury HS (MA)
Amherst (MA)
Amherst Apprentice School (PA)
Amherst Freshmen (MA)
Amherst HS (OH)
Amherst Sophomores (MA)
Amherst YMCA (MA)
Amherstburg HS (ON)
Amite City HS (LA)
Amite County Agriculture School (MS)
Amite HS (LA)
Amity AC
Amity College (IA)
Amity HS
Amity HS (MO)
Amity HS (OR)
Amoor Academy
Amory HS (MS)
Amphibious Training Base (VA)
Amster Club
Amsterdam HS (NY)
ANA Academy
Anaconda AC (MT)
Anaconda Anodes (MT)
Anaconda HS (MT)
Anaconda Indians (MT)
Anacortes HS (WA)
Anadarko HS (OK)
Anaheim HS (CA)
Analy Union HS (CA)
Anamosa HS (IA)
Anamosa Reform School (IA)
Anchor AC
Anchorage HS (KY)
Andalusia HS (AL)
Anderson (IN)
Anderson College
Anderson Fitting School (SC)
Anderson HS (IN)
Anderson Indian Academy
Anderson JC (TX)
Anderson Normal (IN)
Anderson Training School (TN)
Anderson's Academy
Angelo St. (TX)
Angola HS (IN)
Angola HS (NY)
Ann Arbor HS (MI)
Ann Arbor Ineligibles (MI)
Anna Athletics (IL)
Anna HS (IL)
Anna Maria (MA)
Anna-Jonesboro HS (IL)
Annapolis AC (MD)
Annapolis All-Stars (MD)
Annapolis HS (MD)
Annapolis M. O. (MD)
Anne Arundel CC (MD)
Anniston Independents (AL)
Annville AC (PA)
Annville Athletics (PA)
Annville HS (PA)
Anoka HS (MN)
Anoka-Ramsey CC (MN)
Ansley HS (NE)
Ansonia HS (CT)
Ansonia HS Alumni (CT)
Antelope Valley College (CA)
Antelope Valley Union HS (CA)
Anthony HS (KS)
Antigo AC (WI)
Antigo HS (WI)
Antioch (OH)
Antioch American Legion (CA)
Antioch HS (CA)
Antioch HS (IL)
Antralia HS
Anyln BB
Apache HS (OK)
Apache Indians
Apollo AC (PA)
Apollo Collegians Nor. (PA)
Apollo HS (PA)
Apollo Independents (PA)
App. Mach. NTS
Appalachian St. (NC)
Appalachian St. Club Team (NC)
Appalachian St. Freshmen (NC)
Appalachian St. JV (NC)
Appleton 3rd Ward HS (WI)
Appleton City Military Academy (MO)
Appleton HS (MN)
Appleton HS (WI)
Appleton Ryan HS (WI)
Apura AA
Aquinas College
Aquinas College (MI)
Aquinas Institute (MO)
Arapahoe HS (NE)
Arbuckle American Legion (CA)
Arcadia Balloon School
Arcadia Baloon School (CA)
Arcadia Club
Arcadia HS (OH)
Arcadia HS (WI)
Arcata HS (CA)
Arcata HS Alumni (CA)
Archbald HS (PA)
Arcola HS (IL)
Ardmore (AL)
Ardmore AA
Ardmore AFB (OK)
Ardmore HS (OK)
Ardmore HS (PA)
Argentine School of Engineers
Ariel AC
Arizona All-Stars
Arizona Christian
Arizona Freshmen
Arizona Independents
Arizona Indian School
Arizona JV
Arizona St.
Arizona St. Freshmen
Arizona St. JV
Arizona Western College (AZ)
Arkadelphia HS (AR)
Arkansas Baptist
Arkansas Christian College
Arkansas City HS (KS)
Arkansas City JC (KS)
Arkansas City Tigers
Arkansas City Town Team (KS)
Arkansas City YMCA (KS)
Arkansas College
Arkansas Freshmen
Arkansas Intercollegiate Conference All-Stars
Arkansas JV
Arkansas Military Academy
Arkansas School of Medicine
Arkansas St.
Arkansas St. Alumni
Arkansas St. Freshmen
Arkansas St. JV
Arkansas St.-Beebe
Arkansas Tech
Arkansas Tech JV
Arkansas-Pine Bluff
Arlington AC
Arlington Field Club (NY)
Arlington HS
Arlington HS (IA)
Arlington HS (MA)
Arlington HS (MN)
Arlington HS (OH)
Arlington HS (WA)
Arlington JC (CA)
Armour Academy
Armour HS (SD)
Armour Institute (IL)
Armour Squares
Arms Academy
Armstrong Academy
Armstrong HS
Armstrong JC (GA)
Armstrong Manual Training School (DC)
Armstrong Tech (DC)
Army & Navy
Army & Navy Academy
Army & Navy Club
Army & Navy Prep School (DC)
Army (NY)
Army Air Base
Army Air Force
Army Airway Rams
Army All-Infantry
Army All-Stars
Army Ambulance Corps (PA)
Army Commandos
Army Engineers (NY)
Army Engineers, Com. D
Army Enlisted Men
Army Freshmen (NY)
Army JV (NY)
Army Medical School (DC)
Army Post
Army Prep School (NY)
Army SPT Unit
Army Team
Army-Navy Academy (CA)
Army-Navy All-Stars
Army-Navy Hospital (AR)
Arnold College (CT)
Arnold HS (PA)
Arnold School
Arrow Training School
Arrowhead AC (CA)
Art and Textile School
Artes y Oficios
Artesia HS (NM)
Artful Dodgers
Arthur HS (IL)
Artillery School
ASA-Miami JC (FL)
Asbury Park AC (NJ)
Asbury Park HS (NJ)
Asbury Park HS Alumni (NJ)
Asbury Park HS JV (NJ)
Ascension AC
Asheboro HS (NC)
Asheville AC (NC)
Asheville HS (NC)
Asheville School (NC)
Asheville Town Team (NC)
Asheville-Biltmore College (NC)
Ashland (OH)
Ashland All-Stars (OH)
Ashland College (NE)
Ashland HS (AL)
Ashland HS (IL)
Ashland HS (KY)
Ashland HS (NE)
Ashland HS (OH)
Ashland HS (OR)
Ashland HS (PA)
Ashland HS (VA)
Ashland HS (WI)
Ashland JV (OH)
Ashland YMCA (KY)
Ashley HS (OH)
Ashley HS (PA)
Ashtabula Har.
Ashtabula HS (OH)
Ashville HS (OH)
Aspen HS (CO)
Aspinwall HS (PA)
Assumption (MA)
Assumption College (ON)
Assumption JV (MA)
Astor AA
Astoria AC (OR)
Astoria Community Club (OR)
Astoria Eagles (NY)
Astoria HS (IL)
Astoria HS (OR)
Astoria Willow Red Raiders (NY)
Atascadero HS (CA)
ATC (Mem.)
Atchison Athletes (KS)
Atchison Business College (KS)
Atchison County HS (KS)
Atchison HS (KS)
Athena HS (OR)
Athens AA (GA)
Athens AC (PA)
Athens Agriculture School (AL)
Athens HS (GA)
Athens HS (MI)
Athens HS (NY)
Athens HS (OH)
Athens HS (PA)
Athens Institute
Athens St. (AL)
Athens YMCA (GA)
Athletic Social Club
Athol AC (MA)
Atkins HS (AR)
Atkinson HS (NE)
Atlanta (GA)
Atlanta AC (GA)
Atlanta Boy's HS (GA)
Atlanta Donald Fraser HS (GA)
Atlanta General Depot (GA)
Atlanta HS (IL)
Atlanta HS (TX)
Atlanta Olympians (GA)
Atlanta Sports Academy (GA)
Atlanta Tech HS (GA)
Atlanta YMCA (GA)
Atlantic (IA)
Atlantic (VA)
Atlantic AA
Atlantic Christian (NC)
Atlantic City All-Stars (NJ)
Atlantic City HS (NJ)
Atlantic City HS Alumni (NJ)
Atlantic City HS JV (NJ)
Atlantic City Independents (NJ)
Atlantic City Interclass Cham. (NJ)
Atlantic City NAS (NJ)
Atlantic City Vocational (NJ)
Atlantic Coast Line YMCA (SC)
Atlantic College of Charlotte (NC)
Atlantic Highlands HS (NJ)
Atlantic HS (IA)
Atlantic Medical College (MD)
Atlantic Scouting Fleet
Atlantic Trade
Atmore HS (AL)
Attica HS (NY)
Attica HS (OH)
Attleboro HS (MA)
Attucks AC
Atwood HS (IL)
Auburn (AL)
Auburn AA (NY)
Auburn AC (IN)
Auburn Academy HS (NY)
Auburn Alumni (AL)
Auburn Edward Little HS (ME)
Auburn Fire Dept (NE)
Auburn Freshmen (AL)
Auburn HS (IL)
Auburn HS (IN)
Auburn HS (KS)
Auburn HS (KY)
Auburn HS (NE)
Auburn HS (NY)
Auburn HS (WA)
Auburn JV (AL)
Auburn Seminary (NY)
Audobon Field Society
Audubon AC
Audubon HS (IA)
Augsburg (MN)
Augusta AC
Augusta AC (GA)
Augusta Academy
Augusta HS (AR)
Augusta HS (MI)
Augusta JC (GA)
Augusta Military Academy (VA)
Augusta Training Station (GA)
Augusta YMCA (GA)
Augustana (IL)
Augustana (SD)
Augustana Alumni (IL)
Augustana Freshmen (IL)
Augustana JV (IL)
Augustana JV (SD)
Augustinian Academy
Ault College
Ault HS (CO)
Aurora (IL)
Aurora AA
Aurora AC
Aurora AC (IL)
Aurora Alumni (IL)
Aurora Clippers (IL)
Aurora East HS (IL)
Aurora HS (IL)
Aurora HS (MN)
Aurora HS (MO)
Aurora HS (NE)
Aurora West HS (IL)
Austin (TX)
Austin AA (IL)
Austin Academy (TX)
Austin All-Star Exes (TX)
Austin College (IL)
Austin Freshmen (TX)
Austin HS
Austin HS (IN)
Austin HS (MN)
Austin HS (TX)
Austin HS JV (MN)
Austin JC (MN)
Austin JV (TX)
Austin Peay St. (TN)
Austin Peay St. JV (TN)
Austin Rifles (TX)
Austin Scouts
Austin YMCA (TX)
Australian All-Stars
Australian Nationals
Autonoma De Ciudad Juarez
Avalon AA (PA)
Avalon HS (PA)
Avant HS (OK)
Ave Maria (FL)
Averett (VA)
Averett JV (VA)
Avila (MO)
Avoca HS (IA)
Avon HS (NY)
Avondale AC (OH)
Avonmore HS (PA)
Axtell HS (KS)
Axtell Town Team (KS)
Azalia Army Camp
AZFL Scorpions (AZ)
Aztec AC
Azusa Pacific (CA)
Azusa Pacific B Team (CA)
Azusa Youngs Mens Alliance (CA)
B & H
B.C. HS Freshmen
B.F. Day
B.M.C. Durfee
Bacone (OK)
Bacone JC (OK
Bacone JV (OK)
Badger AC
Bagley HS (IA)
Bailey Military Institute (SC)
Bainbridge HS (GA)
Bainbridge HS (NY)
Bainbridge NTS (MD)
Bainbridge Town Team (GA)
Baker & Hamilton
Baker (KS)
Baker City HS (OR)
Baker Freshmen (KS)
Baker Himmel School (TN)
Baker HS (LA)
Baker HS (OR)
Baker Independents (OR)
Baker JV (KS)
Bakersfield College (CA)
Bakersfield HS (CA)
Balboa NTS (CA)
Baldwin AC (IL)
Baldwin City HS (KS)
Baldwin County HS (AL)
Baldwin HS (NY)
Baldwinsville HS (NY)
Baldwinville AA (MA)
Baldwin-Wallace (OH)
Baldwin-Wallace B Team (OH)
Ball St. (IN)
Ball St. JV (IN)
Ballard K.K.
Ballard Meteors (WA)
Ballard Normal School (GA)
Balloon Corps
Baloon School
Baltic HS
Baltimore & Ohio YMCA (PA)
Baltimore (MD)
Baltimore AC (MD)
Baltimore Central HS (MD)
Baltimore City College (MD)
Baltimore City Team
Baltimore Colts
Baltimore County School (MD)
Baltimore Cross Country Club (MD)
Baltimore Douglas HS (MD)
Baltimore Firemen (MD)
Baltimore Friends School (MD)
Baltimore HS (MD)
Baltimore JC (MD)
Baltimore Latin School (MD)
Baltimore Medical College (MD)
Baltimore Poly HS (MD)
Baltimore Poly Institute (MD)
Baltimore University School for Boys (MD)
Baltimore Veterans Institute (MD)
Bangor AC (PA)
Bangor FC (PA)
Bangor HS (ME)
Bangor HS (MI)
Bangor HS (PA)
Bankers AC (IL)
Banks Business College (PA)
Baptist (GA)
Baptist Bible (MO)
Baptist Christian (LA)
Bar Harbor AA (ME)
Bar Harbor HS (ME)
Baraboo HS (WI)
Barber's Point
Barberton HS (OH)
Barberton HS Alumni (OH)
Barbourville HS (KY)
Bardstown HS (KY)
Barksdale AFB (LA)
Barlett AC
Barnard School (NY)
Barnes HS
Barnes Medical College (MO)
Barnesboro HS (PA)
Barnesville HS (MN)
Barnsdall HS (OK)
Baron de Hirsch Agricultural College (NJ)
Barre AC (VT)
Barre HS (MA)
Barret Manual Training HS (KY)
Barrington HS (IL)
Barron Field (TX)
Barron HS (WI)
Barry HS (IL)
Barstow JC (CA)
Barstow Marines (CA)
Bartlesville HS (OK)
Bartlett College
Bartlett HS
Bartlett HS (TX)
Barton Academy (AL)
Barton HS (AR)
Bartow Aviators (FL)
Bartow Town Team (FL)
Base 1 (Saint Nazaire)
Base 2 (Balloon Section)
Base 2 (Bordeaux)
Base 4 (LeHavre)
Base 5 (Brest)
Base 6 (Marseilles)
Base 7 (LaRochelle)
Base No. 1
Basin HS (WY)
Bastrop HS (LA)
Bat. F, 10 US
Batavia AC (IL)
Batavia AC (NY)
Batavia All-Stars (NY)
Batavia HS (IL)
Batavia HS (NY)
Batavia HS (OH)
Batavia HS Freshmen (NY)
Bates (ME)
Bates Freshmen (ME)
Bates JV (ME)
Bates University School (CA)
Batesburg HS (SC)
Batesburg-Leesville HS (SC)
Batesville HS (AR)
Bath HS
Bath Morse HS (ME)
Baton Rouge
Baton Rouge HS (LA)
Baton Rouge HS Jr. (LA)
Battery A
Battery AUSA
Battery B
Battery B Virginia Field Artillery
Battery D, 5th US Artillery
Battery H, PNG
Battery Wharf Naval Unit
Battin HS (NJ)
Battin HS Alumni (NJ)
Battin HS JV (NJ)
Battle AX
Battle Creek College (MI)
Battle Creek Eastern HS (MI)
Battle Creek HS (MI)
Battle Creek Training School (MI)
Battle Creek YMCA (MI)
Battle of FL North
Battle of FL South
Battling Palms
Baxter Springs HS (KS)
Bay City AS
Bay City Central HS (MI)
Bay City Eastern HS (MI)
Bay City HS (MI)
Bay City HS (TX)
Bay City JC (MI)
Bay City Western HS (MI)
Bay Minette HS (AL)
Bay Ridge AC (NY)
Bay Ridge East HS (NY)
Bay Ridge HS (NY)
Bay Shore NAS (NY)
Bayard HS (NE)
Baylor (TX)
Baylor Freshmen (TX)
Baylor JV (TX)
Baylor Military Academy (TN)
Bayonne HS (NJ)
Bayonne Navy
Bayonne Puritans
Bayside AC
B'd'r Riv. Cav.
Beacon HS (NY)
Beald HS
Beallsville Collegians (PA)
Bear River HS (UT)
Beardstown HS (IL)
Bears AC
Beatrice HS (NE)
Beau Desert
Beaufort School
Beaumont Army Hospital (TX)
Beaumont HS (TX)
Beaumont YMCA (TX)
Beaver City HS (NE)
Beaver College (PA)
Beaver Dam HS (WI)
Beaver Falls
Beaver Falls HS (PA)
Beaver HS
Beaver HS (OK)
Beaver HS (PA)
Beaverdale HS (PA)
Beaverhead County HS
Becker College (MA)
Beckley Business College (PA)
Beckley HS (WV)
Beckley Woodrow Wilson HS (WV)
Bedford AC (OH)
Bedford Community College (IN)
Bedford County Stars (TN)
Bedford HS (IA)
Bedford HS (OH)
Bedford HS (PA)
Bedias HS (TX)
Beeville HS (TX)
Bel. Academy
Belen HS (NM)
Belgian-American AC (IL)
Belgrade HS (MT)
Belhaven (MS)
Belington AC (WV)
Belington HS (WV)
Bell Independents
Bell Street HS
Bellaire HS (OH)
Belle Fourche HS (SD)
Belle Fourche HS B Team (SD)
Belle Plaine HS (IA)
Belle Plaine HS (MN)
Belle Vernon All-Stars (PA)
Bellefontaine HS (OH)
Bellefonte Academy (PA)
Bellefonte Academy JV (PA)
Bellefonte Academy JV Alumni (PA)
Bellefonte HS (PA)
Belleville AA (ON)
Belleville AC (IL)
Belleville College (IL)
Belleville HS (IL)
Belleville HS (KS)
Belleville HS (NJ)
Bellevue AC (PA)
Bellevue College
Bellevue College (NE)
Bellevue College JV (NE)
Bellevue HS
Bellevue HS (KY)
Bellevue HS (OH)
Bellevue HS (PA)
Bellevue Medical College (NY)
Bellingham Bell Jets (WA)
Bellingham HS (WA)
Bellingham Whatcom HS (WA)
Bellingham Whatcom HS JV (WA)
Bellows Falls HS (VT)
Bellville Academy
Bellwood AC (PA)
Bellwood HS (PA)
Bellwood YMCA (PA)
Belmont Abbey (NC)
Belmont AC
Belmont AC JV
Belmont Academy (OR)
Belmont All-Stars
Belmont College
Belmont HS (CA)
Belmont HS (MA)
Belmont HS (NY)
Belmont Prep School (CA)
Beloit (WI)
Beloit AC (WI)
Beloit Academy (WI)
Beloit HS (KS)
Beloit HS (WI)
Beloit JV (WI)
Beloit Lightweights (WI)
Beloit Town Team (KS)
Belton HS (TX)
Belvidere Business College (IL)
Belvidere Business College Alumni (IL)
Belvidere Crescents (IL)
Belvidere HS (IL)
Belvidere HS (NJ)
Belzoni HS (MS)
Bement HS (IL)
Bemidji HS (MN)
Bemidji St. (MN)
Bemidji St. Freshmen (MN)
Bemidji St. JV (MN)
Ben Avon HS (PA)
Bend HS (OR)
Benedict (SC)
Benedictine (IL)
Benedictine (KS)
Benedictine Alumni (IL)
Benedictine College
Benedictine College (GA)
Benedictine JV (IL)
Benedictine JV (KS)
Benedictine Military School (GA)
Benicia Arsenal (CA)
Benicia HS (CA)
Benicia Ordnance (CA)
Benld HS (IL)
Bennett College (NC)
Bennett Medical (IL)
Bennettsville HS (SC)
Bennington HS (KS)
Bennington HS (NY)
Bennington HS (VT)
Benson HS
Benson HS (MN)
Bensonhurst Navy Yard (NY)
Bentley (MA)
Benton Harbor
Benton Harbor Business (MI)
Benton Harbor HS (MI)
Benton HS
Benton HS (AR)
Benton HS (IL)
Benton HS (KY)
Benton HS (TN)
Benton Polk County HS (TN)
Bentonville HS (AR)
Benwood Union HS (WV)
Berea (KY)
Berea HS (OH)
Berean Institute (PA)
Beresford HS (SD)
Bergen FBC (NJ)
Bergen HS (NY)
Bergen JC (NJ)
Bergen JC Alumni (NJ)
Bergstrom AAF (TX)
Berkeley AC (NY)
Berkeley Braves
Berkeley Centrals (CA)
Berkeley Gym (CA)
Berkeley HS (CA)
Berkeley HS JV (CA)
Berkeley Live Oak
Berkeley Merchants (CA)
Berkeley School (NY)
Berkeley School B Team (NY)
Berkeley School Faculty (NY)
Berkley HS
Berkley Prep
Berkshire HS
Berlin HS
Berlin HS (NH)
Berlin HS Alumni (NH)
Bernards HS (NJ)
Berwick AC (PA)
Berwick Academy (ME)
Berwick HS (PA)
Berwick YMCA (PA)
Berwyn HS (PA)
Berwyn HS Alumni (PA)
Bessemer HS (AL)
Bessemer HS (MI)
Bessemer HS Alumni (MI)
Bethany (KS)
Bethany (WV)
Bethany Freshmen (WV)
Bethany HS
Bethany HS (IL)
Bethany HS Alumni (IL)
Bethany JV (KS)
Bethany JV (WV)
Bethel (KS)
Bethel (KY)
Bethel (MN)
Bethel (TN)
Bethel Academy
Bethel HS (VT)
Bethel JV (KS)
Bethel JV (MN)
Bethel JV (TN)
Bethel Military Academy (VA)
Bethlehem HS (AL)
Bethlehem HS (PA)
Bethlehem HS JV (PA)
Bethlehem L.C.
Bethlehem Parochial (PA)
Bethlehem Prep School (PA)
Bethlehem Prep School JV (PA)
Bethlehem Shamrocks (PA)
Bethune HS (SC)
Bethune-Cookman (FL)
Bettis Academy (SC)
Betts Academy (CT)
Beverly AC (NJ)
Beverly HS (MA)
Beverly HS (NJ)
Beverly Industrial (MA)
Beverly Trade (ME)
Bevier HS (MO)
Bicknell HS (IN)
Biddeford HS (ME)
Bidwell HS (OH)
Big Eight Conf. All-Stars
Big Horn Academy (WY)
Big Rapids AC (MI)
Big Rapids HS (MI)
Big Rapids HS Alumni (MI)
Big Rapids Legion (MI)
Big River
Big Six Conf. All-Stars
Big Spring HS (TX)
Big Stone Gap HS (VA)
Big Ten Conf. All-Stars
Big Timber HS (MT)
Biggs Field (TX)
Biggsville AC (IL)
Biggsville HS (IL)
Bigheart HS
Billings City Hall (MT)
Billings HS (MT)
Billings Independents (MT)
Billings Poly (MT)
Billings Team (MT)
Biloxi AC (MS)
Biloxi HS (MS)
Biltmore HS (NC)
Bingham HS (UT)
Bingham Military School (NC)
Bingham Military School JV (NC)
Binghamton AC (NY)
Binghamton Central HS (NY)
Binghamton Central HS Alumni (NY)
Binghamton HS (NY)
Binghamton Imperials (NY)
Birdsboro HS (PA)
Birmingham AC (AL)
Birmingham Acipco HS (AL)
Birmingham All-Collegians (AL)
Birmingham Central HS (AL)
Birmingham College (AL)
Birmingham HS (AL)
Birmingham HS (IA)
Birmingham HS (MI)
Birmingham Industrial School (AL)
Birmingham Medical College (AL)
Birmingham Phillips HS (AL)
Birmingham University HS (AL)
Birmingham-Southern (AL)
Birmingham-Southern Freshmen (AL)
Birmingham-Southern JV (AL)
Bisbee HS (AZ)
Bisbee Legion (AZ)
Bishop (TX)
Bishop AC (CA)
Bishop College School (QC)
Bishop HS (CA)
Bishop HS Alumni (CA)
Bishop Independents (CA)
Bishop Scott Academy (OR)
Bismarck HS (ND)
Bismarck St. (ND)
Bismarck St. JV (ND)
Biwabik HS (MN)
Biwabik HS Alumni (MN)
Black Duck
Black Hills College (SD)
Black Hills St. (SD)
Black Hills St. Alumni (SD)
Black Hills St. JV (SD)
Black River Falls HS (WI)
Blackburn (IL)
Blackduck HS (MN)
Blackfoot All-Stars (ID)
Blackfoot HS (ID)
Black-Foxe Military Academy
Blackland AFB (TX)
Blacksburg HS (VA)
Blackstone AC
Blackstone HS (VA)
Blackstone Military Academy (VA)
Blackwater HS (AZ)
Blackwell HS (OK)
Blaine HS
Blaine HS (MN)
Blaine HS (WA)
Blair Business College (WA)
Blair Hall (NJ)
Blair Hall JV (NJ)
Blair HS (NE)
Blair School
Blairstown HS (NJ)
Blairstown Wildcats (NJ)
Blairsville HS (PA)
Blake Academy
Blakely HS (GA)
Blanchard HS (IA)
Blanchester HS (OH)
Blandinsville AC (IL)
Blandinsville HS (IL)
Blasdell HS (NY)
Blees Military Academy (MO)
Blight School (PA)
Blinn College (TX)
Blinn HS (TX)
Bliss Electrical School
Blissfield HS (MI)
Blissfield Industrial (MI)
Bloom Township HS (IL)
Bloomdale HS (OH)
Bloomer HS (WI)
Bloomfield AC (NJ)
Bloomfield Field Club (NJ)
Bloomfield HS (IA)
Bloomfield HS (IN)
Bloomfield HS (KY)
Bloomfield HS (NE)
Bloomfield HS (NJ)
Bloomfield HS (PA)
Bloomfield HS JV (NJ)
Blooming Prairie HS (MN)
Bloomington AC (IL)
Bloomington City Team (IL)
Bloomington HS (IL)
Bloomington HS (IN)
Bloomington HS JV (IL)
Bloomsburg (PA)
Bloomsburg Freshmen (PA)
Bloomsburg HS (PA)
Bloomsburg JV (PA)
Blossburg AC (PA)
Blountsville Agriculture School (AL)
Blue All-Stars
Blue and Gold
Blue Devils
Blue Earth HS (MN)
Blue Island HS (IL)
Blue Mound HS (IL)
Blue Mound Town Team (KS)
Blue Nation
Blue Rapids HS (KS)
Blue Ridge (MD)
Blue Ridge HS (GA)
Blue Ridge HS (NC)
Blue Ridge HS (VA)
Blue Stars
Blue Team
Bluefield College (VA)
Bluefield College JV (VA)
Bluefield HS (VA)
Bluefield HS (WV)
Bluefield St. (WV)
Bluffton (OH)
Bluffton City Team (OH)
Bluffton HS (IN)
Bluffton HS (OH)
Blythe Township HS
Blytheville HS (AR)
Bob Jones College (FL)
Bogalusa HS (LA)
Bogota HS (NJ)
Bogue Field (NC)
Boiling Springs
Boise Air Base (ID)
Boise All-Stars (ID)
Boise HS
Boise HS (ID)
Boise JC (ID)
Boise St. (ID)
Bolivar AC (TN)
Bolivar Academy (PA)
Bolivar Co. I.I.
Bolivar HS (NY)
Bolivar Kemp Camp
Bolling AFB (DC)
Bolton AC
Bolton College (TN)
Bond Ave. YMCA (IL)
Bonesteel HS (SD)
Bonham AC (TX)
Bonham Heavyweights (TX)
Bonham HS (TX)
Bonita Union HS (CA)
Bonner Springs HS (KS)
Bonquet AC
Booker T. Washington HS (FL)
Booker T. Washington HS (SC)
Booker T. Washington HS (VA)
Boone AC (IA)
Boone HS (IA)
Booneville HS
Booneville HS (AR)
Booneville HS (KY)
Boonton HS (NJ)
Boonville HS (IN)
Boonville HS (MO)
Boothwyn HS (PA)
Borden Hospital
Borden Institute (IN)
Bordentown HS (NJ)
Bordentown Manual Training (NJ)
Bordentown Military Institute (NJ)
Bordentown Military Institute JV (NJ)
Border Conf. All-Stars
Boston (MA)
Boston 1st Naval District (MA)
Boston AA (MA)
Boston Alumni (MA)
Boston College (MA)
Boston College Alumni
Boston College Freshmen (MA)
Boston College HS (MA)
Boston College HS Alumni (MA)
Boston College JV (MA)
Boston College Prep
Boston College Student Army Trg Corps (MA)
Boston Commerce HS (MA)
Boston English HS (MA)
Boston Freshmen (MA)
Boston Gentlemen AC (MA)
Boston HS of A.
Boston Hyde Park HS (MA)
Boston Juniors
Boston Latin School (MA)
Boston Saint James HS (MA)
Boston Section Base Naval Station (MA)
Boston South HS (MA)
Boston South National Guard (MA)
Boston St. (MA)
Boston Trade
Boston West Roxbury HS (MA)
Boston Yanks
Boston YMCA (MA)
Bothell HS (WA)
Bottineau AC (ND)
Boulder HS (CO)
Boulder Navy (CO)
Boulder Prep School (CO)
Bound Brook HS (NJ)
Bowdoin (ME)
Bowdoin AA
Bowdoin JV (ME)
Bowdoin Sophomores (ME)
Bowdon St. (GA)
Bowen Prep School (TN)
Bowery AC
Bowie St. (MD)
Bowling Green (OH)
Bowling Green Academy (KY)
Bowling Green HS (KY)
Bowling Green HS (OH)
Bowling Green HS Alumni (OH)
Bowman Field (KY)
Bowman Tech
Box Elder HS (MT)
Boxelder HS
Boxley HS
Boyertown HS (PA)
Boyne City HS (MI)
Boys Christian League
Boy's Industrial School (IA)
Boy's Training School
Bozeman HS (MT)
Bozeman Team (MT)
Brackenridge HS (TX)
Braddock HS (PA)
Braddocks (DC)
Bradentown Manatee County HS (FL)
Bradford AC (PA)
Bradford HS (IL)
Bradford HS (PA)
Bradford YMCA (PA)
Bradley (IL)
Bradley AA
Bradley AC
Bradley Alumni (IL)
Bradley County HS (TN)
Bradley Freshmen (IL)
Bradley JV (IL)
Bradner HS (OH)
Brady (TX)
Brainard HS
Brainerd HS (MN)
Brainerd JC (MN)
Brainerd JC (SC)
Braintree HS (MA)
Brambleton Business College (VA)
Bramwell HS (WV)
Bramwell Hustlers
Branch 2, C.M.B.A.
Branchport AC
Brandeis (MA)
Brandon HS (WI)
Branham & Hughes Military Academy
Brantford Bison (ON)
Brattleboro HS (VT)
Brattleboro HS Alumni (VT)
Brawley HS (CA)
Brawley JC (CA)
Braymer HS
Brazil HS (IN)
Breakers Club
Breckenridge AC
Breckenridge Elks (TX)
Breckenridge HS (MN)
Breckenridge HS (MO)
Breckenridge HS (TX)
Breckenridge Legion (TX)
Bremerton Base Hospital (WA)
Bremerton HS (WA)
Bremerton Navy (WA)
Bremerton Union HS (WA)
Bremond HS (TX)
Brenham HS (TX)
Brevard Cape Coast Sports Academy (FL)
Brevard College (NC)
Brevard HS (NC)
Brewer JC (SC)
Brewster Academy (NH)
Brewster HS (NY)
Brewton-Parker (GA)
Briar Cliff (IA)
Briar Cliff JV (IA)
Briarley Hall Military Academy (MD)
Brick JC (NC)
Bridgeport (CT)
Bridgeport AC (CT)
Bridgeport HS (CT)
Bridgeport HS (IL)
Bridgeport HS (OH)
Bridgeport HS (TX)
Bridgeport HS (WV)
Bridgeport Independents (IL)
Bridgeton AA (NJ)
Bridgeton HS (NJ)
Bridgeton HS Alumni (NJ)
Bridgeville HS (DE)
Bridgeville HS (PA)
Bridgewater (VA)
Bridgewater HS (MA)
Bridgewater JV (VA)
Bridgewater St. (MA)
Bridgewater St. Alumni (MA)
Bridgewater St. JV (MA)
Bridgton Academy (ME)
Brigham Academy
Brigham City HS (UT)
Brigham Young (UT)
Brigham Young Academy (UT)
Brigham Young Alumni (UT)
Brigham Young College (UT)
Brigham Young College HS (UT)
Brigham Young Freshmen (UT)
Brigham Young JV (UT)
Brighton Hall
Brighton HS (CO)
Brighton HS (MA)
Brilliant AC
Brilliant HS (OH)
Brindley Field
Bristol AC (TN)
Bristol CC (MA)
Bristol HS
Bristol HS (CT)
Bristol HS (IN)
Bristol HS (PA)
Bristol HS (TN)
Bristol HS (VA)
Bristol T.
Bristol V.
Bristol YMCA (TN)
Bristow HS (OK)
Bristow JC (OK)
Britannia FBC (QC)
British Club (NY)
British Columbia (BC)
Britt HS (IA)
Britt JC (IA)
Britton HS (SD)
Britton Independents (MI)
Britton Training School (TX)
Broad Ripple HS
Broaddus College (WV)
Broaddus College JV (WV)
Broadway AC
Broadway HS
Broadway YMCA
Brockton HS (MA)
Brockton HS Alumni (MA)
Brockton HS JV (MA)
Brockton YMCA (MA)
Brockwayville HS (PA)
Brocton HS (NY)
Brodhead HS (WI)
Brokaw Club (NJ)
Broken Arrow A&M
Broken Arrow HS (OK)
Broken Bow HS (NE)
Bronson Hall
Bronx School (NY)
Bronxville HS (NY)
Brooke Army Medical Center (TX)
Brookfield HS (MO)
Brookhaven HS (MS)
Brookings HS (SD)
Brookland AC
Brookley Field (AL)
Brookline HS (MA)
Brooklyn (NY)
Brooklyn AC (NY)
Brooklyn Alumni (NY)
Brooklyn Armed Guards (NY)
Brooklyn Bay Ridge HS (NY)
Brooklyn Bayridge Evening HS (NY)
Brooklyn Beachcombers (NY)
Brooklyn Bedford AC (NY)
Brooklyn Boys HS (NY)
Brooklyn Centre City College (NY)
Brooklyn College Prep
Brooklyn Commercial HS (NY)
Brooklyn Dodgers
Brooklyn Evening HS (NY)
Brooklyn Hills FBC (NY)
Brooklyn HS (IA)
Brooklyn HS (NY)
Brooklyn HS Alumni (NY)
Brooklyn JV (NY)
Brooklyn Latin School (NY)
Brooklyn Manual Training HS (NY)
Brooklyn Marines
Brooklyn Poly Institute (NY)
Brooklyn Poly Prep School (NY)
Brooklyn Poly Prep School B Team (NY)
Brooklyn Poly Prep School Sophomores (NY)
Brooklyn Prep School (NY)
Brooklyn Prospects FBC (NY)
Brooklyn Team (CA)
Brooklyn Tech (NY)
Brooklyn Tigers
Brooks Field (TX)
Brookville HS (PA)
Brophy College (AZ)
Brothers College
Brown (RI)
Brown Bombers (VA)
Brown City HS (MI)
Brown Freshmen (RI
Brown JV (RI)
Brown Military Academy (CA)
Brown Prep School (PA)
Brown Sophomores (RI)
Browne & Nichols School (MA)
Browne's Business College/Kensington AC
Browning HS
Brown's Business College (IL)
Brownsburg HS (IN)
Brownsville Haywood County HS (TN)
Brownsville HS (OR)
Brownsville HS (TN)
Brownsville JC (TX)
Brownwood Elks Club (TX)
Brownwood HS (TX)
Brunswick HS (NY)
Brush HS (CO)
Brushton HS
Bruster HS
Bryan AAF (TX)
Bryan Baptist Academy (TX)
Bryan HS
Bryan HS (OH)
Bryan HS (TX)
Bryan Town Team (TX)
Bryant & Stratton (MA)
Bryant & Stratton Business College (MD)
Bryant (RI)
Bryant HS
Bryant JV (RI)
Bryn Athyn Academy (PA)
Bryn Athyn Academy Alumni (PA)
Bryn Athyn HS (PA)
Bryn Mawr AA (PA)
Bryson (TN)
Buchanan College (MO)
Buchanan HS (MI)
Buchtel Nelsonville HS (OH)
Buckhannon AC (WV)
Buckhannon B&O Engineers (WV)
Buckhannon East Side HS (WV)
Buckhannon HS (WV)
Buckley HS (WA)
Bucknell (PA)
Bucknell AC
Bucknell Academy (PA)
Bucknell Acadmey
Bucknell B Team (PA)
Bucknell Freshmen (PA)
Bucknell Sophomores (PA)
Buckner AC (MO)
Buckner Business College (MO)
Buckner HS (MO)
Buckner Training School (MO)
Buckness University JC (PA)
Bucksport HS (ME)
Bucyrus HS (OH)
Buda HS (IL)
Buena AC
Buena Park AC
Buena Vista (IA)
Buena Vista Alumni (IA)
Buena Vista JV (IA)
Buffalo (NY)
Buffalo AC (MN)
Buffalo All-Stars (NY)
Buffalo Alumni (NY)
Buffalo American Legion (NY)
Buffalo Black Rock AC (NY)
Buffalo Canisius HS (NY)
Buffalo Canisius HS Alumni (NY)
Buffalo Central HS (NY)
Buffalo Central HS Alumni (NY)
Buffalo College Center
Buffalo East HS (NY)
Buffalo Gunners (NY)
Buffalo HS (MN)
Buffalo HS (NY)
Buffalo HS (WY)
Buffalo Lafayette HS (NY)
Buffalo Lafayette HS Alumni (NY)
Buffalo Lafayette HS JV (NY)
Buffalo Masten Park HS (NY)
Buffalo Masten Park HS Alumni (NY)
Buffalo Masten Park HS JV (NY)
Buffalo Mutual AC (NY)
Buffalo Navy (NY)
Buffalo Nichols HS (NY)
Buffalo North HS (NY)
Buffalo Northeast HS (NY)
Buffalo Oakdales (NY)
Buffalo Saint Joseph HS (NY)
Buffalo South Park HS (NY)
Buffalo South Park HS Alumni (NY)
Buffalo St. (NY)
Buffalo St. JV (NY)
Buffalo Technical HS (NY)
Buffalo Technical HS Alumni (NY)
Buford HS
Buhl Club (PA)
Buhl HS (ID)
Buhl HS (MN)
Buhl HS Alumni (MN)
Bullis Prep School (MD)
Bunker Hill HS (IL)
Bunker Hill Military Academy (IL)
Bunker Hill NAS (IN)
Bunkie HS (LA)
Burbank HS (CA)
Burdett College (MA)
Burgettstown HS (PA)
Burke HS (SD)
Burleson College (TX)
Burley HS (ID)
Burlingame AC
Burlington AA (IA)
Burlington All-Stars (IA)
Burlington All-Stars (NJ)
Burlington Amateur Athletic Union (IA)
Burlington HS (IA)
Burlington HS (KS)
Burlington HS (NC)
Burlington HS (NJ)
Burlington HS (VT)
Burlington HS (WA)
Burlington HS (WI)
Burlington HS Alumni (NJ)
Burlington JC (IA)
Burlington R.R. Team
Burnham AC (PA)
Burns AA
Burns HS (KS)
Burr & Burton Seminary (VT)
Burr Oak HS (KS)
Burrell Normal School (AL)
Burritt College (TN)
Burrton American Legion (KS)
Burton HS (WA)
Bushnell AC (IL)
Bushnell Hospital
Bushnell HS (IL)
Bushwick HS
Business College
Business University
Butler (IN)
Butler AC (PA)
Butler College (TX)
Butler Collegians
Butler County CC (KS)
Butler Cubs
Butler HS (NJ)
Butler HS (PA)
Butler JV (IN)
Butler Scholastics (IN)
Butler Sterlings
Butler YMCA (PA)
Butte AC (MT)
Butte All-Stars (MT)
Butte Business College (MT)
Butte Buzzies (MT)
Butte Centervilles (MT)
Butte Central HS (MT)
Butte College (CA)
Butte Columbias (MT)
Butte Englewood (MT)
Butte HS
Butte HS (MT)
Butte HS Alumni (MT)
Butte Hubs (MT)
Butte Independents (MT)
Butte Ramblers (MT)
Butte Team (MT)
Byron HS (IL)
C. & A. Mines
C. G. Com.
C. Stoneman
C.B.C. Mex. Team
C.M. & N.A.
Cabanne Club
Cabrillo College (CA)
Caddo HS (OK)
Cadillac AC (MI)
Cadillac HS (MI)
Cadiz HS (OH)
Cairo HS (IL)
Cairo HS (WV)
Cal Poly-Pomona
Cal Poly-Pomona B Team
Cal Poly-Pomona Freshmen
Cal Poly-San Diego
Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo
Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo B Team
Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo Freshmen
Cal St.-Chico
Cal St.-Chico Alumni
Cal St.-Chico JV
Cal St.-Fullerton
Cal St.-Hayward
Cal St.-Hayward JV
Cal St.-Long Beach
Cal St.-Long Beach Freshmen
Cal St.-Long Beach JV
Cal St.-Los Angeles
Cal St.-Northridge
Cal St.-Sacramento
Cal St.-Sacramento Freshmen
Cal St.-Sacramento JV
Calcasieu AA (LA)
Caldwell HS
Caldwell HS (ID)
Caldwell HS (NJ)
Caldwell HS (TX)
Caldwell Naval Range (NJ)
Caldwell Rifle
Caledonia HS (NY)
Calexico HS (CA)
Calgary (AB)
Calgary 50th Battalion (AB)
Calgary Altomahs (AB)
Calgary Blizzard (AB)
Calgary Bronks (AB)
Calgary Canucks (AB)
Calgary Collegiate (AB)
Calgary Jr. Stampeders (AB)
Calgary Stampeders (AB)
Calgary Tigers (AB)
Calhoun City HS (MS)
California (PA)
California Alumni
California Alumni (PA)
California Athletics
California B 
California Baptist
California Freshmen
California HS (PA)
California Institute for the Deaf
California Institute Men
California JC
California Junior Republic (CA)
California Lutheran
California Lutheran Freshmen
California Lutheran JV
California National Guard
California Rams
California Tech
California Tech B Team
California Tech Freshmen
California Volunteers
California YMCA (PA)
California-Davis Alumni
California-Davis Freshmen
California-Davis JV
California-Riverside Freshmen
California-Riverside JV
California-San Diego
California-Santa Barbara
California-Santa Barbara B Team
California-Santa Barbara Freshmen
Calistoga HS (CA)
Calumet City HS (IL)
Calumet Club (NY)
Calumet HS (MI)
Calumet Independents (MI)
Calumet YMCA (MI)
Calumus Club
Calvert Hall
Calvert HS (TX)
Camas HS (WA)
Cambridge AA
Cambridge AC (IL)
Cambridge AC (OH)
Cambridge Football Team (MA)
Cambridge HS (MA)
Cambridge HS (MN)
Cambridge HS (NE)
Cambridge HS (NY)
Cambridge HS (OH)
Cambridge HS (VT)
Cambridge Latin & HS (MA)
Cambridge Manual Training School (MA)
Cambridge Springs HS (PA)
Cambridge YMCA (MA)
Cambrose Lutheran College (AB)
Camden AA (NJ)
Camden AA (NY)
Camden Boat Club (NJ)
Camden HS (AL)
Camden HS (AR)
Camden HS (ME)
Camden HS (NJ)
Camden HS (NY)
Camden HS (SC)
Camden HS Alumni (NJ)
Camden Manual Training & HS (NJ)
Camden Manual Training & HS Alumni (NJ)
Camden Military Academy (SC)
Camden Point College (MO)
Camden Point HS (MO)
Camden Pros.
Camden Vocational
Cameron (OK)
Cameron AC (WV)
Cameron HS (MO)
Cameron HS (TX)
Cameron HS (WV)
Cameron Team (IA)
Cameron Town Team (MO)
Camp Adams
Camp Alfred Vail (NJ)
Camp Amirabad
Camp Atterbury (IN)
Camp Barkeley - 41st Cavalry (TX)
Camp Barkeley - 778 Tank BN (TX)
Camp Barkeley (TX)
Camp Bartleff (MA)
Camp Beale (CA)
Camp Beauregard (LA)
Camp Beauregard Engineers (LA)
Camp Beauregard Officers (LA)
Camp Beauregard Soldiers (LA)
Camp Blanding (FL)
Camp Bowie
Camp Breckinridge (KY)
Camp Buell (KY)
Camp Bumpkin (MA)
Camp Bumpkin JV (MA)
Camp Butner (NC)
Camp Claiborne (LA)
Camp Cody - Battery B, 126th Field Artillery (NM)
Camp Cody - Battery C, 126th Field Artillery (NM)
Camp Cody - Battery E, 126th Field Artillery (NM)
Camp Cody - Battery F, 125th Field Artillery (NM)
Camp Cody - Battery F, 126th Field Artillery (NM)
Camp Cody - Battery O, 126th Field Artillery (NM)
Camp Cody - Company C, 127th Machine Gun Battalion (NM)
Camp Cody - Company E, 127th Machine Gun Battalion (NM)
Camp Cody - Headquarters, 125th Field Artillery (NM)
Camp Cody - Headquarters, 127th Field Artillery (NM)
Camp Cody (NM)
Camp Colt
Camp Cooke (CA)
Camp Crane
Camp Croft (SC)
Camp Custer (MI)
Camp Davis (NC)
Camp Detrick (MD)
Camp Dick
Camp Dodge (IA)
Camp Dodge 168th Depot Brigade (IA)
Camp Doniphan (KS)
Camp Drake
Camp Edgar
Camp Edwards (MA)
Camp Ellerbe
Camp Ellis (IL)
Camp Fannin (TX)
Camp Fisher
Camp Forrest (TN)
Camp Funston (KS)
Camp Gordon (GA)
Camp Grant (IL)
Camp Greene (NC)
Camp Greenleaf (GA)
Camp Gruber (OK)
Camp Haan (CA)
Camp Hancock (GA)
Camp Hanford
Camp Harry Jones (AZ)
Camp Hearne
Camp Hingham (MA)
Camp Holabird (MD) 
Camp John Wise (TX)
Camp Johnston (FL)
Camp Kearne (UT)
Camp Kearney
Camp Khorramsahr
Camp Kilmer (NJ)
Camp Las Casas - 373rd Regiment (Puerto Rico)
Camp Las Casas - 374th Regiment (Puerto Rico)
Camp Lee - 305th Ammunition Train (VA)
Camp Lee - 305th Motor Truck Company (VA)
Camp Lee - 305th Sanitary Train (VA)
Camp Lee - 314th Field Artillery (VA)
Camp Lee - 318th Infantry (VA)
Camp Lee - 319th Infantry (VA)
Camp Lee - 320th Infantry (VA)
Camp Lee - 329th Motor Truck Company (VA)
Camp Lee (VA)
Camp Lejeune (NC)
Camp Lewis - 316th Sanitary Train (WA)
Camp Lewis - 91st Division (WA)
Camp Lewis All-Stars (WA)
Camp Lewis Ivy Division (WA)
Camp Livingston (LA)
Camp Lockett (CA)
Camp Logan
Camp Logan - 1st Field Hospital (TX)
Camp Logan - 370th Infantry (TX)
Camp Logan (TX)
Camp Lyons
Camp Mabry (TX)
Camp Mackall (NC)
Camp McArthur
Camp McCall (NC)
Camp McCoy (WI)
Camp Merritt (NJ)
Camp Mills (NY)
Camp Morrison
Camp Parks (CA)
Camp Parks Job Corp
Camp Peary NTS (VA)
Camp Pendleton (CA)
Camp Perry (OH)
Camp Pickett (VA)
Camp Pike (AR)
Camp Pike 3rd Amublance Corps (AR)
Camp Pike Hospital (AR)
Camp Pike Officers (AR)
Camp Pike Ordinace (AR)
Camp Plunkett
Camp Point HS (IL)
Camp Polk (LA)
Camp Polk (NC)
Camp Robinson (AR)
Camp Roosevelt
Camp San Luis Obispo (CA)
Camp Sevier - 105th Sanitary Train (SC)
Camp Sevier - 114th Field Artillery (SC)
Camp Sevier - 115th Field Artillery (SC)
Camp Sevier - 117th Infantry (SC)
Camp Sevier (SC)
Camp Shelby (MS)
Camp Sheridan (AL)
Camp Sherman (OH)
Camp Somerset (MD)
Camp Stanley
Camp Street Athletics
Camp Swift (TX)
Camp Travis - 19th Infantry (TX)
Camp Travis (TX)
Camp Upton (NY)
Camp Wadsworth (SC)
Camp Wallace (TX)
Camp Zachary Taylor (KY)
Campbell (KS)
Campbell (NC)
Campbell College (MS)
Campbell HS
Campbell JV (KS)
Campbellsville (KY)
Campbellsville HS (KY)
Campbellsville JV (KY)
Campion Academy (WI)
Campion College (WI)
Campion College Alumni (WI)
Campion College Freshmen (WI)
Campion HS (WI)
Campobello AA (MA)
Canada All-Stars
Canada Navy
Canadian AA
Canadian HS (TX)
Canajoharie HS (NY)
Canajoharie HS Alumni (NY)
Canal Dover HS (OH)
Canal Winchester HS (OH)
Canandaigua Academy (NY)
Canastota HS (NY)
Canby HS (MN)
Canby HS (OR)
Caney HS (KS)
Canisius (NY)
Canisius Freshmen (NY)
Canisius JV (NY)
Canisius Prep
Canisteo HS (NY)
Cannon Falls HS (MN)
Canon City HS (CO)
Canonsburg HS (PA)
Canterbury (IN)
Canterbury AC (DC)
Canterbury HS (CT)
Canton AC (MO)
Canton AC (OH)
Canton American Legion (KS)
Canton HS (IL)
Canton HS (KS)
Canton HS (MA)
Canton HS (MO)
Canton HS (MS)
Canton HS (NC)
Canton HS (NY)
Canton HS (OH)
Canton HS (PA)
Canton HS (SD)
Canton McKinley HS (OH)
Canton Normal (SD)
Canton Tigers (OH)
Canyon HS (TX)
Cape Charles AC (VA)
Cape Charles HS (VA)
Cape Fear C.
Cape May C.H. (NJ)
Cape May City Team (NJ)
Cape May Coast Guard (NJ)
Cape May Court House HS (NJ)
Cape May HS (NJ)
Cape May Section Base Naval Station (NJ)
Capital (OH)
Capital AC (OR)
Capital Hill JC (OK)
Capitol City AC (VA)
Carbon County HS (UT)
Carbon County JC (UT)
Carbondale Cottage
Carbondale HS (IL)
Carbondale HS (PA)
Carbondale Indian School
Carbondale Moguls (PA)
Cardinal Athletics
Carey HS (OH)
Carl Albert St. (OK)
Carl Junction HS (MO)
Carleton (MN)
Carleton (MO)
Carleton (ON)
Carleton Academy
Carleton Freshmen (MN)
Carleton JV (MN)
Carlinville HS (IL)
Carlinville Independents (IL)
Carlisle AC (PA)
Carlisle Barracks (PA)
Carlisle Fitting School (SC)
Carlisle HS (AR)
Carlisle HS (KY)
Carlisle HS (PA)
Carlisle HS (SC)
Carlisle Indian School (PA)
Carlisle Indian School B Team (PA)
Carlisle Military Institute (TX)
Carlisle Tech
Carlsbad JC (CA)
Carlstrom Aviation
Carlstrom Field (FL)
Carlton AA (PA)
Carlton Academy (NJ)
Carmen HS (OK)
Carmi HS (IL)
Carnegie AC (PA)
Carnegie HS (PA)
Carnegie Mellon (PA)
Carnegie Mellon Freshmen (PA)
Carnegie Mellon JV (PA)
Carnie HS
Carrington HS (ND)
Carroll (MT)
Carroll (WI)
Carroll Alumni (MT)
Carroll Club
Carroll County AC
Carroll HS (IA)
Carroll JV (MT)
Carroll JV (WI)
Carrollton AC (MI)
Carrollton All-Stars (GA)
Carrollton HS (IL)
Carrollton HS (KY)
Carrollton HS (MO)
Carrollton HS Alumni (IL)
Carrolltown HS (PA)
Carruthers Field (TX)
Carruthers HS
Carson HS (NV)
Carson Long Institute
Carson-Newman (TN)
Carson-Newman JV (TN)
Carson-Newman V-12 Team (TN)
Carswell AFB (TX)
Carter Junior Republic
Carteret Academy (NJ)
Carterville HS (IL)
Carterville YMCA (IL)
Carthage (WI)
Carthage AC (TN)
Carthage Alumni (WI)
Carthage American Legion (MO)
Carthage HS (IL)
Carthage HS (IN)
Carthage HS (MO)
Carthage HS (NY)
Carthage HS (TX)
Carthage JV (WI)
Caruthers American Legion (CA)
Caruthers HS (CA)
Caruthersville HS (MO)
Caruthersville JC (MO)
Carver-Denny Chiropractic (OK)
Cary HS (NC)
Casa Blanca Indians
Cascadilla School (NY)
Case Institute of Technology (OH)
Case Institute of Technology Alumni (OH)
Case Institute of Technology JV (OH)
Case Western Reserve (OH)
Case Western Reserve JV (OH)
Casey HS (IL)
Cashmere HS (WA)
Casper HS (WY)
Casper Independents (WY)
Cass Lake HS (MN)
Casselton HS (ND)
Cassopolis HS (MI)
Casterton Business College (WI)
Castle Heights Military Institute (TN)
Castle Rock HS (WA)
Castleton HS (VT)
Castleton St. (VT)
Catasauqua HS (PA)
Catawba (NC)
Catawba JV (NC)
Catawissa HS (PA)
Cathedral Academy
Cathedral College
Cathedral HS
Cathedral Institute
Cathedral Latin School (OH)
Cathedral Prep
Catholic (DC)
Catholic AC
Catholic AC (TX)
Catholic Club of New Jersey (NJ)
Catholic Freshmen (DC)
Catholic HS
Catholic JV (DC)
Catholic Latin
Catholic YMCA
Catlettsburg AC (KY)
Catlettsburg HS (KY)
Catonsville Country Club (MD)
Catskill HS (NY)
Catuer University
Cavalier HS (ND)
Cawker City HS (KS)
Cayuga CC (NY)
Cayuga Lake Military School
Cazenovia Baptist (NY)
Cazenovia Seminary (NY)
CC Camp 106
CCC Camp 106
Cecil Field (FL)
Cedar Falls HS (IA)
Cedar Hill HS
Cedar Rapids
Cedar Rapids Business College (IA)
Cedar Rapids HS (IA)
Cedar Rapids Washington HS (IA)
Cedar Valley Seminary (IA)
Cedarburg HS (WI)
Cedarcroft School (PA)
Cedaredge HS (CO)
Cedartown HS (GA)
Cedarville (OH)
Celina AC (OH)
Cent Louisiana Normal
Cent. of Georgia A.A.
Centenary (LA)
Centenary Academy
Centenary College
Centenary Collegiate Institute (NJ)
Centenary Freshmen (LA)
Center HS (CO)
Center HS (TX)
Center Town Team (CO)
Centerville HS Alumni (CA)
Central (IA)
Central (KY)
Central AA
Central AC
Central AC (OH)
Central Academy (IL)
Central Academy (IN)
Central Alumni (IA)
Central Arkansas
Central Arkansas JV
Central Business College (MO)
Central Carolina Sports Academy (NC)
Central Catholic HS
Central City
Central City HS (CO)
Central City HS (IA)
Central City HS (KY)
Central City HS (NE)
Central Connecticut St.
Central Connecticut St. Club Team
Central Evening School (PA)
Central Falls HS (RI)
Central Florida
Central HS
Central HS JV
Central Inelig.
Central International (VA)
Central JV (IA)
Central Lakes College (MN)
Central Louisiana
Central Medical College (MO)
Central Medics
Central Methodist (MO)
Central Methodist Alumni (MO)
Central Methodist JV (MO)
Central Michigan
Central Michigan B Team
Central Michigan Freshmen
Central Missouri St.
Central Missouri St. JV
Central Normal (IN)
Central Oklahoma
Central Oklahoma JV
Central P. School
Central Park FBC (NY)
Central Pennsylvania
Central Piedmont CC (NC)
Central St. (OH)
Central Texas
Central Texas Wolves
Central Washington
Central Wesleyan (MO)
Central YMCA
Centralia HS (WA)
Centralia HS Ex-Players (PA)
Centralia JC (WA)
Centre (KY)
Centre AC
Centre Alumni (KY)
Centre Freshmen (KY)
Centre HS (AL)
Centre JV (KY)
Centreville HS
Centreville HS (VA)
Centro Athletico
Century AC (CA)
Century AC (NY)
Century of 1911
Ceredo-Kenova HS (WV)
Ceredo-Kenova HS Alumni (WV)
Ceres Union HS (CA)
Cerritos CC (CA)
Chabot College (CA)
Chadron Academy (NE)
Chadron HS (NE)
Chadron St. (NE)
Chadron St. JV (NE)
Chaffee HS (CA)
Chaffee Union HS
Chaffey CC (CA)
Chaffey Union HS (CA)
Chagrin Falls HS (OH)
Chalmers Military Academy
Chamberlain Hunt Academy (MS)
Chamberlain Military Institute (NY)
Chambersburg AA (PA)
Chambersburg Academy (PA)
Chambersburg ex College Players (PA)
Chambersburg HS (PA)
Chamers Academy
Chaminade College HS (MO)
Chaminade College HS Alumni (MO)
Champaign HS (IL)
Champaign HS JV (IL)
Champlain (NY)
Champlain Regional College (Canada)
Chandler Normal School (KY)
Chanute Field (IL)
Chanute Go Devils (KS)
Chanute HS (KS)
Chanute JC (KS)
Chapel Hill HS (NC)
Chapingo College (Mexico)
Chapman (CA)
Chapman HS (KS)
Chapman Tech (CT)
Chapman Tech Alumni (CT)
Chappell HS (NE)
Chardon HS (OH)
Chariton AA (IA)
Chariton HS (IA)
Charleroi HS (PA)
Charles City College (IA)
Charles City HS (IA)
Charles Town HS (WV)
Charleston (WV)
Charleston 6th Naval District (SC)
Charleston AA (SC)
Charleston AC
Charleston AC (MO)
Charleston AC (SC)
Charleston AC (WV)
Charleston AFB (SC)
Charleston Agriculture HS (MS)
Charleston All-Stars (WV)
Charleston Amateurs (SC)
Charleston Bears (SC)
Charleston Buffalos (SC)
Charleston Catholic
Charleston Coast Guard (SC)
Charleston Cursaders (SC)
Charleston HS
Charleston HS (AR)
Charleston HS (IL)
Charleston HS (MO)
Charleston HS (MS)
Charleston HS (SC)
Charleston HS (WV)
Charleston HS Alumni (WV)
Charleston JV (WV)
Charleston Medical College (SC)
Charleston NTS (SC)
Charleston Rifle Range (SC)
Charleston Southern (SC)
Charleston Town Team (SC)
Charleston YMCA (SC)
Charleston YMCA (WV)
Charlestown AC
Charlestown HS
Charlestown HS (MA)
Charlestown HS (NH)
Charlestown Navy Yard (MA)
Charlevoix Circle
Charlevoix HS (MI)
Charlotte (MI)
Charlotte AC (MI)
Charlotte Bandits (NC)
Charlotte Hall Military Academy (MD)
Charlotte HS
Charlotte HS (MI)
Charlotte HS (NC)
Charlotte University School (NC)
Charlotte YMCA (NC)
Charlottesville AC (VA)
Charlottesville HS (VA)
Chase County HS (KS)
Chase HS (KS)
Chatfield HS (MN)
Chatham Academy
Chatham Field AAB (GA)
Chatham HS (NJ)
Chatham HS (NY)
Chatham HS Alumni (NJ)
Chatham Institute (ON)
Chatham School (VA)
Chatham Training School (VA)
Chattahoochee Technical College (GA)
Chattanooga AC (TN)
Chattanooga All-Stars (TN)
Chattanooga Brainerd HS (TN)
Chattanooga Central HS (TN)
Chattanooga HS (TN)
Chattanooga Panthers (TN)
Chattaroy HS (WV)
Chaw-Sir Club (CA)
Cheboygan HS (MI)
Chehalis HS (WA)
Chehalis HS Alumni (WA)
Chehalis HS JV (WA)
Chelan HS (WA)
Chelan HS Alumni (WA)
Chelsea HS
Chelsea HS (MA)
Chelsea HS (MI)
Cheltenham HS (PA)
Cheltenham HS Alumni (PA)
Cheltenham Military Academy (PA)
Cheltenham Team (IL)
Chemawa Indian School (OR)
Chemawa Indian School JV (OR)
Chemical Warfare Service (DC)
Cheney HS (KS)
Cheney HS (WA)
Cheney Ramblers (WA)
Chenoa HS (IL)
Cheraw HS (SC)
Cherokee County HS (KS)
Cherokee HS (IA)
Cherokee HS (KS)
Cherokee HS (OK)
Cherokee Independent Team
Cherokee Indians
Cherokee Male Seminary (OK)
Cherokee Stars
Cherry Point Marines (NC)
Cherry Valley HS (NY)
Cherryvale HS (KS)
Chesapeake City Team (MD)
Cheshire HS (CT)
Chesley HS
Chesrook Academy
Chester Alpha Boat Club (PA)
Chester Calumet Cricket FBC (PA)
Chester County HS
Chester HS (IL)
Chester HS (PA)
Chester HS (SC)
Chester HS (VA)
Chester HS (WV)
Chester HS Alumni (PA)
Chester HS Freshmen (PA)
Chester HS JV (PA)
Chester Independents (PA)
Chester Ship
Chester YMCA (PA)
Chesterfield HS (SC)
Chestertown HS (MD)
Chestnut Hill Academy (PA)
Chestnut Hill Academy Alumni (PA)
Chestnut Hill All-Stars (PA)
Chewelah HS (WA)
Cheyenne County HS (CO)
Cheyenne HS (WY)
Cheyenne HS Alumni (WY)
Cheyney (PA)
Cheyney Alumni (PA)
Chicago (IL)
Chicago ?
Chicago A. M.
Chicago AA (IL)
Chicago AA Seconds (IL)
Chicago All-Stars (IL)
Chicago Alumni (IL)
Chicago Athenaeum (IL)
Chicago Austin HS (IL)
Chicago B Team (IL)
Chicago Bankers (IL)
Chicago Bears
Chicago Blues (IL)
Chicago Bowen HS (IL)
Chicago Cardinals
Chicago Carl Schurz HS (IL)
Chicago Crane Tech HS (IL)
Chicago Dental (IL)
Chicago Dining Club (IL)
Chicago East Division HS (IL)
Chicago East Side HS (IL)
Chicago Eclectic M. (IL)
Chicago Englewood HS (IL)
Chicago English HS (IL)
Chicago Football Club (IL)
Chicago Freshmen (IL)
Chicago Harvard Club (IL)
Chicago Heights HS (IL)
Chicago Heights Pirates
Chicago Hyde Park HS (IL)
Chicago Hyde Park HS JV (IL)
Chicago Kelly HS (IL)
Chicago Lake View HS (IL)
Chicago Lane Tech HS (IL)
Chicago Latin School (IL)
Chicago Lindblom HS (IL)
Chicago Manual Training HS (IL)
Chicago Maroons AC (IL)
Chicago Marshall HS (IL)
Chicago Marshall HS Alumni (IL)
Chicago Medical (IL)
Chicago Naval Reserve (IL)
Chicago Nicholas Senn HS (IL)
Chicago Nicholas Senn HS Alumni (IL)
Chicago Normal College (IL)
Chicago North Division HS (IL)
Chicago North Division HS Alumni (IL)
Chicago North Ends AC (IL)
Chicago Northwest Division HS (IL)
Chicago Opals (IL)
Chicago Parker HS (IL)
Chicago Saint Phillips HS (IL)
Chicago South Division HS (IL)
Chicago South HS (IL)
Chicago South Side Academy (IL)
Chicago Syc. Cyclones (IL)
Chicago Technical College (IL)
Chicago Tigers (IL)
Chicago University HS (IL)
Chicago US Giants (IL)
Chicago Veterinary College (IL)
Chicago Vocational School (IL)
Chicago Wanderers AC (IL)
Chicago Wendell Phillips HS (IL)
Chicago West Division HS (IL)
Chicago West Side HS (IL)
Chicago YMCA (IL)
Chicago YMCA College (IL)
Chicago YMCA College Freshmen (IL)
Chick Springs Military Academy
Chickasha HS (OK)
Chico HS (CA)
Chicopee Falls HS (MA)
Chicopee HS (MA)
Childs Business College (MA)
Chillicothe AC (OH)
Chillicothe Athletics (MO)
Chillicothe Business College (MO)
Chillicothe Business College JV (MO)
Chillicothe HS (IL)
Chillicothe HS (MO)
Chillicothe HS (OH)
Chillicothe Town Team (OH)
Chillicothe Young Men's Club (OH)
Chilocco Indian School (OK)
Chilocco Indian School JV (OK)
Chilton HS
Chilton HS (WI)
China All-Stars
China Lake Naval Base (CA)
Chino HS (CA)
Chino Institute (CA)
Chino Lake Navy (CA)
Chipley HS (FL)
Chipola JC (FL)
Chippewa Falls HS (WI)
Chisholm HS (MN)
Choate School
Choir Boys
Chowan (NC)
Chowan B Team (NC)
Chowchilla HS (CA)
Christ Church AC
Christ School (NC)
Christian Brothers (MO)
Christian Brothers (TN)
Christian Brothers Academy (NY)
Christian Brothers Alumni (TN)
Christian Brothers College
Christian College
Christiansburg Institute (VA)
Christopher HS (IL)
Christopher Newport (VA)
Christopher Newport JV (VA)
Church Farm
Church Hill AC (VA)
Church School
Ciencias Quimicas
Cimarron HS (KS)
Cincinnati (OH)
Cincinnati AC (OH)
Cincinnati Alumni (OH)
Cincinnati Celts (OH)
Cincinnati East HS (OH)
Cincinnati Franklin HS (OH)
Cincinnati Gym AC (OH)
Cincinnati HS (OH)
Cincinnati Hughes HS (OH)
Cincinnati JV (OH)
Cincinnati North Side AC (OH)
Cincinnati Norwood HS (OH)
Cincinnati Tech (OH)
Cincinnati Walnut Hills HS (OH)
Cincinnati Woodward HS (OH)
Cincinnati YMCA (OH)
Cincinnati YMI (OH)
Cinncinati - Bartlett Comm.
Circleville HS (OH)
Cisco HS (TX)
Cisco JC (TX)
Cisco JC B Team (TX)
Citadel (SC)
Citadel Freshmen (SC)
Citadel JV (SC)
Citrus College (CA)
Citrus Union HS (CA)
Citrus Union HS Alumni (CA)
City AC
City All-Service
City College of New York
City College of New York Alumni
City College of New York B Team
City College of New York Freshmen
City College of New York Prep School
City College of San Francisco (CA)
City Graduates
City of Havana (Cuba)
City Reds
Claflin (SC)
Claflin Freshmen (SC)
Clairton HS (PA)
Clanton HS (AL)
Clare HS (MI)
Claremont HS (CA)
Claremont Stevens HS (NH)
Claremont-Mudd-Scripps (CA)
Claremont-Mudd-Scripps JV (CA)
Claremore HS (OK)
Claremore Prep (OK)
Clarence HS (NY)
Clarendon College (TX)
Clarendon College JV (TX)
Clarendon HS (TX)
Clarinda HS (IA)
Clarinda JC (IA)
Clarion (PA)
Clarion Alumni (PA)
Clarion HS (IA)
Clarion Independents (PA)
Clarion JV (PA)
Clark Atlanta (GA)
Clark College (WA)
Clark District
Clark Field
Clark HS (SD)
Clark JC
Clark JC B Team
Clark School
Clarkdale HS (AZ)
Clarkdale HS Alumni (AZ)
Clarke County HS (AL)
Clarke Memorial College (MS)
Clarkesville A&M School (GA)
Clarksburg AC (WV)
Clarksburg HS (WV)
Clarksburg School
Clarksburg Tiger AC (WV)
Clarksburg Victory HS (WV)
Clarksdale HS (MS)
Clarkson (NY)
Clarkson Freshmen (NY)
Clarkston HS (WA)
Clarksville All-Stars
Clarksville HS (AR)
Clarksville HS (TN)
Clarksville HS (TX)
Clarksville Independents
Clary Training School (AR)
Clason Military Academy (NY)
Classen-Captain Hill
Claverack College (NY)
Clay Center
Clay Center HS (KS)
Clay Center HS (NE)
Clay County HS (KS)
Clay County HS Alumni (KS)
Clay Hill AC
Clay HS (KY)
Clay HS (WV)
Clayton HS (MO)
Clayton HS (NJ)
Clayton HS (NM)
Clayton HS Alumni (NM)
Clayton Legion (NM)
Clayton Town Team (NM)
Cle Elum HS (WA)
Clear Spring HS (MD)
Clearfield HS (IA)
Clearfield HS (PA)
Clearfield HS Alumni (PA)
Clearfield HS JV (PA)
Clearwater All-Stars (FL)
Clearwater HS (FL)
Cleary Business College (MI)
Cleary HS
Cleburne HS (TX)
Clemson (SC)
Clemson Club Team (SC)
Clemson Freshmen (SC)
Clemson JV (SC)
Clendenin HS (WV)
Cleora HS (OK)
Cleveland AA (OH)
Cleveland AC (NJ)
Cleveland AC (OH)
Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Central HS (OH)
Cleveland East HS (OH)
Cleveland East Tech HS (OH)
Cleveland Heights HS (OH)
Cleveland Heights HS Alumni (OH)
Cleveland HS (MO)
Cleveland HS (MS)
Cleveland HS (OH)
Cleveland HS (OK)
Cleveland HS (TX)
Cleveland Independents (MS)
Cleveland Lakewood HS (OH)
Cleveland Lincoln HS (OH)
Cleveland Naval Reserve (OH)
Cleveland Negroes (OK)
Cleveland North HS (OH)
Cleveland Rams
Cleveland South HS (OH)
Cleveland St. (OH)
Cleveland Tech HS (OH)
Cleveland University School (OH)
Cleveland West Commerce HS (OH)
Cleveland West HS (OH)
Cleveland West Tech HS (OH)
Cleveland YMCA (OH)
Cliffside Park HS (NJ)
Clifton AC
Clifton AC (MD)
Clifton Forge HS (VA)
Clifton FS
Clifton HS (NJ)
Clifton HS (TX)
Clifton HS Alumni (NJ)
Clifton JC (TX)
Clifton Springs HS (NY)
Clinton AC
Clinton Academy (MO)
Clinton Correctional Facility (NY)
Clinton Field Club
Clinton FWD Truckers (MI)
Clinton HS (IA)
Clinton HS (IL)
Clinton HS (IN)
Clinton HS (MA)
Clinton HS (MI)
Clinton HS (MS)
Clinton HS (NJ)
Clinton HS (NY)
Clinton HS (OK)
Clinton HS (TN)
Clinton HS JV (IL)
Clinton JC (SC)
Clinton Library Institute (NY)
Clinton School (MS)
Clinton School (NE)
Clinton YMCA (IA)
Clio HS (AL)
Cloquet HS (MN)
Cloverdale AC (VA)
Clovis HS (NM)
Clovis Union HS (CA)
Cluster Springs Academy (VA)
Clyde AA
Clyde AA (NY)
Clyde All-Stars (NY)
Clyde Football Team (KS)
Clyde HS
Clyde HS (KS)
Clyde HS (NY)
Clyde HS (OH)
Clymer HS (PA)
Clymer Independents (PA)
Co. C., League C.C.
Co. K.I.N.G.
Co. M. Athletics
Coach Defense (HI)
Coahoma CC (MS)
Coaldale HS (PA)
Coalinga (CA)
Coalmont HS (IN)
Coast Artillery
Coast Guard (CT)
Coast Guard Destroyer
Coast Guard JV (CT)
Coast Guard Stevadores
Coastal Carolina (SC)
Coastal Carolina Club Team (SC)
Coatesville HS (PA)
Coatesville HS Alumni (PA)
Cobb & Nich. College
Coburn Classical Institute (ME)
Cochocton AA
Cockaygne Vet.
Codell HS (KS)
Cody HS (WY)
Coe (IA)
Coe Alumni (IA)
Coe B Team (IA)
Coe Freshmen (IA)
Coeur d'Alene HS (ID)
Coffee County HS (AL)
Coffeyville CC (KS)
Coffeyville CC Alumni (KS)
Coffeyville HS (KS)
Cogswell Polytechnical College (CA)
Cohoes Conti.
Cohoes Egbert's HS (NY)
Cohoes YMCA (NY)
Coin HS (IA)
Col. Academy
Colby (ME)
Colby Academy (NH)
Colby Freshmen (ME)
Colby HS
Colby HS (KS)
Colby JV (ME)
Colchester HS (IL)
Coldwater AC (MI)
Coldwater HS (MI)
Cole College (CO)
Colegio Militar
Coleman College (LA)
Coleraine HS (MN)
Colesburg HS (IA)
Colfax HS (LA)
Colfax HS (WA)
Colfax HS (WI)
Colgate (NY)
Colgate Academy (NY)
Colgate B Team (NY)
Colgate Freshmen (NY)
College & High School Team
College AEF Veterans
College All-Stars
College Hill HS
College Juniors
College of Charleston (SC)
College of Charleston Freshmen (SC)
College of Charleston JV (SC)
College of Dupage (IL)
College of Emporia (KS)
College of Emporia Alumni (KS)
College of Emporia JV (KS)
College of Engineering
College of Faith (NC)
College of Faith (TN)
College of Idaho
College of Idaho Alumni
College of Idaho Freshmen
College of Idaho JV
College of Marin (CA)
College of Marshall (TX)
College of Montana
College of Osteopathy (MA)
College of Pennsylvania
College of San Mateo (CA)
College of the Canyons (CA)
College of the Desert (CA)
College Preps
College Springs HS (IA)
Collegeville HS (PA)
Collegiate AC (AZ)
Collegiate School (NY)
Collin JC (TX)
Collingswood HS (NJ)
Collingswood HS Alumni (NJ)
Collinsville HS (OK)
Collinsville Township HS (IL)
Collinsville Township HS Alumni (IL)
Collinwood HS
Collinwood Jrs.
Colmar HS
Coloma HS (MI)
Colome HS (SD)
Colonial Place
Colonial Trade School
Colorado College Alumni
Colorado College Freshmen
Colorado Preparatory School (CO)
Colorado School for The Deaf and The Blind
Colorado School of Mines
Colorado School of Mines B Team
Colorado School of Mines Freshmen
Colorado Springs AA (CO)
Colorado Springs AFB (CO)
Colorado Springs HS (CO)
Colorado State Independents (CO)
Colored HS
Colton HS (CA)
Columbia (NY)
Columbia AA (SC)
Columbia AC
Columbia AC (PA)
Columbia Academy
Columbia All-Scholastics (PA)
Columbia Alumni (NY)
Columbia Basin College (WA)
Columbia Basin JC Gladiators (WA)
Columbia Business College
Columbia Club Team (Philippines)
Columbia College (FL)
Columbia College (WA)
Columbia Douglas HS (SC)
Columbia FC (PA)
Columbia Freshmen (NY)
Columbia Grammer School (NY)
Columbia HS
Columbia HS (MO)
Columbia HS (PA)
Columbia HS (SC)
Columbia HS (TN)
Columbia HS Alumni (MO)
Columbia Industrial Training School (MS)
Columbia Institute
Columbia JV (NY)
Columbia Law School
Columbia Military Academy (TN)
Columbia Military Academy Alumni (TN)
Columbia N.A.
Columbia Normal
Columbia Olympic Club (PA)
Columbia Physicians & Surgeons (NY)
Columbia Prep
Columbia Prep (OR)
Columbia School of Applied Science (NY)
Columbia Sophomores (NY)
Columbia Sporting Club (SC)
Columbia Stars
Columbia Student Army Trg Corps (NY)
Columbia T.C.
Columbia Tigers (MO)
Columbia Wizards (MO)
Columbia YMCA (PA)
Columbia YMCA (SC)
Columbia YMCA JV (PA)
Columbian AC
Columbian Prep School (DC)
Columbus (SD)
Columbus AA (OH)
Columbus Academy (OH)
Columbus Barracks (OH)
Columbus Central HS (OH)
Columbus Clinton HS (OH)
Columbus Club
Columbus East HS (OH)
Columbus Grove HS (OH)
Columbus HS
Columbus HS (GA)
Columbus HS (IN)
Columbus HS (KS)
Columbus HS (MS)
Columbus HS (MT)
Columbus HS (NE)
Columbus HS (OH)
Columbus HS (WI)
Columbus HS of Commerce (OH)
Columbus I. HS
Columbus Independents (IN)
Columbus Industrial HS (GA)
Columbus Junction HS (IA)
Columbus Lee HS (MS)
Columbus North HS (OH)
Columbus North HS Alumni (OH)
Columbus South HS (OH)
Columbus St. (GA)
Columbus Trades School (OH)
Columbus West HS (OH)
Columbus YMCA (OH)
Colusa All-Stars (CA)
Colusa HS (CA)
Colusa Union HS (CA)
Colville HS (WA)
Com. AC
Comanche HS (TX)
Combination Team
Comerclo HS
Comet AA
Comet AC
Commerce HS
Commerce HS (TX)
Commercial AC (IN)
Commercial Club
Commercial HS
Commercial HS (NH)
Commonwealth AA
Company A (CT)
Company A, 3rd Oregon
Company A, West Virginia National Guard
Company B 64th Infantry
Company C (NE)
Company C of Beatrice (NE)
Company C, National Guard (PA)
Company C, NGW
Company E (NY)
Company E, 1st North Dakota
Company F
Company F, 157th Regiment
Company F, 5th Regiment
Company G (NY)
Company H of 8th Massachusetts
Company K
Compton HS (CA)
Compton JC (CA)
Compton JC Alumni (CA)
Compton JC JV (CA)
Compton Ramblers
Conception College (MO)
Concord (WV)
Concord B Team (WV)
Concord HS (CA)
Concord HS (MA)
Concord HS (NH)
Concordia (IL)
Concordia (IN)
Concordia (MI)
Concordia (NE)
Concordia (WI)
Concordia Alumni (IN)
Concordia Cocker Burs (KS)
Concordia College (AL)
Concordia College (NY)
Concordia HS (KS)
Concordia JC (NY)
Concordia JV (IL)
Concordia JV (MI)
Concordia JV (WI)
Concordia Prep School (NY)
Concordia Prep School JV (NY)
Concordia Senior School (IN)
Concordia Tumblers (KS)
Concordia-Moorhead (MN)
Concordia-Moorhead Freshmen (MN)
Concordia-Moorhead JV (MN)
Concordia-Saint Paul (MN)
Concrete HS (WA)
Condor AC
Congerville AC
Conneaut AC (OH)
Conneaut HS (OH)
Connecticut Freshmen
Connecticut JC
Connecticut JV
Connecticut Literary Institute
Connellsville AC (PA)
Connellsville HS (PA)
Connellsville HS Alumni (PA)
Connors St. (OK)
Conqueror AC
Conquerors AC
Conroe HS (TX)
Conshohocken AA (PA)
Conshohocken HS (PA)
Conshohocken HS Alumni (PA)
Conshohocken West HS (PA)
Cont. National Bank
Continental AC
Contra Costa JC (CA)
Conway Hall (PA)
Conway HS (AR)
Conway Springs HS (KS)
Cook Academy (NY)
Cooke Academy
Coon Rapids HS (IA)
Cooper HS
Cooper Township
Cooper Training School
Cooper Union (NY)
Cooper Union JV (NY)
Coopersburg HS (PA)
Cooperstown HS (ND)
Cooperstown HS (NY)
Cooperstown HS (PA)
Coopersville HS (MI)
Copiah-Lincoln JC (MS)
Copper Motors All-Stars
Copper State (AZ)
Coppin St. (MD)
Coraopolis AC (PA)
Coraopolis HS (PA)
Cordell HS (OK)
Cordova HS (MD)
Corinth HS (MS)
Corinthian AC
Cornell (NY)
Cornell AC
Cornell Academy (IA)
Cornell College (IA)
Cornell College Alumni (IA)
Cornell College Freshmen (IA)
Cornell College JV (IA)
Cornell Freshmen (NY)
Cornell HS
Cornell JV (NY)
Cornell R.U.T.C.
Cornell SATC (NY)
Cornell Tigers
Cornell-Hamburg Team (IL)
Corning AA (IA)
Corning AC
Corning Academy (IA)
Corning All-Stars (NY)
Corning Free Academy (NY)
Corning HS
Corning HS (AR)
Corning HS (CA)
Corning HS (IA)
Corning HS (NY)
Corning North Side HS (NY)
Corning Northside HS (NY)
Corning Professionals (NY)
Cornwall Heights HS (NY)
Cornwall HS (NY)
Cornwall on Hudson HS (NY)
Corona AC (CA)
Corona HS (CA)
Coronado Amphibious (CA)
Coronado HS (CA)
Coronal Institute (TX)
Corpus Christi HS (TX)
Corpus Christi JC (TX)
Corpus Christi NAS (TX)
Correctionville HS (IA)
Corry Field (FL)
Corry HS (PA)
Corsic Home
Corsicana HS (TX)
Cortez HS (CO)
Cortez Town Team (CO)
Cortland All-Stars (NY)
Cortland Central HS (NY)
Cortland HS (NY)
Cortland HS (OH)
Cortland YMCA (NY)
Corvallis HS (OR)
Corydon HS (IA)
Corydon HS (IN)
Corydon HS (KY)
Coshocton AC (OH)
Coshocton HS (OH)
Cosmopolitan (NY) 
Coster Industrial School
Cotier HS
Cotillion Club
Cotner (NE)
Cotner Alumni (NE)
Cotner JV (NE)
Cottage Club
Cottage Grove All-Stars (OR)
Cottage Grove HS (OR)
Cottage Place
Cotter HS
Cotton City AC
Cotton Plant HS (AR)
Cotulla HS (TX)
Coudersport HS (PA)
Coulter Memorial School (SC)
Council Bluffs HS (IA)
Country Day School
Country Day School (MA)
Country Day School (MO)
Country Day School (NS)
Country Day School (WI)
County Agriculture School
Coupeville HS (WA)
Courtland AC
Courtland HS (KS)
Courtland HS (VA)
Covina HS (CA)
Covington (VA)
Covington AC (TN)
Covington County HS (AL)
Covington HS
Covington HS (KY)
Covington HS (TN)
Covington HS (VA)
Covington Scotts (KY)
Covington YMCA (KY)
Cowley County JC (KS)
Cowley HS (WY)
Cox School
Cozad HS (NE)
Craddock HS
Crafton HS (PA)
Craggencroft School (MN)
Craig Field (AL)
Crane JC (IL)
Crane Manual Training School (IL)
Cranston HS (RI)
Crasho AC (CT)
Crawford County HS (KS)
Crawford HS (NE)
Crawfordsville AC (IN)
Crawfordsville Company M (IN)
Crawfordsville HS (IN)
Credendas Football Club
Creighton (NE)
Creighton Academy
Creighton Alumni (NE)
Creighton Freshmen (NE)
Creighton HS (NE)
Creighton Medical College (NE)
Crescent AC
Crescent AC (MO)
Crescent AC of Harlem (NY)
Crescent AC Reserves (NY)
Crescent Club
Crescent Hill AC
Crescents AC
Crescents of Mott Haven (NY)
Cresco HS (IA)
Cresline Military Academy
Cresson All-Stars (PA)
Cresson HS (PA)
Crestline City Team (OH)
Crestline HS (OH)
Creston HS (IA)
Creston JC (IA)
Crestwood AC
Crete HS (NE)
Crete Town Team (NE)
Crete YMCA (NE)
Cretin HS
Crimson Tide
Cripple Creek HS (CO)
Croft JC
Crofton HS
Crofton HS (NE)
Crookston Experimental Research Farm (MN)
Crookston HS (MN)
Crosby HS
Crosby HS (CT)
Crosby HS (MN)
Crosby HS (ND)
Crosby Ironton HS (MN)
Crossett HS (AR)
Crowell Hose Company (CO)
Crowley HS (LA)
Crown (MN)
Crown Point AA
Crown Point AC (IN)
Crown Point HS (IN)
Crystal Club (CA)
Crystal Lake HS (IL)
Cuba City HS (WI)
Cuba HS (IL)
Cuba HS (NY)
Cuba HS Alumni (NY)
Cuban AC (Cuba)
Cuero HS (TX)
Cullman County HS (AL)
Cullman Giants (AL)
Cullman HS (AL)
Cullom HS (IL)
Cullum Hall (NY)
Culver Military Academy (IN)
Culver-Stockton (MO)
Culver-Stockton JV (MO)
Cumberland (KY)
Cumberland (TN)
Cumberland C.A.
Cumberland HS
Cumberland HS (MD)
Cumberland HS (RI)
Cumberland HS (WI)
Cumberland JV (KY)
Cumberland JV (TN)
Cummings Street HS
Cumnock Military Academy (CA)
Cunningham HS (KS)
Curry (MA)
Curry JV (MA)
Curtis Bay Coast Guard (MD)
Curtis Evening HS (NY)
Curtis HS (NY)
Curtis HS Alumni (NY)
Curtiss Aeroplane Plant
Curtuss CC
Curwensville HS (PA)
Cushing Academy (MA)
Cushing Academy JV (MA)
Cushing HS (OK)
Cushman Indian School (WA)
Custer HS (WA)
Cutler Academy
Cutler School (NY)
Cuyahoga Falls AC (OH)
Cuyahoga Falls HS (OH)
Cynthiana (IN)
Cynthiana HS (KY)
Cypress HS
Cypress JC (CA)
Cyrene Collegiate Institute (GA)
Dahlonega HS (GA)
Dakota St. (SD)
Dakota St. JV (SD)
Dakota Wesleyan (SD)
Dakota Wesleyan JV (SD)
Dale Academy
Dale County HS (AL)
Dalhart AAF (TX)
Dalhart HS (TX)
Dallas (TX)
Dallas AC (TX)
Dallas Academy
Dallas Alumni (TX)
Dallas Bryan HS (TX)
Dallas Center HS (IA)
Dallas City HS (IL)
Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Heavyweights (TX)
Dallas HS
Dallas HS (OR)
Dallas HS (SD)
Dallas HS (TX)
Dallas Medical (TX)
Dallas NAS (TX)
Dallas Oak Cliff HS (TX)
Dallas Tin Stars (TX)
Dallas Town Team (TX)
Dallas West HS (TX)
Dalton AA (PA)
Dalton AC (MA)
Dalton HS (MA)
Dana (NE)
Dana JV (NE)
Danbury HS (CT)
Daniel Baker (TX)
Daniel Baker Alumni (TX)
Daniel Baker Freshmen (TX)
Daniel Field (GA)
Daniel Payne College (AL)
Danielson AC (CT)
Dansville HS (NY)
Danvers HS (MA)
Danville AC (IN)
Danville HS (IL)
Danville HS (KY)
Danville HS (PA)
Danville HS (VA)
Danville Military Institute (VA)
Danville School (VA)
Darby HS (PA)
Darby HS Alumni (PA)
Dardanelle HS (AR)
Darlington AC (IN)
Darlington HS (SC)
Darlington HS (WI)
Darlington Prep
Darlington Prep School (GA)
Dartmouth (NH)
Dartmouth Freshmen (NH)
Dartmouth HS (MA)
Dartmouth JV (NH)
Dartmouth Student Army Trg Corps (NH)
Davenport AC (WA)
Davenport Battery B (IA)
Davenport Chiropractors (IA)
Davenport College
Davenport HS (IA)
Davenport HS (WA)
Davenport HS Alumni (IA)
David City HS (NE)
Davidson (NC)
Davidson B Team (NC)
Davidson Freshmen (NC)
Davidson Medical School (NC)
Davis & Elkins (WV)
Davis & Elkins JV (WV)
Davis AA
Davis City HS (IA)
Davis County HS (UT)
Davis HS
Davis HS (WV)
Davis Military School (NC)
Davis Training
Dawson County HS (MT)
Dawson HS
Dawson HS (MN)
Dawson Springs HS (KY)
Dayton (OH)
Dayton AC (OH)
Dayton Alumni (OH)
Dayton Bombers (OH)
Dayton HS (ID)
Dayton HS (KY)
Dayton HS (OH)
Dayton HS (TN)
Dayton HS (TX)
Dayton JV (OH)
Dayton Naval (OH)
Dayton Rhea HS (TN)
Dayton Saint Mary's HS (OH)
Dayton Shamrocks (OH)
Dayton South HS (OH)
Dayton Steele HS (OH)
Dayton Stivers Manual Training HS (OH)
Dayton YMCA (OH)
Daytona AC (FL)
Dayville AC
De Anza JC (CA)
De La Rosas HS
De La Salle Institute (IL)
De La Salle Institute Alumni (IL)
De Leon HS (TX)
De Pere East HS (WI)
De Pere HS (WI)
De Smet HS (SD)
De Soto AC (MO)
De Vaux College
Deadwood HS (SD)
Deadwood HS B Team (SD)
Deadwood Town Team (SD)
Deaf & Dumb Institute
Deaf & Dumb Institute (NC)
Deaf Mutes
Dean Academy (MA)
Dean Academy JV (MA)
Dean JC (MA)
Decatur Baptist College (TX)
Decatur Central HS JV (IL)
Decatur HS (GA)
Decatur HS (IL)
Decatur HS (IN)
Decatur HS (MI)
Decatur HS (TX)
Decatur HS Alumni (MI)
Decatur Roosevelt HS (IL)
Decherd HS (TN)
Deckert Cubs
Decorah HS (IA)
Dedham HS (MA)
Deer Creek HS (IL)
Deer Park HS (WA)
Deer River HS (MN)
Deerfield Academy (MA)
Deerfield HS (IL)
Deerfield Shields HS (IL)
Deerfield Shields HS Alumni (IL)
Deering HS
Defender AC
Defiance (OH)
Defiance HS (OH)
Defiance HS Alumni (OH)
Defiance JV (OH)
DeKalb All-Stars (IL)
DeKalb HS (IL)
Del Mar JC (TX)
Del Mar Marines (CA)
Del Monte Pre-Flight (CA)
Del Norte HS (CO)
Del Norte Union HS (CA)
Del Rio HS (TX)
DeLancey School (PA)
DeLancey School Alumni (PA)
DeLancey School JV (PA)
Delano HS (CA)
DeLaSalle HS
DeLaSalle HS (IL)
DeLaSalle Institute (NY)
Delavan Deaf & Dumb Institute (WI)
Delaware Alumni
Delaware B Team
Delaware City HS (DE)
Delaware Field Club
Delaware Freshmen
Delaware Gamecocks
Delaware HS (OH)
Delaware HS (OK)
Delaware Sophomores
Delaware St.
Delaware Valley (PA)
Delaware Valley JV (PA)
Delcambre Academy (LA)
Delgado Trade (LA)
Delhi HS (LA)
Delphos HS (OH)
Delray HS
Delta AC
Delta HS (CO)
Delta HS (IA)
Delta St. (MS)
Demellis HS
Deming HS (NM)
Deming University Team (NM)
Demopolis A.S.
Demopolis HS (AL)
Denison (OH)
Denison Athletic
Denison Club Team (OH)
Denison HS (IA)
Denison HS (TX)
Denison JV (OH)
Denison Normal and Business College (IA)
Denison Triangles (OH)
Denning HS
Denora HS
Denton HS (TX)
Denver (CO)
Denver AC (CO)
Denver Alumni (CO)
Denver City College (CO)
Denver East HS (CO)
Denver Freshmen (CO)
Denver HS (CO)
Denver JV (CO)
Denver Manual HS (CO)
Denver North HS (CO)
Denver South HS (CO)
Denver University Preps
Denver West HS (CO)
Denver Wheel Club (CO)
Denver YMCA (CO)
DePaul (IL)
DePaul Academy (IL)
DePauw (IN)
DePauw Alumni (IN)
DePauw Freshmen (IN)
Depew HS (NY)
Deportivo Club
Deportivo Suizo
Depot Bridge (RI)
Dept of Agriculture
DeQuincy HS (LA)
Derby HS (CT)
DeRidder HS (LA)
Derma HS (MS)
Dermott HS (AR)
Derry HS (PA)
Des Moines (IA)
Des Moines AC (IA)
Des Moines Catholic HS (IA)
Des Moines East HS (IA)
Des Moines East HS Alumni (IA)
Des Moines HS (IA)
Des Moines North HS (IA)
Des Moines Roosevelt HS (IA)
Des Moines West HS (IA)
Des Moines YMCA (IA)
Des Plaines HS (IL)
DeSales (OH)
Detroit (MI)
Detroit AC (MI)
Detroit AC Reserves (MI)
Detroit Alumni (MI)
Detroit Bible Institute (MI)
Detroit Business University (MI)
Detroit Cass Tech (MI)
Detroit Central HS (MI)
Detroit College of Law (MI)
Detroit College of Medicine (MI)
Detroit Eastern HS (MI)
Detroit Freshmen (MI)
Detroit Heralds (MI)
Detroit HS (MI)
Detroit HS (MN)
Detroit Independents AC (MI)
Detroit JV (MI)
Detroit Lions
Detroit Monroe HS (MI)
Detroit Naval Reserves (MI)
Detroit Naval Station (MI)
Detroit Northeastern HS (MI)
Detroit Northeastern HS Alumni (MI)
Detroit Northern HS (MI)
Detroit Northwestern HS (MI)
Detroit Police (MI)
Detroit School for Boys (MI)
Detroit School for the Deaf (MI)
Detroit Southeastern HS (MI)
Detroit Southwestern HS (MI)
Detroit Tech (MI)
Detroit University School (MI)
Detroit Western HS (MI)
Detroit Wolverine Club (MI)
Detroit YMCA (MI)
DeVeaux College (NY)
Devens (MA)
Devils Lake HS (ND)
Devils Lake JC (ND)
Devine HS (TX)
Devitt Prep School (DC)
Devlin AA
Devlin Business College (MI)
Devol American Legion (OK)
Devol HS (OK)
Dewey HS (OK)
Dewitt Clinton HS (NY)
DeWitt HS (AR)
DeWitt HS (IA)
DeWitt T.T.
Dexter Academy (ME)
Dexter HS (IA)
Dexter HS (NY)
Diablo Valley JC (CA)
Diamond Butchers
Diamond Hill
Diavola Club
Dickinson (PA)
Dickinson County HS (KS)
Dickinson Freshmen (PA)
Dickinson HS (ND)
Dickinson JV (PA)
Dickinson Law School (PA)
Dickinson Prep School
Dickinson Sophomores (PA)
Dickinson St. (ND)
Dick's AC
Dickson HS (TN)
Dillard (LA)
Dillon HS (MT)
Dillon HS (SC)
Dillonvale HS (OH)
Dinuba HS (CA)
Dinuba HS JV (CA)
District of Columbia (DC)
District of Columbia Teachers (DC)
Divernon HS (IL)
Division IA All-Stars
Division III All-Stars
Dixie (TN)
Dixie (TX)
Dixie JC (UT)
Dixie JC Alumni (UT)
Dixie St. (UT)
Dixon (IL)
Dixon HS (IL)
Doane (NE)
Doane Academy (OH)
Doane Alumni (NE)
Doane Freshmen (NE)
Doane JV (NE)
Dobbs Ferry FC (NY)
Dodge Center HS (MN)
Dodge City CC (KS)
Dodge City HS (KS)
Dodge Light Guard (IA)
Dodge Light Guards
Dodgeville HS (WI)
Doe Run HS (MO)
Doland HS (SD)
Dolgeville HS (NY)
Dominican Union
Don Juan Society Club (TX)
Donaconast HMSC
Donaldson Military Academy (NC)
Donaldson School (MD)
Donaldsonville HS (LA)
Donnellson HS (IA)
Donora HS (PA)
Donora Independents (PA)
Doolittle School (IL)
Dorchester Academy
Dorchester Academy (GA)
Dorchester HS (MA)
Dordt College (IA)
Dormont HS (PA)
Dos Palos HS (CA)
Dothan HS (AL)
Dothan HS Alumni (AL)
Doty HS (WA)
Douglas AAF (AZ)
Douglas Center
Douglas HS (AZ)
Douglas HS (GA)
Douglas HS (WY)
Douglas Institute (VA)
Douglas School
Douglas YMCA (AZ)
Douglas YMCA JV (AZ)
Douglass HS
Dover AA (NH)
Dover AFB (DE)
Dover Conference Academy (DE)
Dover HS (DE)
Dover HS (NH)
Dover HS (NJ)
Dover HS Alumni (NJ)
Dover HS JV (NJ)
Dover YMCA (NH)
Dover-Foxcroft AA (ME)
Dow City HS (IA)
Dowagiac HS (MI)
Downers Grove AC (IL)
Downers Grove HS (IL)
Downey HS (CA)
Downingtown Club (PA)
Downingtown HS (PA)
Downingtown Industrial School (PA)
Downs HS (KS)
Downs TT (KS)
Downsville HS (NY)
Doylestown HS (PA)
Dr. Holbrook's Military Academy (NY)
Dr. Holbrook's Military Academy Alumni (NY)
Dr. Holbrook's Military Academy JV (NY)
Drake (IA)
Drake AC
Drake Alumni (IA)
Drake Athletics
Drake College
Drake Freshmen (IA)
Drake JV (IA)
Draughon College
Draughons Business College (AR)
Drayton HS (ND)
Drew Field (FL)
Drew HS (MS)
Drexel Institute (PA)
Drexel Institute Alumni (PA)
Drexel Institute Freshmen (PA)
Drexel Institute JV (PA)
Druid Outing Club
Drum Hill HS (NY)
Drum Hill HS Alumni (NY)
Drumright HS (OK)
Drury (MO)
Drury Academy
Drury Academy (MA)
Drury HS (MA)
Dryden AC (NY)
Dryden Academy (NY)
Du Quoin HS (IL)
Dublin HS (GA)
Dublin Institute
DuBois Car Shop (PA)
DuBois HS (PA)
DuBois HS Alumni (PA)
Dubuque (IA)
Dubuque AC (IA)
Dubuque Academy
Dubuque Freshmen (IA)
Dubuque HS (IA)
Dubuque HS B Team (IA)
Dubuque JV (IA)
Dubuque Legion (IA)
Duffs Institute
Dufur HS (OR)
Dugway Proving Grounds (UT)
Duke (NC)
Duke Club Team (NC)
Duke Freshmen (NC)
Duke HS
Duke JV (NC)
Duke Prep
Duluth Cathedral HS (MN)
Duluth Cathedral HS Alumni (MN)
Duluth Central HS (MN)
Duluth Central HS Alumni (MN)
Duluth College All-Stars (MN)
Duluth Cont.
Duluth Denfeld HS (MN)
Duluth Denfeld HS Alumni (MN)
Duluth HS (MN)
Duluth HS JV (MN)
Duluth JC (MN)
Dumham's B.L.
Dumont HS (NJ)
Dunbar (AR)
Dunbar HS
Dunbar HS (PA)
Dunbar HS (WV)
Dunbar JC (AR)
Duncan Field (TX)
Dundee AC
Dundee HS
Dundee HS (IL)
Dundee HS (MI)
Dunham's Boys Latin School (PA)
Dunkirk AC (NY)
Dunkirk All-Stars (NY)
Dunkirk Giants
Dunkirk HS (NY)
Dunkirk Imperials (NY)
Dunmore HS (PA)
Dunmore Shops
Dunn HS (NC)
Dunwoody College of Tech. (MN)
DuPont Academy
DuPont HS (WA)
Dupont Manual Training HS (KY)
Duquesne (PA)
Duquesne AC (PA)
Duquesne Academy
Duquesne Apprentice School (PA)
Duquesne Freshmen (PA)
Duquesne HS (PA)
Duquesne Tech
Durand AC
Durango C.C.C.
Durango HS (CO)
Durant AC
Durant HS (MS)
Durant HS (OK)
Durfee School
Durfee Textile School (MA)
Durham HS (CA)
Durham HS (NC)
Durham JC (NC)
Durham Raiders (NC)
Durham University
Durham YMCA (NC)
Duryea Pros
Dwight HS (IL)
Dwight Indians
Dwight School (NY)
Dyers School
Dyersburg HS (TN)
E.D. Mil. HS
E.L. Grays
Eagar Round Valley HS (AZ)
Eagle Grove HS (IA)
Eagle Grove JC (IA)
Eagle Lake
Eagle Mount Marines
Eagle Pass HS (TX)
Eagle Social Club
Earl HS
Earlham (IN)
Earlham HS (IA)
Earlham JV (IN)
Earlington HS (KY)
Easley HS
East All-Stars
East Aurora HS (NY)
East Bank HS (WV)
East Bethlehem
East Boston HS (MA)
East Carolina (NC)
East Carolina Football Club (NC)
East Carolina Freshmen (NC)
East Carolina JV (NC)
East Carroll HS (LA)
East Central (OK)
East Central B Team (OK)
East Central JC (MS)
East Chicago AC (IN)
East Chicago HS (IN)
East Cleveland HS (OH)
East Cleveland Shaw HS (OH)
East Cleveland Tech HS (OH)
East Coast Prep (MA)
East Dallas AC (TX)
East End AA
East End Scholastic
East Florida Seminary
East Grand Forks HS (MN)
East Greenville HS (PA)
East Greenwich AC (RI)
East Greenwich Academy (RI)
East Hampton HS (NY)
East Hennepin Merchants
East JC
East Lansing HS (MI)
East Lib. Academy
East Liberty Academy (PA)
East Lincoln AA (NE)
East Liverpool AC (OH)
East Liverpool HS (OH)
East Liverpool Independents (OH)
East Los Angeles City College (CA)
East Mississippi JC
East Orange Alumni (NJ)
East Orange Boys HS (NJ)
East Orange Field Club (NJ)
East Orange HS (NJ)
East Orange HS Alumni (NJ)
East Orange HS JV (NJ)
East Orange Poly Prep (NJ)
East Palestine HS (OH)
East Pembroke HS (NY)
East Rochester
East Saint Louis HS (IL)
East Saint Louis HS Alumi (IL)
East Saint Louis Lincoln HS (IL)
East Side AC (WI)
East Stoudsbury-V
East Stroudsburg (PA)
East Stroudsburg Freshmen (PA)
East Stroudsburg JV (PA)
East Syracuse AA (NY)
East Team
East Tennessee St.
East Tennessee St. JV
East Texas Baptist
East Texas Baptist JV
East Troy AC (WI)
East Valley Ravens (AZ)
East Washington Amateurs FBC (DC)
East Washington Orients FBC (DC)
Eastburn Academy (PA)
Eastern Arizona JC (AZ)
Eastern Army All-Stars
Eastern College (VA)
Eastern College JV (VA)
Eastern Connecticut St.
Eastern HS
Eastern Illinois
Eastern Illinois JV
Eastern Kentucky
Eastern Kentucky Freshmen
Eastern Maine Conference Seminary (ME)
Eastern Michigan
Eastern Michigan Alumni
Eastern Michigan B Team
Eastern New Mexico
Eastern Oklahoma St.
Eastern Oregon
Eastern Oregon Alumni
Eastern Prep
Eastern Utah
Eastern Washington
Eastern Washington Juniors
Eastern Washington Juniors/Seniors
Easthampton HS (MA)
Eastman Business College (NY)
Eastman College (TX)
Eastman Tigers (GA)
Easton AC (PA)
Easton Business College (PA)
Easton Catholic HS (PA)
Easton College (PA)
Easton HS (CA)
Easton HS (MD)
Easton HS (PA)
Easton HS Alumni (PA)
Eastside JC Bulldogs (WA)
Eastwood AC
Eaton HS (CO)
Eaton Rapids HS (MI)
Eau Claire HS (WI)
Ebensburg HS (PA)
Eckersall Team (IL)
Eclectic M.C.
Edenton Flyers (NC)
Edenton HS (NC)
Edeson HS
Edgar School
Edgberts HS
Edgefield HS (SC)
Edgemont HS (SD)
Edgerton HS (WI)
Edgewood Arsenal (MD)
Edgewood HS (PA)
Edi'n Dr. School
Edinboro (PA)
Edinboro HS Alumni (PA)
Edinburg JC (TX)
Edison AC (NJ)
Edison Drafting School
Edison HS
Edison Park HS
Edisto HS
Edmond HS (OK)
Edmonds HS (WA)
Edmonton AAB (AB)
Edmonton AC (AB)
Edmonton Canucks (AB)
Edmonton Civics (AB)
Edmonton Eskimos (AB)
Edmonton HS (AB)
Edmonton HS Grads (AB)
Edmonton Huskies (AB)
Edmonton Jr All-Stars (AB)
Edmonton Jr Maple Leafs (AB)
Edmonton Old Timers (AB)
Edmonton Rams (AB)
Edmonton Wildcats (AB)
Edna HS (KS)
Edon HS (OH)
Education Home (PA)
Edward Waters (FL)
Edwards AFB (CA)
Edwards Military Institute (NC)
Edwardsville HS (IL)
Edwardsville HS (PA)
Effingham HS (IL)
Effingham HS (KS)
Egg Harbor City HS (NJ)
Egg Harbor HS (NJ)
Eglin AAB (FL)
El Camino College (CA)
El Centro Central HS (CA)
El Centro Central HS Alumni (CA)
El Centro JC (CA)
El Dorado County HS (CA)
El Dorado HS (AR)
El Dorado HS (KS)
El Dorado JC (AR)
El Dorado JC (KS)
El Monte HS (CA)
El Paso AC (TX)
El Paso All-Stars (TX)
El Paso Com. Cl. (TX)
El Paso Garden Grocers (TX)
El Paso HS (IL)
El Paso HS (TX)
El Paso JC (TX)
El Paso Military Institute (TX)
El Paso National Guard (TX)
El Paso YMCA (TX)
El Reno HS (OK)
El Toro JC (CA)
El Toro Marines (CA)
Elba HS (AL)
Elberton HS (GA)
Elbridge AA (NY)
Eldersridge Academy
Eldora AC (IA)
Eldora HS (IA)
Eldora Indian School (IA)
Eldorado HS
Eldorado HS (IL)
Eldoro Trade
Eldred HS (NY)
Eldridge JC (AL)
Electra HS (TX)
Electrical School
Elgin AA (IL)
Elgin Academy (IL)
Elgin Field
Elgin HS (IA)
Elgin HS (IL)
Elgin HS (TX)
Elgin Junior College (IL)
Elgin YMCA (IL)
Elida City Team (OH)
Elizabeth AC (NJ)
Elizabeth City Cardinals (NC)
Elizabeth City HS (NC)
Elizabeth City St. (NC)
Elizabeth City Tigers (NC)
Elizabeth HS
Elizabeth HS (NJ)
Elizabeth Training School
Elizabeth YMCA (NJ)
Elizabethtown (PA)
Elizabethtown HS (KY)
Elizabethville HS (PA)
Elk HS (WA)
Elk Point HS (SD)
Elk River HS (MN)
Elkader JC (IA)
Elkhart AC (IN)
Elkhart Business College (IN)
Elkhart HS (IN)
Elkhart HS (KS)
Elkhorn HS (WI)
Elkins All-Stars (WV)
Elkins HS (WV)
Elkins HS Alumni (WV)
Elkins Independents (WV)
Elks Field Club
Elkton AC (MD)
Elkton HS (KY)
Elkton HS (MD)
Elkton HS (TN)
Ellensburg HS (WA)
Ellensburg Town Team (WA)
Ellerbe HS (NC)
Ellicott City HS (MD)
Ellington AFB (TX)
Elliott Business College (WV)
Elliott HS (IA)
Elliott's Business College (IA)
Ellis HS (KS)
Ellisville HS (MS)
Ellisville Jones County HS (MS)
Ellsworth CC (IA)
Ellsworth HS (KS)
Ellsworth HS (WI)
Ellwood City HS (PA)
Ellwood HS (PA)
Elm Club
Elm Grove Tigers (WV)
Elma HS (WA)
Elmer HS (NJ)
Elmhurst (IL)
Elmhurst HS (IL)
Elmhurst JV (IL)
Elmira AA (NY)
Elmira Free Academy (NY)
Elmira Heights
Elmira HS (NY)
Elmire AC (NY)
Elmore HS (MN)
Elmwood AC
Elmwood HS (IL)
Elon (NC)
Elon Freshmen (NC)
Elon JV (NC)
Elroy HS (WI)
Elsie Giants (MI)
Elsmere Academy (DE)
Elvaston HS (IL)
Elverson AC (PA)
Elwood AC (IN)
Elwood City
Elwood HS (IN)
Ely HS (MN)
Ely JC (MN)
Elyria HS (OH)
Emerald AA
Emerson Academy
Emerson Alumni
Emerson Institute (DC)
Emerson Junior
Emerson School
Emery HS
Eminence AC (KY)
Eminence HS (KY)
Emmaus AA (PA)
Emmaus Field Club (PA)
Emmerick Manual Training HS (IN)
Emmetsburg HS (IA)
Emmetsburg JC (IA)
Emmetsburg Saint Mary's HS (IA)
Emmett HS (ID)
Emmetts Square AC
Emory & Henry (VA)
Emory & Henry Freshmen (VA)
Emory & Henry JV (VA)
Empire Township HS
Emporia HS (KS)
Emporia HS (VA)
Emporia St. (KS)
Emporia St. Freshmen (KS)
Emporia St. JV (KS)
Emporium HS (PA)
Enderlin HS (ND)
Endico HS
Endicott AA (NY)
Endicott College (MA)
Endicott HS (WA)
Endicott Union American Legion (NY)
Endicott Union HS (NY)
England HS (AR)
Englewood A.
Englewood AC
Englewood AC (MT)
Englewood AC (NJ)
Englewood Football Club (NJ)
Englewood HS (CO)
Englewood HS (NJ)
Englewood YMCA (IL)
Enhaut HS
Enid HS (OK)
Enl. Mechanica Training School
Ennis HS (TX)
Ensley All-Collegians
Ensley HS (AL)
Ensworth Medical College (KS)
Enterprise HS (AL)
Enterprise HS (KS)
Enterprise HS (OR)
Entre Nous AA (NJ)
Enumclaw AC (WA)
Enumclaw HS (WA)
Enumclaw HS Alumni (WA)
Ephraim HS (UT)
Ephrata HS (PA)
Ephrata HS (WA)
Epiphany AC
Episcopal Academy (PA)
Episcopal HS (PA)
Epsilon Phi Frat.
Erie AC (PA)
Erie Academy (PA)
Erie Central HS (PA)
Erie East HS (PA)
Erie HS (PA)
Erie HS Alumni (PA)
Erie Independents (PA)
Erie JC (NY)
Erie YMCA (PA)
Erlanger HS (KY)
Erskine (SC)
Erskine Freshmen (SC)
Erskine JV (SC)
Erwin HS (TN)
Esbon HS (KS)
Escanaba HS (MI)
Escondido HS (CA)
Essex County Agriculture School (MA)
Essex Fells Kingsley School (NJ)
Essex HS (IA)
Essex Independents
Estacada HS (OR)
Estherville HS (IA)
Estherville JC (IA)
Etna HS (PA)
Eton Alumni (England)
Etowah County HS (AL)
Euchee Indian School (OK)
Euclid Central HS (OH)
Eufaula HS (AL)
Eufaula HS (OK)
Eugene HS (OR)
Eupora HS (MS)
Eureka (IL)
Eureka AC
Eureka B Team (IL)
Eureka HS
Eureka HS (CA)
Eureka HS (IL)
Eureka HS (KS)
Eureka HS (UT)
Eureka Normal
Eureka Town Team (KS)
Eureka Training School
Eureka Wildcats (CA)
Evander Childs HS (NY)
Evangel (MO)
Evangel JV (MO)
Evangelical Luther (WI)
Evans City HS (PA)
Evanston AA (IL)
Evanston Academy (IL)
Evanston Farmers (IL)
Evanston HS (IL)
Evanston HS (WY)
Evanston North Ends (IL)
Evansville (IN)
Evansville Bosse HS (IN)
Evansville Catholic School (IN)
Evansville Central HS (IN)
Evansville Crescent AC (IN)
Evansville HS (IL)
Evansville HS (IN)
Evansville HS (WI)
Evansville JV (IN)
Evansville Rietz (IN)
Eveleth HS (MN)
Eveleth JC (MN)
Everett AC (WA)
Everett HS (MA)
Everett HS (PA)
Everett HS (WA)
Everett HS Alumni (WA)
Everett HS JV (WA)
Everett JC (WA)
Everett JC Red Raiders (WA)
Everett Ramblers (WA)
Evergreen HS
Ewing AC (PA)
Ewing College (IL)
Excelsior AC (MO)
Excelsior HS (MN)
Excelsior Springs AA (MO)
Excelsior Springs HS (MO)
Exeter HS
Exeter HS (CA)
Exira HS (IA)
Exline HS (IA)
F. E. Allen
F.W. Parker
Fair Haven HS (VT)
Fairbank HS (IA)
Fairbanks Vocation School
Fairbury AC (IL)
Fairbury HS (IL)
Fairbury HS (NE)
Fairbury JC (NE)
Fairfax HS (CA)
Fairfax HS (MO)
Fairfax HS (OK)
Fairfield (CT)
Fairfield HS (CT)
Fairfield HS (IA)
Fairfield HS (IL)
Fairfield HS (NE)
Fairfield Military Academy
Fairfield-Suisun AAB (CA)
Fairhaven HS
Fairhaven HS (MA)
Fairhope HS (AL)
Fairland HS (IN)
Fairleigh Dickinson-Madison (NJ)
Fairleigh Dickinson-Madison JV (NJ)
Fairleigh Dickinson-Teaneck (NJ)
Fairmont East Side HS (WV)
Fairmont HS (MN)
Fairmont HS (WV)
Fairmont Industrial
Fairmont St. (WV)
Fairmount Academy (IN)
Fairmount Academy Alumni (IN)
Fairport HS (NY)
Fairview HS
Fairview HS (KS)
Fairview HS (NJ)
Fairview HS (OK)
Fairview HS (WV)
Fairview Training School (TN)
Faith Baptist Christian Academy (GA)
Falconer HS (NY)
Falk Corp.
Fall River
Fall River Durfee HS (MA)
Fall River HS (MA)
Fall River Tech (MA)
Fall River Town Tean (MA)
Fallbrooke N
Fallon HS (NV)
Falls City HS (NE)
Falls Creek
Falmouth HS (MA)
Fanwood Deaf School (NY)
Fanwood Field Club
Far Rockaway HS (NY)
Fargo American Legion (ND)
Fargo College (ND)
Fargo HS (ND)
Faribault HS (MN)
Farm School
Farmer City HS (IL)
Farmer City HS Alumni (IL)
Farmington AC (MO)
Farmington All-Stars (MO)
Farmington HS (KY)
Farmington HS (ME)
Farmington HS (MN)
Farmington HS (MO)
Farmington HS (NM)
Farmville HS (VA)
Farnam HS (NE)
Farnum Prep
Farragut Club
Farragut HS (IA)
Farragut Navy (ID)
Farrell HS (PA)
Faulkner (AL)
Fayette City
Fayette County HS (TN)
Fayette HS
Fayette HS (AL)
Fayette HS (IA)
Fayetteville HS (AR)
Fayetteville HS (GA)
Fayetteville HS (NC)
Fayetteville St. (NC)
Feather River College (CA)
Federal AC
Federal City (DC)
Felinos (Mexico)
Felton AC
Fenger HS
Fennimore HS (WI)
Fenton HS (MI)
Fenwood AC
Fergus County HS (MT)
Fergus Falls AC (MN)
Fergus Falls HS (MN)
Fergus Falls JC (MN)
Ferguson AC (MO)
Ferguson HS (MO)
Ferndale HS (CA)
Ferndale HS (WA)
Ferrell's Academy
Ferris St. (MI)
Ferrum (VA)
Ferrum JC (VA)
Ferrum JC JV (VA)
Ferrum JV (VA)
Fessenden Academy (FL)
Field Artillery (HI)
Field Artillery School
Field Service
Fifth Ward AC
Filer AA (ID)
Filer HS (ID)
Fillmore HS (CA)
Fillmore HS (UT)
Findlay (OH)
Findlay HS (IL)
Findlay HS (OH)
Findlay JV (OH)
Findlay YMCA (OH)
Finlandia (MI)
First Illinois Field Hospital Corps
Firth HS (ID)
Fishburne Military School (VA)
Fisk (TN)
Fitchburg AA (MA)
Fitchburg HS (MA)
Fitchburg St. (MA)
Fitchburg YMCA (MA)
Fitler School
Fitzgerald & Clark (TN)
Fitzgerald HS (GA)
Fitzsimmons AB
Five Points All-Stars
Flagstaff All-Stars (AZ)
Flagstaff HS (AZ)
Flandreau HS (SD)
Flandreau Indian School (SD)
Flandreau Town Team (SD)
Flat River JC (MO)
Flatonia HS (TX)
Fleet Air Station (CA)
Fleet City USNTDC (CA)
Fleet School
Fleming HS (CO)
Flemington HS (NJ)
Fletcher General Hospitol (OH)
Fletcher Memorial (NC)
Flint Central HS (MI)
Flint Central HS Alumni (MI)
Flint HS (MI)
Flint JC (MI)
Flora HS (IL)
Flora HS (MS)
Florala HS (AL)
Florence AC
Florence AC (NJ)
Florence All-Stars (AL)
Florence HS (CO)
Florence HS (KS)
Florence HS (NJ)
Florence HS (SC)
Florence Independents (SC)
Florence State Normal HS (AL)
Floresville HS (TX)
Florida A&M
Florida A&M JV
Florida Agriculture College
Florida All-Stars
Florida Atlantic
Florida Baptist College (FL)
Florida Christian Prep Academy
Florida Freshmen
Florida International
Florida JC
Florida JV
Florida Memorial College
Florida Military Academy
Florida Military College
Florida Military Team
Florida N&I
Florida Southern
Florida Southern Freshmen
Florida Southern JV
Florida St.
Florida St. College
Florida St. Freshmen
Florida St. JV
Florida Tech
Flushing Collegians (OH)
Flushing HS (MI)
Flushing HS (NY)
Flushing HS (OH)
Flushing HS Alumni (NY)
Flushing Institute
Flying Cadets
Follansbee HS (WV)
Fond du Lac AC (WI)
Fond du Lac HS (WI)
Fond Du Lac Tribal And CC (MN)
Fond du Lac YMCA (WI)
Fonda HS (IA)
Fonda HS (NY)
Fonda Town Team (IA)
Fonn School
Foothill College (CA)
Ford City Athletics (PA)
Ford City HS (PA)
Ford Island (HI)
Ford Legion (KS)
Fordham (NY)
Fordham Freshmen (NY)
Fordham JV (NY)
Fordham Prep (NY)
Ford-Kilvington HS (TN)
Fordyce HS (AR)
Fore River Apprentice School (MA)
Forest City HS (IA)
Forest Grove AC (OR)
Forest Grove HS (OR)
Forest Hill
Forest Hill FC
Forest HS
Forest Lake HS (MN)
Forest Park School
Forestville AC
Forgan HS (OK)
Fork Union Military Academy (VA)
Formosa HS
Forney HS (TX)
Forrest AC
Forrest City HS (AR)
Forrest HS (IL)
Forsyth HS (MT)
Fort Adams (RI)
Fort Andrews
Fort Atkinson HS (WI)
Fort Atkinson HS Alumni (WI)
Fort Baker (CA)
Fort Baldwin (ME)
Fort Barancas
Fort Belvoir (VA)
Fort Benning - 124th Infantry (GA)
Fort Benning - 176th Infantry (GA)
Fort Benning - 300th Infantry (GA)
Fort Benning - 3rd Infantry (GA)
Fort Benning - 4th Infantry (GA)
Fort Benning (GA)
Fort Benning Armor (GA)
Fort Benning Engineers (GA)
Fort Benning Infantry (GA)
Fort Benning Infantry School (GA)
Fort Benning Rec. Center (GA)
Fort Bliss - 13th Field Artillery (TX)
Fort Bliss - 18th Field Artillery (TX)
Fort Bliss - 34th Infantry (TX)
Fort Bliss - 7th Cavalry (TX)
Fort Bliss - 82nd Field Artillery (TX)
Fort Bliss (TX)
Fort Bliss 5th Calvary (TX)
Fort Bliss All-Stars (TX)
Fort Bliss Aviation Corps (TX)
Fort Bliss Base Hospital (TX)
Fort Bliss Motor Transport (TX)
Fort Bragg (NC)
Fort Bragg Ordnance (NC)
Fort Bragg Union HS
Fort Bragg Union HS Alumni
Fort Brown (TX)
Fort Campbell (KY)
Fort Carson (CO)
Fort Clark (TX)
Fort Collins HS (CO)
Fort Cronkhite (CA)
Fort Crook (NE)
Fort Dade Army Team (FL)
Fort Des Moines (IA)
Fort Devens - Picked Team (MA)
Fort Devens (MA)
Fort Devens, Company L (MA)
Fort Dix - 307th Field Artillery (NJ)
Fort Dix - 309th Infantry (NJ)
Fort Dix - 311th Infantry (NJ)
Fort Dix - Picked Team (NJ)
Fort Dix (NJ)
Fort Dodge HS (IA)
Fort Dodge JC (IA)
Fort Douglas (UT)
Fort Douglas, 16th Regiment (UT)
Fort DuPont (DE)
Fort Edward HS (NY)
Fort Edwards
Fort Ethan Allen (VT)
Fort Eustis (VA)
Fort Flagler
Fort George G Meade - 314th Infantry (MD)
Fort George G Meade (MD)
Fort Grant (AZ)
Fort Greble (RI)
Fort Hall Indian School (ID)
Fort Hamilton (NY)
Fort Hamilton Cricket Club
Fort Hancock (NJ)
Fort Harrison (IN)
Fort Hays St. (KS)
Fort Hays St. JV (KS)
Fort Hood - 628th Tank Division (TX)
Fort Hood - 776th Tank Division (TX)
Fort Hood - North (TX)
Fort Hood - South (TX)
Fort Hood (TX)
Fort Howard (MD)
Fort Huachuca (AZ)
Fort Humphrey (VA)
Fort Jackson (SC)
Fort Kearney
Fort Knox (KY)
Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale (FL)
Fort Lawton (WA)
Fort Leavenworth (KS)
Fort Leonard Wood (MO)
Fort Lewis (CO)
Fort Lewis (WA)
Fort Logan (CO)
Fort Logan Medics (CO)
Fort Lupton HS (CO)
Fort Lyon HS (CO)
Fort MacArthur (CA)
Fort MacArthur (TX)
Fort MacDowell (CA)
Fort Madison HS (IA)
Fort Mansfield (RI)
Fort McClelland (AL)
Fort McDowell Marines
Fort McIntosh - Company A (TX)
Fort McIntosh - Company B (TX)
Fort McIntosh - Company C (TX)
Fort McIntosh - Company H (TX)
Fort McIntosh - Company K (TX)
Fort McIntosh - Company L (TX)
Fort McIntosh - Headquarters Company (TX)
Fort McIntosh - Machine Gun Company (TX)
Fort McKinley (ME)
Fort McPherson (GA)
Fort McPherson NCOs (GA)
Fort Meade (SD)
Fort Meyer
Fort Miley (CA)
Fort Missoula (MT)
Fort Mitchell
Fort Monmouth (NJ)
Fort Monroe (VA)
Fort Morgan (AL)
Fort Morgan HS (CO)
Fort Moultrie (SC)
Fort Myer (VA)
Fort Myers
Fort Myers HS (FL)
Fort Niagara (NY)
Fort Oglethorpe (GA)
Fort Omaha (NE)
Fort Omaha Balloon School (NE)
Fort Ontario (NY)
Fort Ord (CA)
Fort Pierce (FL)
Fort Pierre HS (SD)
Fort Pierre Town Team (SD)
Fort Plain HS (NY)
Fort Plain YMCA (NY)
Fort Porter (NY)
Fort Preble (ME)
Fort Reno (OK)
Fort Revere
Fort Riley (KS)
Fort Riley CRTC (KS)
Fort Riley Medics (KS)
Fort Roots (AR)
Fort Ruger (HI)
Fort Russell (WY)
Fort Sam Houston (TX)
Fort Sam Houston Hospital (TX)
Fort Scott (CA)
Fort Scott CC (KS)
Fort Scott HS (KS)
Fort Scott YMCA (KS)
Fort Screven (GA)
Fort Shafter (HI)
Fort Shaw Indian School (MT)
Fort Sheridan (IL)
Fort Sill (OK)
Fort Sill 19th Squadron (OK)
Fort Sill, Battery B (OK)
Fort Sill, Battery E (OK)
Fort Slocum (NY)
Fort Smith HS (AR)
Fort Smith JC (AR)
Fort Smith Lincoln HS (AR)
Fort Snelling - 36th Machine Gun Company (MN)
Fort Snelling - 36th Regiment All-Stars (MN)
Fort Snelling - All-Star Medics (MN)
Fort Snelling - Company A, 36th Infantry (MN)
Fort Snelling - Company C, 36th Infantry (MN)
Fort Snelling - Company D, 36th Infantry (MN)
Fort Snelling - Company E, 36th Infantry (MN)
Fort Snelling - Company G, 36th Infantry (MN)
Fort Snelling - Company K, 36th Infantry (MN)
Fort Snelling - Company M, 36th Infantry (MN)
Fort Snelling (MN)
Fort Steilacoom (WA)
Fort Stevens (OR)
Fort Story (VA)
Fort Strong
Fort Thomas (KY)
Fort Totten (NY)
Fort Trumbull
Fort Valley St. (GA)
Fort Wadsworth (NY)
Fort Walla Walla (WA)
Fort Wardon
Fort Warren (MA)
Fort Warren (WY)
Fort Washington Post
Fort Wayne Central HS (IN)
Fort Wayne Club (IN)
Fort Wayne HS (IN)
Fort Wayne Medical (IN)
Fort Wayne Southside HS (IN)
Fort Wayne YMCA (IN)
Fort Wetherill (RI)
Fort Williams (ME)
Fort Worden (WA)
Fort Wordon (WA)
Fort Wort Command Skymasters
Fort Worth (TX)
Fort Worth AC (TX)
Fort Worth Central HS (TX)
Fort Worth Heavyweights (TX)
Fort Worth HS (TX)
Fort Worth North HS (TX)
Fort Worth Poly HS (TX)
Fort Worth YMCA (TX)
Fort Wright
Fortress Mon.
Fortuna HS (CA)
Forty Fort HS (PA)
Fosston HS (MN)
Fostoria HS (OH)
Fountain City
Fowler HS (CA)
Fowler HS (CO)
Fowler School
Fowlerton HS (IN)
Fox AC
Fox Lake HS (WI)
Fox River AA
Foxboro HS (MA)
Foxcraft HS
Foxcroft Academy (ME)
F'r Pl'y AC
Frackville HS (PA)
Framingham HS (MA)
Framingham South HS (MA)
Framingham St. (MA)
Framingham St. JV (MA)
Francis Parker Academy
Frank. Central HS
Frankford AA (PA)
Frankford HS (PA)
Frankford Yellow Jackets
Frankfort AC (KY)
Frankfort AC (PA)
Frankfort HS
Frankfort HS (IN)
Frankfort HS (KS)
Frankfort HS (KY)
Frankfort HS (NY)
Frankfort HS (OH)
Frankfort Town Team (KS)
Frankfort West HS (IL)
Frankfort YMCA (KY)
Franklin & Marshall (PA)
Franklin & Marshall Academy (PA)
Franklin & Marshall Academy Alumni (PA)
Franklin & Marshall Academy B Team (PA)
Franklin & Marshall B Team (PA)
Franklin & Marshall Freshmen (PA)
Franklin & Marshall Scrub Team (PA)
Franklin (Baltimore)
Franklin (IN)
Franklin (OH)
Franklin AC (NJ)
Franklin AC (OH)
Franklin AC (PA)
Franklin Academy (NE)
Franklin Academy (NY)
Franklin Alumni (IN)
Franklin Collegians
Franklin County Agriculture School (MS)
Franklin HS
Franklin HS (IL)
Franklin HS (KY)
Franklin HS (LA)
Franklin HS (NC)
Franklin HS (NH)
Franklin HS (PA)
Franklin HS (VA)
Franklin Institute
Franklin Pirates
Franklin Preparatory School (OH)
Franklin Scholastics (PA)
Franklin Vocational
Franklin YMCA (KY)
Franklin YMCA (PA)
Franklinton HS (LA)
Franktown HS (VA)
Frederic HS (WI)
Frederick (VA)
Frederick AC (MD)
Frederick HS (MD)
Frederick HS (OK)
Frederick JC (MD)
Frederick YMCA (MD)
Fredericksburg College (VA)
Fredericksburg Collegians (VA)
Fredericksburg HS (TX)
Fredericksburg HS (VA)
Fredericksburg N&I (VA)
Fredericktown HS (MO)
Fredericktown HS (OH)
Fredonia HS (KS)
Fredonia HS (NY)
Freed-Hardeman (TN)
Freedom (FL)
Freedom HS (PA)
Freehold HS (NJ)
Freehold HS JV (NJ)
Freeland HS (PA)
Freeland Mining and Mechanical (PA)
Freemansburg HS (PA)
Freemont Crescents
Freemont HS
Freeport AA (IL)
Freeport HS
Freeport HS (IL)
Freeport HS (NY)
Freeport HS (PA)
Fremont Ammuntion
Fremont HS (IA)
Fremont HS (MI)
Fremont HS (NE)
Fremont HS (OH)
Fremont HS Alumni (MI)
Fremont HS Alumni (OH)
French American
French Camp Academy (MS)
French Lick HS (IN)
French-American College (MA)
Freshman Hall
Fresno American Legion (CA)
Fresno City College (CA)
Fresno HS (CA)
Fresno St. (CA)
Fresno St. Freshmen (CA)
Fresno St. JV (CA)
Fresno Tech HS (CA)
Friars Club (IL)
Friars Point HS (MS)
Friars Team (IN)
Friends (KS)
Friends Academy
Friends Central School (PA)
Friends Central School Alumni (PA)
Friends HS
Friends JV (KS)
Friends School
Friends School (RI)
Friends Select School
Friendship AC (NY)
Friendship JC (SC)
Frostburg Beall HS (MD)
Frostburg HS (MD)
Frostburg St. (MD)
Frostburg St. JV (MD)
Fruita HS (CO)
Fruitland HS
Fryeburg HS (ME)
Ft. Mon. A.S.
Fullerton College (CA)
Fullerton HS (CA)
Fulton AC
Fulton Athletics
Fulton Aviators
Fulton Eagles (MO)
Fulton HS (KY)
Fulton HS (MO)
Fulton HS (NY)
Fultons of Mott haven
Furman (SC)
Furman Freshmen (SC)
Furman JV (SC)
G. P. Military institute
G.I. Training Camp
Gadsden Disque HS (AL)
Gadsden Independents (AL)
Gaffney HS (SC)
Gainesville AC (FL)
Gainesville Guards (FL)
Gainesville HS (FL)
Gainesville HS (GA)
Gainesville HS (TX)
Gainesville JC (TX)
Gainesville YMCA (TX)
Galena HS (KS)
Galena HS (OH)
Galesburg HS (IL)
Galeton HS (PA)
Galileo HS
Galion HS (OH)
Gallatin County HS (MT)
Gallatin HS (MO)
Gallatin HS (TN)
Gallatin Private Institute
Gallaudet (DC)
Gallaudet B Team (DC)
Gallaudet Sophomores (DC)
Gallipolis HS (OH)
Galloping Gaels
Galt HS (CA)
Galva HS (IL)
Galveston AAF (TX)
Galveston Ball HS (TX)
Galveston Hurricanes (TX)
Galveston YMCA (TX)
Gannon (PA)
Garden City Air Service Depot (NY)
Garden City Aviation (NY)
Garden City HS (MO)
Garden City JC (KS)
Garden Grove HS (CA)
Garden Grove HS (IA)
Gardena Agriculture HS (CA)
Gardena HS (CA)
Gardiner HS (ME)
Gardner AC (MA)
Gardner HS (MA)
Gardner T. AC (MA)
Gardner YMCA (MA)
Gardnerville HS (NV)
Gardner-Webb (NC)
Gardner-Webb JC (NC)
Garfield AC
Garfield HS
Garfield HS (NJ)
Garneau HS
Garnett HS (KS)
Garretson HS (SD)
Garrett HS (IN)
Garrettsville HS (OH)
Gary AC (MN)
Gary Emerson HS (IN)
Gary Froebel HS (IN)
Gary HS (IN)
Gary HS (WV)
Gary JC (IN)
Gary Steel Works (IN)
Gates Academy
Gates College (IA)
Gattaca Prep (NJ)
Gavilan College (CA)
Gaylord AC (MI)
Geary HS
Geatman HS
Geddes HS (SD)
Geiger AFB (WA)
Gem City Business College (IL)
General Electric Apprentice
General Electric Tech
General Headquarters (Chaumont)
General Motors Tech (MI)
General Tehological Seminary (NY)
General Theological Seminary College (NY)
Genesee Wesleyan Academy (NY)
Geneseo HS (IL)
Geneseo HS (NY)
Geneva (PA)
Geneva AA (NY)
Geneva AC (IL)
Geneva AC (NY)
Geneva Alumni (PA)
Geneva County HS (AL)
Geneva HS
Geneva HS (IL)
Geneva HS (NE)
Geneva HS (NY)
Geneva HS (OH)
Geneva HS Alumni (NY)
Geneva JV (PA)
Geneva WS
Genoa Indian School (NE)
George Field (IL)
George Fox (OR)
George Junior Republic
George Junior Republic B Team
George Mason (VA)
George Peabody (TN)
George School (PA)
George Smith College (MO)
George Washington
George Washington (DC)
George Washington Freshmen (DC)
George Washington HS (NY)
Georgetown (DC)
Georgetown (KY)
Georgetown AC (KY)
Georgetown B Team (DC)
Georgetown Freshmen (DC)
Georgetown Freshmen (KY)
Georgetown HS
Georgetown HS (IL)
Georgetown HS (KY)
Georgetown HS (TX)
Georgetown JV (DC)
Georgetown JV (KY)
Georgetown Prep School (MD)
Georgia B Team
Georgia Cadets
Georgia Freshmen
Georgia Medical College
Georgia Military Academy (GA)
Georgia Military College
Georgia Navy Pre-Flight
Georgia Pkd. T.
Georgia Prep Sports Adademy
Georgia Southern
Georgia Southwestern St.
Georgia St.
Georgia St. Club Team
Georgia Tech
Georgia Tech Freshmen
Georgia Tech JV
Gering HS (NE)
Germantown Academy (PA)
Germantown Friends School (PA)
Germantown HS (PA)
Germantown YMCA (PA)
Gerstmeyer HS (IN)
Gettysburg (PA)
Gettysburg Academy (PA)
Gettysburg B Team (PA)
Gettysburg Freshmen (PA)
Gettysburg HS (OH)
Gettysburg HS (PA)
Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary College (PA)
Gettysburg Prep (PA)
Gettysburg Town
Gibbs HS
Gibraltar AC (DC)
Gibson City AC (IL)
Gibson City HS (IL)
Gibson-Mercer Academy (GA)
Giddings HS (TX)
Gilbert Agriculture HS (LA)
Gilbert HS (MN)
Gillespie HS (IL)
Gillespie Normal School (GA)
Gillette HS (WY)
Gilman Country School (MD)
Gilman HS (IL)
Gilmartin Tigers
Gilmer HS (TX)
Gilroy HS (CA)
Gilroy HS Alumni (CA)
Gilt Edge
Girard AA (KS)
Girard College School (PA)
Girard HS (IL)
Girard HS (KS)
Girard HS (OH)
Girard HS (PA)
Gladstone HS (MI)
Gladwin HS (MI)
Glasco AA (KS)
Glasgow HS (KY)
Glassboro HS (NJ)
Glassboro HS Alumni (NJ)
Glassport HS (PA)
Glen Carbon AC (IL)
Glen Cove HS (NY)
Glen Ellyn HS (IL)
Glen Mills School (PA)
Glen Nor HS (PA)
Glen Ridge HS (NJ)
Glenbard HS
Glencoe HS (MN)
Glendale AC
Glendale CC (CA)
Glendale HS
Glendale HS (AZ)
Glendale HS (CA
Glendale JC (AZ)
Glendive HS (MT)
Glenmora HS (LA)
Glenn AC (MN)
Glenn County HS (CA)
Glenpool HS (OK)
Glenrock HS (WY)
Glens Falls HS (NY)
Glenview NAS (IL)
Glenville HS
Glenville St. (WV)
Glenwood HS (IA)
Glenwood HS (MN)
Glenwood HS Alumni (MN)
Glenwood HS JV (MN)
Glenwood Springs HS (CO)
Glidden HS (IA)
Globe Institute of Technology (NY)
Globe-Miami Sting (AZ)
Gloucester AC (MA)
Gloucester HS (MA)
Gloucester HS (NJ)
Gloversville HS (NY)
Gloversville HS Alumni (NY)
Goat Island Navy
Goddard Seminary (VT)
Goddard Seminary JV (VT)
Godding JC
Godman Field (KY)
Goehring AC
Gogebic JC (MI)
Golden Coast All-Stars
Golden HS
Golden HS (CO)
Golden Valley Lutheran College (MN)
Golden West JC (CA)
Goldendale HS (WA)
Goldsboro HS (NC)
Goldsmith HS (IN)
Goleta Marines (CA)
Gonzaga (WA)
Gonzaga AC
Gonzaga Alumni (WA)
Gonzaga Freshmen (WA)
Gonzaga HS
Gonzaga Junior Year Abroad (WA)
Gonzaga JV (WA)
Gonzales HS (TX)
Goodfellows AFB
Gooding (ID)
Gooding HS (ID)
Goodland HS (IN)
Goodman Agriculture HS (MS)
Goodnight College (TX)
Goose Creek HS
Gordon (GA)
Gordon FC
Gordon HS (NE)
Gordon JV (GA)
Goshen (IN)
Goshen HS (IN)
Goshen HS (NY)
Goshen HS Alumni (NY)
Gosport HS (IN)
Gothenburg HS (NE)
Gouverneur AA (NY)
Gouverneur HS (NY)
Gov. St. AC
Government Aero School
Governor Dummer Academy (MA)
Governor's Island
Gowanda HS (NY)
Gowen Field (ID)
Grace AA
Graceland (IA)
Graceland JV (IA)
Grafenwohr Military
Grafton AC (WV)
Grafton Alumni (WV)
Grafton HS
Grafton HS (ND)
Grafton HS (WV)
Grafton Mechanical
Graham JC (MA)
Grahm Junior College (MA)
Grambling St. (LA)
Granada HS (CO)
Grand County HS (UT)
Grand Forks American Legion (ND)
Grand Forks City
Grand Forks HS (MN)
Grand Forks HS (ND)
Grand Haven HS (MI)
Grand Haven HS JV (MI)
Grand Haven Independents (MI)
Grand Island Business College (NE)
Grand Island College (NE)
Grand Island HS (NE)
Grand Junction HS (CO)
Grand Ledge HS (MI)
Grand Meadow HS (MN)
Grand Prairie NAS (TX)
Grand Prairie Seminary (IL)
Grand Rapids (MI)
Grand Rapids AC (MI)
Grand Rapids Alumni (MI)
Grand Rapids Catholic Central HS (MI)
Grand Rapids Central HS (MI)
Grand Rapids Central HS Alumni (MI)
Grand Rapids Howe HS (MI)
Grand Rapids HS (MI)
Grand Rapids HS (MN)
Grand Rapids HS (WI)
Grand Rapids Independents (MI)
Grand Rapids JC (MI)
Grand Rapids M.C.
Grand Rapids South HS (MI)
Grand Rapids Thunder
Grand Rapids Union HS (MI)
Grand Rapids Union HS Alumni (MI)
Grand Rapids Veterinary (MI)
Grand Rapids Vocational School (MI)
Grand Rapids YMCA (MI)
Grand River College (MO)
Grand Valley St. (MI)
Grand Valley St. JV (MI)
Grand View College (IA)
Grand View College JV (IA)
Grandfield HS (OK)
Grandview HS (OH)
Grandview HS (WA)
Grandville HS (MI)
Granger HS (TX)
Granger HS (WA)
Granite City
Granite City HS (IL)
Granite Falls HS (WA)
Granite HS (UT)
Grant (GA)
Grant HS (IA)
Grant HS (MI)
Grant Tech (CA)
Grant Vocational School (IA)
Grants Pass HS (OR)
Grantsburg HS (WI)
Grantsville HS (UT)
Granville AC (OH)
Granville DB
Granville HS (NY)
Grass Valley HS (CA)
Gray All-Stars
Gray Military Academy (SC)
Graymont AC (GA)
Grays Harbor JC (WA)
Grayson College (TX)
Great Bend AAB (KS)
Great Bend HS (KS)
Great Falls AAB (MT)
Great Falls HS (MT)
Great Falls Team (MT)
Great Lakes A.M.
Great Lakes NTS - 12th Regiment (IL)
Great Lakes NTS - 3rd Regiment (IL)
Great Lakes NTS - Radio School (IL)
Great Lakes NTS - Regiment Team (IL)
Great Lakes NTS (IL)
Great Lakes NTS JV (IL)
Great Neck HS (NY)
Great Plains Athletic Conference Seniors
Great Western Investment (TX)
Greeley HS (CO)
Greeley Industrial School (CO)
Green Bay AC (WI)
Green Bay Business College (WI)
Green Bay East HS (WI)
Green Bay HS (WI)
Green Bay Packers
Green Bay West HS (WI)
Green City HS (MO)
Green Lake
Green Mountain JC (VT)
Green Mountain Pros
Green River CC (WA)
Green River HS (UT)
Green River HS (WY)
Green River Prep (WA)
Green River Union Pacific (UT)
Green Team
Greenbrier Military Academy (WV)
Greene HS (NY)
Greene University School (AL)
Greeneville HS (TN)
Greenfield AC (IL)
Greenfield AC (MA)
Greenfield HS (IA)
Greenfield HS (IL)
Greenfield HS (IN)
Greenfield HS (MA)
Greenfield HS (OH)
Greenfield HS (TN)
Greenfield HS Alumni (OH)
Greenfield Training School (TN)
Greenpoint AC (NY)
Greensboro (NC)
Greensboro AA (NC)
Greensboro AAB (NC)
Greensboro HS (NC)
Greensburg AA (PA)
Greensburg HS (KS)
Greensburg HS (PA)
Greensburg Seminary (PA)
Greenville (IL)
Greenville AAB (SC)
Greenville AC (MS)
Greenville AC (PA)
Greenville Club (IN)
Greenville HS
Greenville HS (AL)
Greenville HS (IL)
Greenville HS (IN)
Greenville HS (KY)
Greenville HS (ME)
Greenville HS (MI)
Greenville HS (MS)
Greenville HS (NC)
Greenville HS (OH)
Greenville HS (PA)
Greenville HS (TN)
Greenville HS (TX)
Greenville HS Alumni (PA)
Greenville Independents (MS)
Greenville Junction HS (ME)
Greenville Military Academy (MS)
Greenville Sports Academy
Greenville Tech (SC)
Greenville Titans (SC)
Greenville YMCA (PA)
Greenway HS (MN)
Greenwich HS (CT)
Greenwich HS (NY)
Greenwich HS (OH)
Greenwood HS (AR)
Greenwood HS (MS)
Greer College (IL)
Gregory HS (SD)
Greigsville HS (NY)
Grenada HS (MS)
Grenier Base
Grenville HS (NM)
Gresham HS (OR)
Greybull HS (WY)
Greylock Institute (MA)
Gridley HS (CA)
Gridley HS (IL)
Griffin HS (GA)
Griffith Institute
Griffithsville Duval HS (WV)
Griffithsville HS (WV)
Grinnell (IA)
Grinnell Academy (IA)
Grinnell Alumni
Grinnell Freshmen (IA)
Grinnell HS (IA)
Grinnell JV (IA)
Grizzly Bears
Groff School (NY)
Grosse Ile NAS (MI)
Grossmont CC (CA)
Grossmont HS
Groton AA (NY)
Groton HS (NY)
Groton HS (SD)
Groton School (MA)
Groton School B Team (MA)
Grove City (PA)
Grove City College All-Stars (PA)
Grove City Freshmen (PA)
Grove City HS (PA)
Grove City HS Alumni (PA)
Grove City JV (PA)
Grove Hill HS (AL)
Groveland HS (NY)
Groveport HS (OH)
Groveton HS (NH)
Guadalajara (Mexico)
Guadelupe College
Guelph FBC (ON)
Guilford (NC)
Guilford Club (MD)
Guilford HS (ME)
Guilford JV (NC)
Gulch Independents
Gulf Coast Military Academy (MS)
Gulf HS
Gulfport AAF (MS)
Gulfport HS (MS)
Gulfport NAS (MS)
Gunnery School (CT)
Gunnison HS (CO)
Guntersville HS (AL)
Gunton Temple Church (DC)
Gustavus Adolphus (MN)
Gustavus Adolphus Alumni (MN)
Gustavus Adolphus Freshmen (MN)
Gustavus Adolphus JV (MN)
Gutchess Business College (MI)
Guthrie Center HS (IA)
Guthrie HS (OK)
Guthrie Town Team (OK)
Guymon HS (OK)
Guymon Legion (OK)
Gwinn Legion
Gwynola AC
Gypsum HS (CO)
H.I. Parochial
Hackensack HS (NJ)
Hackensack HS Alumni (NJ)
Hackensack Oritani Field Club (NJ)
Hackettstown CC
Hackettstown HS (NJ)
Hackettstown HS JV (NJ)
Hackettstown Military Academy (NJ)
Hackettstown Seminary (NJ)
Hackley School (NY)
Haddon Heights HS (NJ)
Haddon Heights HS Alumni (NJ)
Haddonfield AC (NJ)
Haddonfield HS (NJ)
Haddonfield HS Alumni (NJ)
Hadsley HS
Hagerstown HS (MD)
Hagerstown YMCA (MD)
Hagerville RCAF
Hahnemann Medical College (IL)
Hahnemann Medical College (PA)
Hahnemann Prep
Haines Institute (GA)
Hall HS
Hall Institute
Hall Township
Hall-Moody Institute (TN)
Hallock HS (MN)
Hallowell HS (ME)
Halls HS (TN)
Halstead F.C.
Hamburg AC
Hamburg HS (AR)
Hamburg HS (IA)
Hamburg HS (NY)
Hamburg HS Alumni (IA)
Hamburg HS Alumni (NY)
Hamiliton AFB (CA)
Hamilton (NY)
Hamilton AC
Hamilton AC (NY)
Hamilton AC (OH)
Hamilton AFB (CA)
Hamilton Agriculture School (AL)
Hamilton Fish All-Stars
Hamilton Freshmen (NY)
Hamilton HS
Hamilton HS (IL)
Hamilton HS (NY)
Hamilton HS (OH)
Hamilton Institute (NY)
Hamilton JV (NY)
Hamilton Navy
Hamilton Prep
Hamlet HS (NC)
Hamline (MN)
Hamline Alumni (MN)
Hamline B Team (MN)
Hamline Freshmen (MN)
Hamline Medical School (MN)
Hammond C.A.C.
Hammond HS (IN)
Hammond HS (LA)
Hammond HS (WI)
Hammond Maroons
Hammond Tech (IN)
Hammond West HS (IN)
Hammonton AA (NJ)
Hammonton HS (NJ)
Hammonton HS Alumni (NJ)
Hampden-Sydney (VA)
Hampden-Sydney Freshmen (VA)
Hampden-Sydney JV (VA)
Hampton (VA)
Hampton AC (VA)
Hampton Academy (NH)
Hampton Freshmen (VA)
Hampton HS (IA)
Hampton HS (NJ)
Hampton HS (VA)
Hampton JV (VA)
Hampton Roads 5th Naval District (VA)
Hampton Roads CC (VA)
Hampton Roads NTS (VA)
Hamtramck HS (MI)
Hancock HS (MI)
Hancock HS (MN)
Hand Pickup Eleven (NJ)
Handley HS (VA)
Hanford HS (CA)
Hannibal AC (MO)
Hannibal HS (MO)
Hannibal-LaGrange (MO)
Hanover (IN)
Hanover HS (PA)
Hanover JV (IN)
Hanover Township
Hanscom AFB (MA)
Hanson's Military Academy (IL)
Harbison JC (SC)
Hardin HS (MO)
Harding (AR)
Hardinsburg HS (KY)
Hardin-Simmons (TX)
Hardin-Simmons Freshmen (TX)
Hardin-Simmons JV (TX)
Hardy HS (NE)
Harford Bulkeley HS (CT)
Harford CC (MD)
Hargadine McKittrick
Hargrave Military Academy (VA)
Hargrove College (OK)
Harlan HS (IA)
Harlan HS (KY)
Harlem AC (NY)
Harlem Catholic Club (NY)
Harlem Con.
Harlowton HS (MT)
Harmony Community School (OH)
Harriman HS (TN)
Harrington HS (WA)
Harris AC (MA)
Harris JC (MS)
Harrisburg AC (PA)
Harrisburg Academy (PA)
Harrisburg All-Stars (AR)
Harrisburg Central HS (PA)
Harrisburg Central HS JV (PA)
Harrisburg Cricket FBC (PA)
Harrisburg Gym School (PA)
Harrisburg HS (IL)
Harrisburg HS (PA)
Harrisburg Tech HS (PA)
Harrisburg Tech JV (PA)
Harrisburg Training HS (PA)
Harrisburg West End HS (PA)
Harrisburg YMCA (PA)
Harrison HS
Harrison Stone Academy (MS)
Harrison Tech
Harrisonburg HS (VA)
Harrisonville HS (MO)
Harrisville HS (PA)
Harrodsburg HS (KY)
Harrodsburg Team (KY)
Harry Hillman Academy (PA)
Harstrom School
Hart HS (MI)
Hartford (CT)
Hartford AC (IL)
Hartford AC (MI)
Hartford All-Stars (CT)
Hartford City
Hartford City HS (IN)
Hartford HS (AL)
Hartford HS (CT)
Hartford HS (MI)
Hartford HS (WI)
Hartford HS Alumni (CT)
Hartford Tigers AC (CT)
Hartington HS (NE)
Hartland Academy (ME)
Hartnell JC (CA)
Hartselle HS (AL)
Hartsville AC (TN)
Hartsville HS (SC)
Hartsville HS (TN)
Hartwell AC
Hartwell HS (GA)
Hartwick (NY)
Hartwick Freshmen (NY)
Hartwick JV (NY)
Harvard (MA)
Harvard AA (IL)
Harvard Alumni (MA)
Harvard and Yale Alumni
Harvard Freshmen (MA)
Harvard HS (IL)
Harvard HS (NE)
Harvard Juniors (MA)
Harvard JV (MA)
Harvard Law School (MA)
Harvard Military School (CA)
Harvard Military School B Team (CA)
Harvard Navy Radio School (MA)
Harvard Prep School (IL)
Harvard School for Boys (CA)
Harvard Sophomores (MA)
Harvard, Princeton, and Yale Alumni
Harvey HS (IL)
Has Beens
Hasbrouck Heights HS (NJ)
Hasbrouke Institute (NJ)
Haskell A&M (OK)
Haskell Indian Nations (KS)
Haskell Indian Nations JV (KS)
Hastings (NE)
Hastings B Team (NE)
Hastings HS (MI)
Hastings HS (MN)
Hastings HS (NE)
Hastings Law College (CA)
Hastoc school
Hattiesburg Boy Scouts (MS)
Hattiesburg HS (MS)
Havana AC (Cuba)
Havana AC (IL)
Havana HS (AR)
Havana HS (IL)
Havana University (Cuba)
Havelock HS
Haven HS (KS)
Haven Institute (MS)
Haverford (PA)
Haverford College Grammer School (PA)
Haverford College Grammer School JV (PA)
Haverford HS (PA)
Haverford HS Alumni (PA)
Haverford JV (PA)
Haverford Township HS (PA)
Haverhill AC (MA)
Haverhill CC
Haverhill HS (MA)
Haverhill Saint James HS (MA)
Haviland Academy (KS)
Havre de Grace HS (MD)
Hawaii 49ers
Hawaii All-Stars
Hawaii Alumni
Hawaii Army
Hawaii Bears
Hawaii Colts
Hawaii Marines
Hawaii National Guard
Hawaii Rams
Hawaiian AC
Hawaiian All-Stars
Hawaiian Mid-Pacific Commandos
Hawaiian Pine
Hawarden HS (IA)
Hawkeye HS (IA)
Haxtun HS (CO)
Hayfield HS (MN)
Haynesville HS (LA)
Hays City AC (KS)
Hays City AC JV (KS)
Hays HS (KS)
Hayward HS (CA)
Hazleton HS (PA)
Headland HS (AL)
Headquarters Team, Little Building
Healani AC (HI)
Hearn Academy
Hearne HS (TX)
Heart of America Athletic Conference Seniors
Heathcote HS (NY)
Heavener HS (OK)
Hebron Academy (ME)
Hebron Academy JV (ME)
Hebron HS (NE)
Hebron JC (NE)
Hector HS (MN)
Hedding (IL)
Hedrick HS (IA)
Heffley School of Commerce (NY)
Heffron HS
Hegewisch AC
Heidelberg (OH)
Heidelberg JV (OH)
Heidenfeldt Institute
Helena AC (MT)
Helena All-Stars (MT)
Helena HS (AR)
Helena HS (MT)
Helena HS (OK)
Hellertown HS (PA)
Helper HS (UT)
Hempstead HS (NY)
Hempstead HS Alumni (NY)
Henderson AC
Henderson HS (KY)
Henderson HS (NC)
Henderson HS (TX)
Henderson Institute (NC)
Henderson JC (TX)
Henderson St. (AR)
Henderson St. JV (AR)
Hendersonville HS (NC)
Hendrix (AR)
Hendrix College Academy (AR)
Hendrix JV (AR)
Henly AA
Henry AC
Henry College (TX)
Henry HS (IL)
Henryetta HS (OK)
Hercules AC
Hereford Town Team (TX)
Herico Military Academy (Mexico)
Herington Field (KS)
Herington HS (KS)
Herkimer AC (NY)
Herkimer HS (NY)
Hermiston HS (OR)
Hernando HS (FL)
Heroico Militar
Herrick HS (SD)
Herrin HS (IL)
Herrington HS
Hershey AC (PA)
Hershey Mens Club (PA)
Hershey YMCA (PA)
Hertford HS (NC)
Hiawatha AA (KS)
Hiawatha HS
Hiawatha HS (KS)
Hibbing HS (MN)
Hibbing JC (MN)
Higgins Classical Institute (ME)
Higginsville HS (MO)
High Bridge HS (NJ)
High Falls Club
High Point (NC)
High Point HS (NC)
High Point Independents (NC)
High Point JV (NC)
High School
High School All-Stars
High School Alumni
Highland (KS)
Highland AC
Highland Academy
Highland Avenue HS (AL)
Highland Falls HS (NY)
Highland Falls Tigers (NY)
Highland JC (KS)
Highland Military Academy (MA)
Highland Park (IA)
Highland Park Freshmen (IA)
Highland Park HS
Highland Park HS (IL)
Highland Park HS (MI)
Highland Park JC (MI)
Highland Park School
Highland Prep School
Highland Views
Highlands HS
Highline HS
Highspire AC (PA)
Hildorfer AC
Hill Field (UT)
Hill Military Academy (OR)
Hill School (PA)
Hill School Alumni (PA)
Hill School B Team (PA)
Hillsboro HS (IL)
Hillsboro HS (KS)
Hillsboro HS (ND)
Hillsboro HS (OH)
Hillsboro HS (TX)
Hillsboro JC (TX)
Hillsdale (MI)
Hillsdale AC (MI)
Hillsdale HS (MI)
Hillsdale JV (MI)
Hillside School
Hilmar HS (CA)
Hilton AC
Hinckley HS (IL)
Hinds County Agriculture School (MS)
Hinds JC (MS)
Hindsboro HS (IL)
Hingham HS (MA)
Hingham NTS - Ammunition Depot (MA)
Hingham NTS (MA)
Hinsdale AC (IL)
Hinsdale Community HS (IL)
Hinsdale HS (IL)
Hinsdale HS Alumni (IL)
Hinton HS (WV)
Hiram (OH)
Hiram HS (OH)
Hiram JV (OH)
Hiram Scott (NE)
Hitchcock Military Academy (CA)
Hiwassee College (TN)
Hobart (NY)
Hobart AC
Hobart Alumni (NY)
Hobart Freshmen (NY)
Hobart HS (OK)
Hobart JV (NY)
Hobbs AAF (NM)
Hoboken AC (NJ)
Hoboken HS (NJ)
Hoboken NTS (NJ)
Hoboken Stevens Prep HS (NJ)
Hoboken West HS (NJ)
Hodgenville AC (KY)
Hodgenville HS (KY)
Hoerstrum HS
Hofstra (NY)
Hofstra Freshmen (NY)
Hoge Academy (VA)
Hoisington HS (KS)
Hoitts Academy (CA)
Holbrook HS (AZ)
Holden Select Team
Holdenville HS (OK)
Holderness Academy
Holderness HS (NH)
Holdrege HS (NE)
Holidaysburg YMCA
Holland HS (MI)
Holland Independents (MI)
Hollidaysburg HS (PA)
Hollis AC
Hollis FC
Hollister HS (CA)
Hollister JC (CA)
Holly HS (CO)
Holly Springs AC (MS)
Hollywood Bears
Hollywood Med.
Hollywood Rangers
Holmes Business College (OR)
Holmes JC (MS)
Holton College (KS)
Holton HS (KS)
Holtville HS (CA)
Holy Angels College
Holy Angels College JV
Holy Cross (MA)
Holy Cross AC (IL)
Holy Cross B Team (MA)
Holy Cross Club
Holy Cross Freshmen (MA)
Holy Cross Prep
Holy Cross Team
Holy Inf. Par.
Holy Infancy
Holy Redeemer Greys (MI)
Holy Rosary
Holy Trinity
Holyoke AC (MA)
Holyoke Churchills (MA)
Holyoke HS (CO)
Holyoke HS (MA)
Holyoke YMCA (MA)
Homer HS (IL)
Homer HS (LA)
Homer HS (MI)
Homer Military Academy
Homer Village
Homestead AC
Homestead AC (PA)
Homestead AFB (FL)
Homestead HS (PA)
Hondo AAF (TX)
Hondo All-Stars (TX)
Hondo HS (TX)
Honea Path HS (SC)
Honesdale AC (PA)
Honey Grove HS (TX)
Honolulu AC (HI)
Honolulu All-Stars (HI)
Honolulu HS (HI)
Honolulu Kamehameha HS (HI)
Honolulu Kamehameha HS Alumni (HI)
Honolulu McKinley HS (HI)
Honolulu McKinley HS Alumni (HI)
Honolulu Olympic Club (HI)
Honolulu Saint Louis HS Alumni (HI)
Honolulu Town Team (HI)
Hononegah Community HS (IL)
Hood River HS (OR)
Hooker HS (OK)
Hooper HS (CO)
Hoopeston HS (IL)
Hoosac School (NY)
Hoosick Falls HS (NY)
Hoosick HS (NY)
Hope (MI)
Hope HS (AR)
Hope HS (RI)
Hope Street HS (RI)
Hopewell HS (NJ)
Hopewell HS (VA)
Hopkins A.S.T.P. Unit
Hopkins Academy (CA)
Hopkins Grammar School (CT)
Hopkins HS (MN)
Hopkins Prep (CT)
Hopkinsville HS (KY)
Hopkinton School (MA)
Hoquiam HS (WA)
Hoquiam HS Alumni (WA)
Horace Mann School (NY)
Horace Mann School JV (NY)
Horatio HS (AR)
Horicon HS (WI)
Hornell AC (NY)
Hornell HS (NY)
Hornell YMCA (NY)
Hornellsville HS (NY)
Horner Mem
Horner's School (NC)
Horning HS (OK)
Horological AC
Horseheads HS (NY)
Horton HS (KS)
Hospital College of Medicine (TN)
Hot Springs AC (AR)
Hot Springs HS (AR)
Hot Springs HS (SD)
Hot Springs HS (WY)
Hot Springs Military Hospital (AR)
Hotchkiss Academy (CT)
Hotchkiss Academy Alumni (CT)
Hotchkiss Academy JV (CT)
Hotchkiss HS (CO)
Hotchkiss North Fork HS (CO)
Houghton HS (MI)
Houk Baker Company (TX)
Houma HS (LA)
Houma NAS (LA)
Houston (TX)
Houston AC (TX)
Houston Baptist (TX)
Houston Central HS (TX)
Houston College for Negroes (TX)
Houston Heights HS (TX)
Houston HS (TX)
Houston JV (TX)
Houston Terrill HS (TX)
Houston Town Team (TX)
Houston YMCA (TX)
Houtzdale HS (PA)
Howard (DC)
Howard Academy
Howard College (TX)
Howard Freshmen
Howard HS (DE)
Howard HS (KS)
Howard Payne (TX)
Howard Payne Alumni (TX)
Howard Payne Freshmen (TX)
Howard Payne JV (TX)
Howard School
Howe HS
Howe Military School (IN)
Howell HS
Howell HS (MI)
Hubbard City HS (TX)
Hubbard HS (OH)
Hubbard HS (OR)
Hubbardston AA (MA)
Hudson AC
Hudson Academy (OH)
Hudson Falls HS (NY)
Hudson Falls HS Alumni (NY)
Hudson HS (MA)
Hudson HS (MI)
Hudson HS (NY)
Hudson HS (OH)
Hudson HS (WI)
Hudson HS Alumni (MA)
Hudson HS Alumni (NY)
Hudson River Institute (NY)
Hudson River Military Academy (NY)
Hudson Saint Mary's HS (NY)
Hudson School
Hudson Valley JC (NY)
Hudson YMCA (MI)
Hueytown HS (AL)
Hugers Col.
Hughson HS (CA)
Hugo HS
Hugo HS (CO)
Hugo HS (OK)
Hugoton HS (KS)
Hulk Aggies
Humboldt College (IA)
Humboldt HS (KS)
Humboldt HS (NE)
Humboldt HS (TN)
Humboldt St. (CA)
Humboldt St. Alumni (CA)
Humboldt St. JV (CA)
Humeston HS (IA)
Hummelstown HS (PA)
Hummelstown HS Alumni (PA)
Hunter College Majors (NY)
Huntersville HS (NC)
Huntingdon College (AL)
Huntingdon HS (PA)
Huntingdon Training School (TN)
Huntington (IN)
Huntington All-Stars (WV)
Huntington BC (IN)
Huntington Beach HS (CA)
Huntington Business College
Huntington Collegians (WV)
Huntington HS
Huntington HS (IN)
Huntington HS (MA)
Huntington HS (WV)
Huntington HS Alumni (IN)
Huntington HS Alumni (WV)
Huntington Park HS (CA)
Huntington Prep School (MA)
Huntington School (MA)
Huntington Tigers (WV)
Huntington West HS (WV)
Huntsville Butler HS (AL)
Huntsville College (AL)
Huntsville HS (TX)
Huntsville Training (TX)
Hurley HS (WI)
Huron AC (SD)
Huron Centers
Huron HS (SD)
Hurst Busch
Husson College (ME)
Hutchinson CC (KS)
Hutchinson Central HS (NY)
Hutchinson HS (KS)
Hutchinson HS (MN)
Hutchinson KSIR
Hutchinson NAS (KS)
Hutto HS GA)
Hyannis HS (MA)
Hyannis St. (MA)
Hyattsville HS (MD)
Hyde Park AA (MA)
Hyde Park AC (FL
Hyde Park AC (KS)
Hyde Park Blues AC (IL)
Hyde Park Br. (IL)
Hydro AC (OK)
Hygeia AC
Iberia Academy (MO)
Ida Grove HS (IA)
Idaho AFB
Idaho Falls HS (ID)
Idaho Freshmen
Idaho Marines
Idaho St.
Idaho St. Freshmen
Idaho St. JV
Idaho Student Army Trg Corps
Ignatius Academy
Ilion HS (NY)
Illinois Alumni
Illinois College
Illinois College Alumni
Illinois College B Team
Illinois College Freshmen
Illinois Conference
Illinois Cycling Club (IL)
Illinois Dental College
Illinois JV
Illinois Military Academy
Illinois School for the Deaf
Illinois School for the Deaf JV
Illinois St.
Illinois St. B Team
Illinois State Reformitory School
Illinois Valley JC
Illinois Wesleyan
Illinois Wesleyan JV
Illiopolis HS (IL)
Imlay City HS (MI)
Immanuel Lutheran College
Imperial Pleasure Club
Imperial R.
Imperial Valley College (CA)
Incarnate Word (TX)
Independence AC (KS)
Independence HS (IA)
Independence HS (KS)
Independence HS (LA)
Independence HS (MO)
Independence HS (OR)
Independence JC (KS)
Independent AC
Index HS
Indian Hills JC (IA)
Indiana (PA)
Indiana AC (PA)
Indiana All-Stars (PA)
Indiana Alumni
Indiana Dental College
Indiana Field Club (PA)
Indiana Freshmen
Indiana Freshmen (PA)
Indiana Gophers
Indiana JV
Indiana Medical College
Indiana School for the Deaf
Indiana Short.
Indiana St.
Indiana St. Team
Indianapolis (IN)
Indianapolis AC (IN)
Indianapolis Academy (IN)
Indianapolis Arsenal Technical School (IN)
Indianapolis Cathedral HS (IN)
Indianapolis Central HS (IN)
Indianapolis Easterns (IN)
Indianapolis Easterns JV (IN)
Indianapolis HS (IN)
Indianapolis Light Artillery (IN)
Indianapolis Madison HS (IN)
Indianapolis Manual Training HS (IN)
Indianapolis Military (IN)
Indianapolis Orch's
Indianapolis Park School (IN)
Indianapolis Pol.
Indianapolis Shortridge HS (IN)
Indianapolis Shortridge HS Alumni (IN)
Indianapolis Tech (IN)
Indianapolis University (IN)
Indianola College (OK)
Indianola HS (IA)
Indianola HS (MS)
Indianola HS (NE)
Indiantown Military Reservation (PA)
Industry HS (IL)
Inglewood HS (CA)
Inman HS (KS)
Inst. Tech
Institute for Deaf
Interamerican University (Puerto Rico)
Interlaken School (IN)
Intermediate Section S.O.S.
Intermountain Institute
Intermountain Union (MT)
International Business College (IN)
International Falls HS (MN)
International University
Inver Hills JC (MN)
Inwood HS (IA)
Inyokern Navy
Iola HS (KS)
Iola HS (TX)
Iola JC (KS)
Iona (NY)
Iona AC
Iona Field Club
Iona HS
Iona Prep
Iona School
Ione HS (CA)
Ionia AC (MI)
Ionia HS (MI)
Ionic Club (CA)
Iowa Alumni
Iowa B Team
Iowa Business College
Iowa Central CC
Iowa City HS (IA)
Iowa City YMCA (IA)
Iowa Falls
Iowa Hand Picked Team
Iowa Industrial School
Iowa Industrial School JV
Iowa Lakes CC (IA)
Iowa Navy Pre-Flight
Iowa Navy Pre-Flight "B"
Iowa School for the Deaf
Iowa St.
Iowa St. B Team
Iowa State Prison
Iowa State Teachers College HS
Iowa Wesleyan
Iowa Wesleyan Alumni
Iowa Western CC
Ipswich HS (MA)
Iron City All-Stars
Iron Cross of Jersey City
Iron Mountain
Iron River City
Iron River HS (WI)
Ironton HS (OH)
Ironton Kingsbury HS (OH)
Ironton Panthers (OH)
Ironton Tanks
Ironton YMCA (OH)
Ironwood HS (MI)
Iroquois AC (WI)
Irving Football Club (NY)
Irving Park 
Irving School (NY)
Irvington AC
Irvington AC (NJ)
Irvington HS (NJ)
Irvington HS Alumni (NJ)
Irwin HS (PA)
Irwin School (PA)
Isahaya Tigers
Ishpeming AC (MI)
Ishpeming HS (MI)
Issaquah HS (WA)
Itasca JC (MN)
Itawamba JC (MS)
Ithaca (NY)
Ithaca AC (NY)
Ithaca All-Stars (NY)
Ithaca HS
Ithaca HS (MI)
Ithaca HS (NY)
Ithaca JV (NY)
Itta Bena HS (MS)
J. F. Lalus AC
J. Singleton's Tigers
J.S. Morton
Jacks Run AA
Jackson AAB (MS)
Jackson AC
Jackson AC (MI)
Jackson AC (MO)
Jackson Academy
Jackson Agricultural School (AL)
Jackson Ags
Jackson All-Stars (AL)
Jackson Barracks (LA)
Jackson Central HS (MS)
Jackson County HS (AL)
Jackson HS
Jackson HS (CA)
Jackson HS (LA)
Jackson HS (MI)
Jackson HS (MN)
Jackson HS (MO)
Jackson HS (MS)
Jackson HS (OH)
Jackson HS (TN)
Jackson JC (MI)
Jackson Military Academy (MO)
Jackson St. (MS)
Jackson Tigers
Jackson University of Business (MO)
Jacksonburg HS (WV)
Jacksonville (FL)
Jacksonville AC (FL)
Jacksonville American Legion (FL)
Jacksonville City Team (IL)
Jacksonville College (TX)
Jacksonville Duval HS (FL)
Jacksonville HS (IL)
Jacksonville HS (TX)
Jacksonville JV (FL)
Jacksonville Light Infantry (FL)
Jacksonville Metropolitan Grays (FL)
Jacksonville NAB (FL)
Jacksonville NAS (FL)
Jacksonville NATTC (FL)
Jacksonville Naval Fliers (FL)
Jacksonville St. (AL)
Jacksonville St. Freshmen (AL)
Jacksonville St. JV (AL)
Jacksonville Stanton HS (FL)
Jacksonville Town Team (FL)
Jamaica HS (NY)
Jamaica Plain HS (MA)
Jamaica Teachers College (NY)
James A. Garfield HS (WA)
James John HS (OR)
James Madison (VA)
James Madison JV (VA)
Jamesport HS (MO)
Jamestown (ND)
Jamestown AC (NY)
Jamestown BC
Jamestown HS (KS)
Jamestown HS (ND)
Jamestown HS (NY)
Jamestown HS Alumni (NY)
Jamestown HS JV (NY)
Jamestown JV (ND)
Jamestown YMCA (NY)
Janesville HS (WI)
Japan All-Stars
Jarvis Christian (TX)
Jarvis Christian JV (TX)
Jarvis Hall School (CO)
Jasonville HS (IN)
Jasper Marion County HS (TN)
Jay HS (ME)
Jeannette AC (PA)
Jeannette HS (PA)
Jefferson (LA)
Jefferson (TX)
Jefferson AC
Jefferson AC (DC)
Jefferson AC (VA)
Jefferson Academy
Jefferson Barracks (MO)
Jefferson City HS (MO)
Jefferson City JC (MO)
Jefferson College (PA)
Jefferson County HS (AL)
Jefferson HS
Jefferson HS (AL)
Jefferson HS (IA)
Jefferson HS (LA)
Jefferson HS (OR)
Jefferson Medical College (PA)
Jefferson Military College (MS)
Jefferson School
Jeffersonville AC (IN)
Jeffersonville HS (IN)
Jeffersonville HS (KY)
Jellico HS (TN)
Jena CCC Camp
Jenkintown HS (PA)
Jenks HS (OK)
Jennings HS (LA)
Jennings HS JV (LA)
Jerome Club (NY)
Jerome HS (AZ)
Jerome HS (ID)
Jersey City AC (NJ)
Jersey City Dickinson HS (NJ)
Jersey City Dickinson HS Alumni (NJ)
Jersey City Field Club (NJ)
Jersey City HS (NJ)
Jersey City Kingsley HS (NJ)
Jersey City Lincoln HS (NJ)
Jersey City Palma Club (NJ)
Jersey Coast Academy (NJ)
Jersey Collegiates
Jersey Field Club
Jersey Shore AC (PA)
Jersey Shore HS (PA)
Jersey Shore HS Alumni (PA)
Jersey Shore Normal
Jerseyville (IL)
Jerseyville HS (IL)
Jesselsen AC
Jewett City (CT)
Jireh Prep School (NC)
John Burroughs
John C. Fremont HS (CA)
John Carroll (OH)
John Carroll JV (OH)
John Fiske
John Locke
John Marshall HS
John Marshall HS (VA)
John Marshall Law College (OH)
John McNeese JC (LA)
John Muir JC (CA)
John Tarleton College (TX)
Johns Hopkins (MD)
Johns Hopkins B Team (MD)
Johns Hopkins Freshmen (MD)
Johnson Air Base
Johnson C. Smith (NC)
Johnson City AA (TN)
Johnson City All-Stars (TN)
Johnson City HS
Johnson City HS (NY)
Johnson City HS (TN)
Johnson HS
Johnson JC
Johnsonburg HS (PA)
Johnston City HS (IL)
Johnston Conemaugh HS (PA)
Johnston HS (SC)
Johnstown AC (PA)
Johnstown HS (CO)
Johnstown HS (NY)
Johnstown HS (PA)
Johnstown HS JV (PA)
Johnstown JC (PA)
Johnstown Quakers
Johnstown YMCA (NY)
Joliet DLS (IL)
Joliet HS (IL)
Joliet JC (IL)
Jones Academy
Jones County JC (MS)
Jones HS
Jonesboro College (AR)
Jonesboro HS (AR)
Joplin Business College (MO)
Joplin Giants (MO)
Joplin HS (MO)
Joplin JC (MO)
Joplin Tigers (MO)
Jordan AC (NY)
Jordan College (MI)
Jordan HS
Jordan HS (MN)
Jordan HS JV
Jordin HS
Jordon Park HS
Judith Gap HS (MT)
Judsonia HS (AR)
Julesburg HS (CO)
Junction City FDFBT (KS)
Junction City HS (KS)
Juniata (PA)
Juniata Freshmen (PA)
Juniata HS
Juniata JV (PA)
Junior College
Junior College All-Stars
Junior HS
Justin Tigers
K. K. Club
K. of C.
K. of C. (TX)
K. of Saint A. Cadets
K.K.C. Prince.
K.U. Dickinsons
Kahoka HS (MO)
Kai (West All-Stars)
Kaimuki Spartans
Kalama HS (WA)
Kalamazoo (MI)
Kalamazoo All-Stars (MI)
Kalamazoo Alumni (MI)
Kalamazoo C.R. (MI)
Kalamazoo Central HS (MI)
Kalamazoo Gibbons Hall (MI)
Kalamazoo HS (MI)
Kalamazoo Normal HS (MI)
Kalamazoo YMCA (MI)
Kalona HS (IA)
Kalorama AC (DC)
Kanaweola Cyclers
Kane HS (PA)
Kaneohe Marines
Kankakee AC (IL)
Kankakee All-Stars (IL)
Kankakee HS (IL)
Kansas B Team
Kansas City (KS)
Kansas City AC (MO)
Kansas City All-Stars (MO)
Kansas City Central HS (MO)
Kansas City Chiefs
Kansas City Collegians (MO)
Kansas City Dental (MO)
Kansas City HS (KS)
Kansas City HS (MO)
Kansas City HS Alumni (KS)
Kansas City JC (KS)
Kansas City Law School (MO)
Kansas City Lincoln HS (MO)
Kansas City Lincoln HS Alumni (MO)
Kansas City Manual HS (MO)
Kansas City Medical (MO)
Kansas City Northeast HS (MO)
Kansas City Pharmacy (MO)
Kansas City Veterinary (MO)
Kansas City Veterinary JV (MO)
Kansas City Westport HS (MO)
Kansas City YMCA (MO)
Kansas Freshmen
Kansas Industrial and Educational Institute
Kansas Medical College
Kansas Military Academy
Kansas School for the Deaf and Dumb
Kansas School of Mines
Kansas St.
Kansas St. Freshmen
Kansas St. JV
Kansas St. Seniors
Kansas Technical Institute
Kansas Volunteers
Kansas Wesleyan
Kansas Wesleyan Freshmen
Kansas Wesleyan JV
Kasson HS (MN)
Kauai Broncos
Kaufman HS (TX)
Kaukauna HS (WI)
Kean (NJ)
Kearney Academy (NE)
Kearney AFB (NE)
Kearney HS (NE)
Kearney Invincibles (NE)
Kearney Machine Gun (NE)
Kearney Military Academy (NE)
Kearns AAB (UT)
Kearny HS (NJ)
Kearny HS Alumni (NJ)
Keato HS
Keel Club
Keene HS (NH)
Keene St. (NH)
Keesler Field (MS)
Keewatin Academy
Keewatin Academy (WI)
Keewatin Academy B Team (WI)
Keewatin HS (MN)
Keithsburg AC (IL)
Kellerton HS (IA)
Kellogg HS (ID)
Kelly Field (TX)
Kelly Field E.M.T.D. (TX)
Kelso HS (WA)
Kelvyn Park
Kemper Agriculture HS (MS)
Kemper County HS (MS)
Kemper Military School (MO)
Kemper Military School JV (MO)
Kempton HS (IN)
Kendall AC
Kendall Institute (SC)
Kendallville AC (IN)
Kendallville HS (IN)
Kenderton Camping Club (PA)
Kenmore HS
Kenmore HS (NY)
Kennebunk HS (ME)
Kennedy King JC
Kennesaw St. (GA)
Kennesaw St. Club Team (GA)
Kennett Square HS (PA)
Kennett Square HS Alumni (PA)
Kennewick HS (WA)
Kennilwoth Wheelman (PA)
Kenosha AC (WI)
Kenosha College (WI)
Kenosha HS (WI)
Kenova AC (WV)
Kensington AC (IL)
Kent HS
Kent HS (CT)
Kent HS (OH)
Kent HS (WA)
Kent School (CT)
Kent Semi-Pro Team (OH)
Kent St. (OH)
Kentland HS (IN)
Kenton HS (OH)
Kenton Reds (OH)
Kents Hill School (ME)
Kentucky All-Stars
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Kentucky Christian
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Kentucky Institute for the Blind
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Kentucky Military Class 15
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Kentucky Military Institute
Kentucky School for the Deaf
Kentucky Signal Corps
Kentucky St.
Kentucky Wesleyan
Kentucky Wesleyan Faculty & Alumni
Kentwood HS (LA)
Kenwood AC
Kenwood HS
Kenyon (OH)
Kenyon AB (OH)
Kenyon HS (MN)
Kenyon Military Academy (OH)
Keokuk AC (IA)
Keokuk HS (IA)
Keokuk HS Alumni (IA)
Keokuk Medical College (IA)
Keosauqua HS (IA)
Keota HS (IA)
Keota HS (OK)
Kern County HS (CA)
Kern County JC (CA)
Kershaw AC
Keswick School (VA)
Kew Forest
Kewanee AC (IL)
Kewanee HS (IL)
Kewatin Academy
Kewaunee HS (WI)
Keyport Naval Base (WA)
Keyser Prep School (WV)
Keystone AC
Keystone Academy (PA)
Keystone CCC
Keystone T.
Kidder JC (MO)
Kiel HS (WI)
Kilbourn HS
Kilbourne HS (LA)
Kilgore College (TX)
Killingly HS (CT)
Kimball School
Kimball Union Academy (NH)
Kimberley HS
Kindley Fliers
King AC
King City HS (CA)
King City HS (MO)
King College (TN)
King School (CT)
Kingfisher (OK)
Kingfisher HS (OK)
Kingman HS (KS)
King's (PA)
King's County AC
Kings County AC (NY)
Kings Military Academy
Kings Mountain HS (NC)
Kings Sons AA
Kingsburg HS (CA)
Kingsley Club (OH)
Kingsport AC (TN)
Kingsport Dobson-Bennett HS (TN)
Kingsport HS (TN)
Kingston Academy (NY)
Kingston C.
Kingston FC (NY)
Kingston HS (NY)
Kingston HS (OH)
Kingston HS (OK)
Kingston HS (PA)
Kingston HS (RI)
Kingston HS Alumni (NY)
Kingston Seminary
Kingstree HS (SC)
Kingsville Firemen (TX)
Kingwood HS
Kingwood HS (WV)
Kinston HS (NC)
Kinston Marines (NC)
Kirbyville HS (TX)
Kirkland College
Kirkland HS (WA)
Kirkley (TX)
Kirklin HS (IN)
Kirksville All-Stars (MO)
Kirksville HS (MO)
Kirksville Osteopath (MO)
Kirkwood AC (OH)
Kirkwood HS (IL)
Kirkwood HS (MO)
Kirtland AFB (NM)
Kiski Academy (PA)
Kiski Academy JV (PA)
Kitsap AC (WA)
Kitsap Peninsula JC Warhawks (WA)
Kittanning HS (PA)
Kittrell College (NC)
Klamath Falls HS (OR)
Klamath Falls Marines (OR)
Klein HS
Knickerbocker AC (NY)
Knights of Columbus
Knightstown AC (IN)
Knightstown HS (IN)
Kniman AC
Knox (IL)
Knox County Central HS (TN)
Knox County HS (TN)
Knox Freshmen (IL)
Knox HS (PA)
Knox Institute (GA)
Knox JV (IL)
Knoxville (TN)
Knoxville AC (IL)
Knoxville AC (TN)
Knoxville Alumni (TN)
Knoxville Austin HS (TN)
Knoxville Central HS (TN)
Knoxville HS (IA)
Knoxville HS (IL)
Knoxville HS (PA)
Knoxville HS (TN)
Knoxville Town Team (IL)
Knoxville Union HS (PA)
Knoxville YMCA (TN)
Koffman HS
Kokomo HS (IN)
Koolau Chiefs
Korea All-Stars
Kosciusko HS (MS)
Kossuth HS (MS)
Kramer's Ponies
Krebs HS (OK)
Kutztown (PA)
Kutztown JV (PA)
Kwansei Gakuin (Japan)
Kyle's H.W. (TX)
Kyle's School
L. A. Mustangs
La Crosse HS (WA)
La Crosse HS (WI)
La Dand D. Institute
La Follette HS (TN)
La Grande HS (OR)
La Grange HS (IL)
La Grange HS (KY)
La Grange HS (MO)
La Harpe HS (IL)
La Harpe Town Team (KS)
La Jolla HS (CA)
La Junta HS (CO)
La Junta HS Alumni (CO)
La Junta JC (CO)
La Mesa JC
La Plata HS (MO)
La Porte City HS (IA)
La Salle
La Salle (PA)
La Salle AC (IL)
La Salle Academy
La Salle HS (IL)
La Salle Prep
La Salle Prep School (PA)
La Verne (CA)
La Verne Academy (CA)
La Verne HS (CA)
La Verne JV (CA)
La Veta Town Team (CO)
Labelle HS (MO)
Labette County HS (KS)
Lackawanna Apprentice School
Lackawanna HS (NY)
Lackawanna JC (PA)
Lackland Field (TX)
Laclede HS (MO)
Laclede HS Alumni (MO)
Lacon Academy (IL)
Lacona HS (IA)
Laconia HS (NH)
Ladd AFB (AK)
Ladysmith HS (WI)
Lafayette (PA)
Lafayette AA (IN)
Lafayette AC
Lafayette Annex
Lafayette Club
Lafayette Freshmen (PA)
Lafayette HS
Lafayette HS (IN)
Lafayette HS (LA)
LaFayette HS (NY)
Lafayette Jefferson HS (IN)
Lafayette JV (PA)
Lafayette Sophomores (PA)
Lafayette Stars (IN)
LaGarde General Hospital (LA)
LaGrange (GA)
LaGrange AA (IL)
LaGrange HS (GA)
LaGrange HS (IL)
Lagrange HS (IN)
LaGrange HS (KY)
LaGrange JV (GA)
LaHarpe HS (IL)
Lake Arthur HS (LA)
Lake Charles AAF (LA)
Lake Charles HS (LA)
Lake City HS (FL)
Lake City HS (MI)
Lake City HS (MN)
Lake City HS (SC)
Lake County Chiefs (IL)
Lake Erie College (OH)
Lake Forest (IL)
Lake Forest AC (IL)
Lake Forest Academy (IL)
Lake Forest Alumni (IL)
Lake Forest B Team (IL)
Lake Forest Freshmen (IL)
Lake Forest/Rush Medical (IL)
Lake Geneva AC (WI)
Lake Geneva HS (WI)
Lake Hendricks HS
Lake HS
Lake Linden HS (MI)
Lake Linden Legionaires
Lake Mills HS (WI)
Lake Placid
Lake Placid HS (NY)
Lake Providence HS (LA)
Lake Stevens HS (WA)
Lake Superior College (MI)
Lake View Cycle Club (IL)
Lake Village HS (AR)
Lake Wales All-Stars (FL)
Lakehurst NAS (NJ)
Lakeland (WI)
Lakeland All-Stars (FL)
Lakeland HS (FL)
Lakeland JV (WI)
Lakeview Cycling Club (IL)
Lakeview-Clarenden Wheelmen
Lakewood C.A.C.
Lakewood HS (NJ)
Lakewood HS (OH)
Lakewood St. JC (MN)
Lalla HS
Lamar County HS (MS)
Lambert HS (MS)
Lamberton HS (MN)
Lambertsville AA (NJ)
Lambertville HS (NJ)
Lambuth (TN)
Lamoni American Legion (IA)
Lamoni HS (IA)
Lampasas HS (TX)
Lancaster AC (NY)
Lancaster AC (OH)
Lancaster AC (PA)
Lancaster Academy (NH)
Lancaster All-Stars (NY)
Lancaster All-Stars (PA)
Lancaster Boys HS (PA)
Lancaster Crescents AA (PA)
Lancaster Football Team (NY)
Lancaster HS
Lancaster HS (KY)
Lancaster HS (NY)
Lancaster HS (OH)
Lancaster HS (PA)
Lancaster HS (SC)
Lancaster HS (TX)
Lancaster HS (WI)
Lancaster Juniors
Lancaster Red Roses (PA)
Lancaster YMCA (PA)
Lander HS (WY)
Landmark Baptist College (FL)
Landon Institute
Landsdale HS
Lane (TN)
Lane HS
Lane Junior College (IL)
Lanesboro HS (MN)
Laney JC (CA)
Langley Field (VA)
Langston (OK)
Langston AC
Lanier University (GA)
Lans. Collegians
Lansdale HS (PA)
Lansdowne HS (PA)
Lansdowne HS Alumni (PA)
Lansdowne HS JV (PA)
Lansford HS (PA)
Lansing AC (MI)
Lansing HS (MI)
Lansingburg AC
Lansin'rg HS
Lapeer HS (MI)
Lapham AC
LaPorte HS (IN)
LaPorte HS Alumni (IN)
Laramie AC (WY)
Laramie HS (WY)
Laramie Town Team (WY)
Laredo HS (TX)
Laredo JC (TX)
Largo HS (FL)
Larkin Bombers (NY)
Larmar Agriculture HS
Las Animas HS (CO)
Las Cruces
Las Cruces HS (NM)
Las Vegas AAB (NV)
Las Vegas HS (NV)
LaSalle Military Academy (NY)
LaSalle-Peru HS (IL)
LaSalle-Peru HS Alumni (IL)
LaSalle-Peru JC (IL)
Lasalles (MO)
Lassen JC (CA)
Lathrop HS (MO)
Latin School
Laton HS (CA)
Latrobe AC (PA)
Latrobe HS (PA)
Latrobe Independents (PA)
Latrobe Young Americans (PA)
Latter Day Saints College (UT)
Latter Day Saints HS (UT)
Laureate Boat Club (NY)
Laurel HS (DE)
Laurel HS (MS)
Laurelton AC (PA)
Lauren Larens HS (SC)
Laurinburg HS (NC)
Laurinburg Institute (NC)
Laval University (QC)
Lavelette AC
Lavonia HS (GA)
Lawrence (WI)
Lawrence AC
Lawrence Academy (MA)
Lawrence Freshmen (WI)
Lawrence HS (KS)
Lawrence HS (MA)
Lawrence HS (NY)
Lawrence JV (WI)
Lawrence Military Academy
Lawrence Tech (MI)
Lawrenceburg HS (IN)
Lawrenceburg HS (KY)
Lawrenceville AC (PA)
Lawrenceville Creams (NJ)
Lawrenceville HS (IL)
Lawrenceville HS (OH)
Lawrenceville HS (VA)
Lawrenceville School (NJ)
Lawrenceville School JV (NJ)
Lawson HS (MO)
Lawton AA (OK)
Lawton Battery B (OK)
Lawton HS (OK)
Lawton Town Team (OK)
Le Belle AC
Le Grand HS (CA)
Le Mars HS (IA)
Le Roy AC (NY)
Le Roy HS (IL)
Le Roy HS (NY)
Le Tellier Academy
Lea County Lightning (NM)
Lead AC (SD)
Lead All-Stars (SD)
Lead Gold Star (SD)
Lead HS (SD)
Leadville AC (CO)
Leadville HS (CO)
League Island 4th Naval District (PA)
League Island Marines (PA)
League Island R.S.
League of the Cross
Leak School
Leamington HS (ON)
Leander Clark (IA)
Leavenworth HS (KS)
Leavenworth HS (WA)
Leavenworth Town Team (KS)
Lebam HS (WA)
Lebanon AC (OH)
Lebanon All-Collegiates (PA)
Lebanon Battery H (PA)
Lebanon Business College (PA)
Lebanon HS (IN)
Lebanon HS (KY)
Lebanon HS (NH)
Lebanon HS (OH)
Lebanon HS (OR)
Lebanon HS (PA)
Lebanon HS Alumni (NH)
Lebanon HS Alumni (PA)
Lebanon Junction
Lebanon University (OH)
Lebanon Valley (PA)
Lebanon Valley Freshmen (PA)
Lebanon Valley JV (PA)
Lebanon YMCA (PA)
Lebourne Artillery
Lee Park AA
Lee Park HS
Lee Summit HS
Leechburg HS (PA)
Lee's College (KY)
Lees Summit
Leesburg HS (FL)
Lees-McRae (NC)
Lees-McRae JC (NC)
Leetonia HS (OH)
Leeward Aliis
Lehi HS (UT)
Lehi Indian School (AZ)
Lehigh (PA)
Lehigh B Team (PA)
Lehigh Freshmen (PA)
Lehigh Juniors
Lehigh Prep
Lehigh Sophomores (PA)
Leicester JC (MA)
Leipsic HS (OH)
Leitchfield HS (KY)
Leland (LA)
Leland HS (MS)
LeMans Forwarding Camp
LeMars Crescent AC (IA)
LeMars HS (IA)
Lemont HS (IL)
Lemoore HS (CA)
LeMoyne-Owen (TN)
Lenapah HS (OK)
Lend-A-Hands Mission
Lennox JV (IA)
Lenoir City HS (TN)
Lenoir HS (NC)
Lenoir-Rhyne (NC)
Lenoir-Rhyne JV (NC)
Lenox (IA)
Lenox AC (CT)
Lenox HS (IA)
Leominister HS
Leominster HS (MA)
Leon HS (IA)
Leon Town Team (IA)
Leonard Academy
Leonard Hall
Leonardo HS (NJ)
Leonia HS (NJ)
Leonia HS Alumni (NJ)
Lerch Academy
Leroy HS
Leroy Prof.
Lethridge Bulldogs (AB)
Letts HS (IA)